Introduction to the introduction | King of Symmetric Encryption Algorithm AES

The full name of AES is Advanced Encryption Standard, which is the most popular symmetric encryption algorithm. It can also be called encryption specification.

The basic principle of AES

AES is a symmetric encryption algorithm, which means that both encryption and decryption use the same key.

When AES is encrypted, the file is divided into small blocks for encryption. Each block is 128 bits, which is 16 bytes. If the file size is not an integer multiple of 16 bytes, then add some data at the end to make up enough. Each block is individually encrypted.

When encrypted, the AES algorithm has two inputs and one output. The input is the key and file content, and the output is ciphertext. When decrypting, the ciphertext and the key are input, and the output is the original text of the file.

The actual encryption and decryption process is divided into several steps, which are still more complicated, and it is not as simple as making the original text and the key an exclusive OR.

AES is very safe

The key length may be 128 bits or longer. Of course, the longer the key, the safer and slower the speed. AES was released in 1998, and no one has ever cracked AES encrypted data in history.

AES is very popular

AES is currently the most popular symmetric encryption algorithm, and none of them. It is so common that many CPUs support AES encryption and decryption at the hardware level.

AES is an encryption standard used by the US government, which means that government secret files are mostly encrypted with AES.

Https is the use of AES for data encryption because AES is part of the TLS and SSL standards.

to sum up

Finally, summarize it. AES is the most popular symmetric encryption algorithm in the world. It is very common for both US government files and HTTPS data to be encrypted.



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