LianGuaiWeb3.0 Daily | trading volume exceeds 30,000 ETH

LianGuaiWeb3.0 Daily | trades over 30,000 ETH

DeFi Data

1. Total Market Cap of DeFi Tokens: $43.456 billion

DeFi total market cap and top ten tokens data source: coingecko

2. 24-hour trading volume on decentralized exchanges: $3.395 billion

24-hour trading volume on decentralized exchanges data source: coingecko

3. Locked assets in DeFi: $38.098 billion

Data source: defillama

NFT Data

1. Total Market Cap of NFTs: $14.483 billion

Total market cap of NFTs and top ten projects data source: Coinmarketcap

2. 24-hour NFT trading volume: $854 million

24-hour NFT trading volume and top ten projects data source: Coinmarketcap

3. Top 10 NFTs sold in the past 24 hours

Data source: NFTGO

Headlines’s trading volume exceeds 30,000 ETH, increasing by about 50% in 15 hours

On August 21st, according to Dune data,’s trading volume exceeded 30,000 ETH, increasing by about 50% in 15 hours, and the protocol’s revenue reached 1,383 ETH, increasing by 42% in 15 hours.

    NFT/Digital Collectibles Hotspots

    1. Bored Ape Yacht Club #8585 sold for 153 ETH, with more than 80% discount in token terms

    On August 21st, according to OpenSea data, Bored Ape Yacht Club #8585 was sold for 153 ETH (approximately $256,000) a day ago. The last transaction price of this NFT was 777 ETH, and the time interval between the two transactions exceeded 320 days, resulting in a token-based discount of 80.3%.
    Previously reported, on October 2, 2022, Bored Ape Yacht Club #8585 was sold for 777 ETH (approximately $1.02 million), ranking third in trading records based on ETH valuation.

      2. 78 Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) with Health Score below 1.1 on ParaSLianGuaice

      On August 21st, according to the near-liquidation page data of LianGuairaSLianGuaice, 78 Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) have a Health Score below 1.1, and a Health Score below 1 will trigger liquidation.

        3. 27 Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) facing liquidation on BendDAO, with 6 BAYC having a Health Score below 1.05

        On August 21st, according to the information from NFT lending protocol BendDAO, 27 Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs are on the verge of liquidation. Currently, 6 BAYCs have a health score below 1.05, and another 21 BAYCs have a health score below 1.10. At the time of writing, the floor price of BAYC NFTs on BendDAO is 25.22 ETH, which is 1.76 ETH higher than the floor price of BAYC NFTs on NFT trading platform Blur (23.46 ETH).

          4. Blue-chip NFT floor prices continue to decline, BAYC falls below 24 ETH

          On August 21st, according to Blur market data, the floor prices of blue-chip NFTs continue to decline. The details are as follows:
          1. BAYC dropped to 23.59 ETH, with a 7-day decline of 18.32%;
          2. MAYC dropped to 4.405 ETH, with a 7-day decline of 25.58%;
          3. Azuki dropped to 3.5299 ETH, with a 7-day decline of 28.81%;
          4. DeGods dropped to 3.9619 ETH, with a 7-day decline of 39.54%;
          5. Pudgy Penguins dropped to 3.77 ETH, with a 7-day decline of 9.16%.

            DeFi Highlights

            1. Braavos: Starknet is undergoing an upgrade, please use existing Starknet accounts for the upgrade

            On August 21st, Braavos tweeted that Starknet is undergoing an upgrade and advised users to use their existing Starknet accounts for the upgrade. Approximately 2% of users will be affected.

              2. Uniswap community has passed the “Deploy V3 on Scroll” proposal temperature check vote

              On August 21st, according to the voting results on the Snapshot page, the Uniswap community has passed the temperature check vote on the proposal “Deploy Uniswap V3 on the Ethereum scaling project Scroll” with a 100% support rate. The plan is to deploy Uniswap V3 on Scroll and cross-chain bridge in September this year.

              3. BALD deployer transfers 1500 ETH from Base to Ethereum, with 677 ETH remaining in Base

              According to Spot On Chain monitoring, the deployer of BALD has transferred 1500 ETH from Base to Ethereum, leaving 677 ETH in Base. Earlier, it was reported that the BALD deployer transferred 5448 ETH worth about $9.1 million to Binance 16 hours ago.

              4. zkSync Era network TPS reaches 13.44, reaching a historical high

              According to official social media data released by zkSync, an Ethereum Layer 2 solution, the zkSync Era network has reached a TPS (transactions per second) of 13.44, setting a new historical high and surpassing other competing chains such as Ethereum (12.05), Base (7.69), Arbitrum One (7.38), Starknet (5.23), and OP Mainnet (4.43).

              5. StarkWare: Implementation of Starknet full node expansion has begun, three full nodes will replace the Feeder gateway

              On August 21st, StarkWare tweeted that the expansion of full node implementation has begun, aiming to further adhere to the principles of open source and network component diversity, and promote network decentralization. The Starknet Feeder gateway is a centralized access point that was previously used to query sequencers and understand chain status. However, it is a temporary solution. Currently, mature full nodes that support the JSON RPC protocol of Starknet are available. Therefore, the Feeder gateway will be replaced by three full nodes: LianGuaipyrus (a Starknet full node written by StarkWare), LianGuaithfinder (a Starknet full node written in Rust), and Juno (a Starknet full node written in Go-lang). These full nodes support the JSON RPC protocol and can interact with Starknet’s state to enhance the reliability and security of the network structure.

                Trending Topics in the Metaverse

                1. Huawei Cloud Releases “Cloud Migration Framework White Paper”: New Technologies such as Blockchain and the Metaverse Can Drive Business Innovation and Modernization

                LianGuai report, on August 20th, at the Huawei Cloud Smart New Consumer Innovation Summit 2023, Huawei Cloud and Bailian Group jointly released the “Best Practices for Cloud Transformation of Large-Scale Commercial Retail E-commerce Platforms – Cloud Migration Framework White Paper” (hereinafter referred to as the “White Paper”).
                The “White Paper” believes that modernization of applications involves not only adopting cloud-native technologies (such as containers, microservices, DevOps, API gateways, etc.), but also the application of new technologies (such as AI, digital humans, IoT, blockchain, etc.), enabling businesses to keep up with the trends of the times, improve user experience and innovation capabilities. Specifically, application modernization includes five aspects: modernization of infrastructure, architectural design, development and operation, governance and operation, and enabling business modernization with new technologies.
                The “White Paper” points out that new technologies in the cloud, including artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, the metaverse, and the Internet of Things, provide a wide range of opportunities and potential for business innovation and modernization. These technologies can help companies improve business processes, enhance decision-making capabilities, improve user experience, drive business innovation and modernization, and create new business models and market opportunities.

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