Overview of the LSDfi Protocol Swell: How to Participate and Evaluate?

LSDfi Protocol Swell: How to Join and Evaluate?

Currently, the market size of LSD is about $17 billion, accounting for nearly 40% of DeFi TVL. Swell stands out as a new LSDfi protocol due to its unique marketing and mining strategies. Cryptocurrency KOL Alpha Sauce outlined Swell’s features and investment strategies.

The difference between Swell and Lido is that Swell enhances decentralization through mechanisms like DVT and bonding, and provides a more generous fee-sharing structure for running nodes, enabling better yield farming with Swell.

Investment strategy: 1) Staking ETH on Swell to earn consensus rewards; 2) Buying Pearls with ETH; 3) Providing liquidity by using swETH as LP to earn APR and transaction fees.

Focus: How Swell leverages various partnerships to achieve optimal staking returns and growth; Whether the TVL+LP strategy can consolidate the position of the top 10 LSDFi protocols; The performance of Pearls after the airdrop.

Reference: https://twitter.com/0xShinChannn/status/1668644897929453568

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