Will on-chain video games for BTC become a reality? Mythic receives revolutionary upgrade

Mythic receives upgrade for on-chain video games with BTC.

Recently, BTC Script has caused a lot of controversy, dividing the BTC community into two factions. The latest upgrade, “Recursive Script,” may also be controversial as it will allow scripts to indirectly break the 4MB block space limit.

Charlie Spears wrote on Twitter, “Casey Rodarmor, the planner of Ordinal, has just proposed recursive scripts, and now the real fun begins.”

This idea is similar to BRC721, although the size of each individual script does not exceed 4MB, the combination of scripts can already break this limit.

Earlier this year, the Ordinal protocol introduced a feature that can fully engrave any file smaller than 4MB on the chain. However, there is also a limitation that different scripts do not know each other and cannot refer to each other.

With the introduction of recursive scripts, this situation will change.

As summarized by a well-known Ordinal member on Twitter known as “Leonidas.og,” scripts can now use a special syntax to request the content of other scripts, which will open up new use cases for supporters of Ordinal.

“For example, instead of engraving 10,000 JPEG files separately for the PFP collection (which would be very expensive), it would be better to engrave 200 traits from the collection, and then generate 10,000 scripts, each of which uses a small amount of code to request traits and programmatically render the image,” explained Leonidas.

For BTC Apes, this will save over one million dollars in transaction fees.

In addition to existing JPGs, 3D art can now also find its way into the blockchain.

“But we can think even bigger,” wrote Leonidas. He sees another new use case as uploading code packages for complex applications.

Ordinal Hub said on Twitter that the BTC Core client can now be stored on the blockchain as a new use case.

BTC Core is about 15MB in size and was previously too large due to the block size limit, but recursive scripts will be a new solution.

“Imagine, we could split BTC Core into several parts, only load an executable frontend, and then program “calls” the code it needs from other scripts, allowing you to run BTC on BTC.”

Furthermore, according to the Ordinal community, complex 3D video games can soon be fully run on BTC. Developers can break down games into multiple engravings containing different code snippets and display them in a single engraving.

Leonidas concludes: “BTC is essentially an internal internet where every file can request data from other files. Official Ordinal resource managers and resource managers like ord.io will soon support recursive engravings and turn them into an effective BTC network browser. Have fun playing in the world of BTC!”

Overall, how the Ordinal community will accept the new upgrade remains to be seen, and controversial discussions seem to be inevitable.

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