Mining from entry to proficiency (2): mining form summary and investment priority

The digital currency mining form is not limited to mining through mining machines. This tutorial will discuss the mainstream digital currency mining forms in the industry, and analyze and discuss the difficulty of preparing for different mining types, profit, risk, and final investment priority.

Mainstream mining form

The mining form can be divided according to the mining process:

Computational mining

POS-Staking mining

Trading mining

Computational mining

The basis of this model is to obtain the computing power through the hardware mining equipment. As the effective evidence of the mining reward, the computing power will be distributed according to the calculation power.

Miners need to buy hardware equipment – mining machines, to gain computing power, or to buy the packing power behind the mining machine support – cloud computing power.

This model is also the most mainstream mining model that has been tested by the market for a long time.

According to whether the miners need to buy a mining machine, they can get the calculation power. The mining power can be divided into “physical mining machine mining” and “cloud computing power mining”.

Physical mining machine mining

Miners need to buy hardware equipment – mining machines for mining, in addition to mining machines need to prepare power, network equipment, mines, electricity and other resources. And the mining machine needs to be connected to the mining pool to obtain the mining revenue.

According to the type of mining machine, it can be subdivided into:

ASIC mining machine mining

ASIC mining machine: Ant mining machine

The mining hardware has experienced CPU mining, GPU mining, and finally developed a high computational efficiency ASIC mining machine. The ASIC mining machine uses the chip to perform calculations. Since the chip is only designed to calculate a single algorithm, the calculation efficiency is greatly improved, and the mining machine power has a qualitative leap from the GPU to the ASIC.

GPU graphics mining

Graphics card mining machine: 8 card mining machine

Because the mining algorithm of some currencies has high requirements for the operation content, for the ASIC chip, the basic requirements of mining cannot be achieved in a short time, that is, the "anti-ASIC" algorithm.

Mainstream graphics cards such as ETH, ETC, etc., because the graphics card mining does not require professional chip research and development institutions, direct purchase of graphics cards can be used for mining, graphics mining has become the preferred algorithm for the release of new POW currency.

Hard drive mining

Hard drive mining machine

Hard disk mining uses the Capacity Certification Mechanism (POC). The size of the hard disk storage space is used as a valid certificate for the calculation of the mining machine. The larger the hard disk capacity, the higher the gain from mining. But at the same time hard disk mining also requires the CPU to perform simple computing support.

At present, the currency of hard disk mining is limited, and it is in an early stage of market. At the same time, the hard disk mining technology has a low threshold, and the actual cost of the mining machine is required when the mining machine is purchased. Because unlike the ASIC mining machine, a large number of R&D designs, chip retention, chip manufacturing, etc., the actual cost of the actual hard disk mining machine is required. Still in the hard disk cost itself.

Cloud computing mining

As the name implies, miners do not need to directly purchase mining machines and other mining equipment. Cloud computing service providers will be responsible for mining machine purchase, deployment and maintenance tools. Users can directly obtain the mining revenue by purchasing the mining power directly.

The cloud computing power has greatly reduced the threshold for miners to join the mining industry. It has become the first choice for miners who want to try mining, but lack large starting capital and mining expertise.

Cloud computing mining can be divided into three categories according to the type of contract:

Non-transferable contract type

Transferable contract type

Capital rebate

POS-Staking mining

This mining mode is similar to bank deposits. The larger the deposit amount, the longer the deposit time is. The higher the income, the more convenient it is to purchase the mining machine than the POW.

This kind of mining method does not require a lot of resources and energy. It only needs to hold enough coins to carry out mining, which is quite different from the traditional mining mode.

Cobo wallet: staking mining

According to POS lock, deposit, voting conditions, POS mining can be divided into the following categories:



Master node

Super node

Trading mining

Trading mining is a mining model created by the exchange to attract trading volume. The user trades on the trading platform, and the trading volume is used as the calculation certificate of the miner. The larger the volume, the higher the gains, and the revenue is usually the exchange platform currency.

Fcoin is the first trading platform to propose trading mining. The platform coins and economic models have been tested for their time. Some mining methods are rare, and may have been in the history of cost mining. .

Therefore, the follow-up pick Sir will not provide an in-depth introduction to the transaction mining.

Admission Difficulty & Profit & Risk

Difficulty in entering each mine

Computational mining

ASIC, GPU, and hard disk mining all need to purchase mining hardware, and other ancillary equipment, and discuss the types of mining that require mining hardware equipment.

Need to prepare in the early stage:

Buy mining machines, power supplies, hardware network equipment

Looking for stable, cheap electricity bills

If you need large-scale mining, you need to establish a mine and invest a lot of money.

High piezoelectric needs to build a large power transformer

Personnel cost, mine, mine maintenance

Large-scale network resources, mobile operators to purchase network resources

Overall, due to early entry mining, mining machine costs, mining is less difficult. At present, it is necessary to invest more funds and a longer return period in order to establish a large-scale mining site.

Cloud computing power

Cloud computing does not require the preparation of physical mining machines, and the difficulty of entering the market is extremely small, but the design logic of each cloud computing power is different. It is difficult for the new miners to calculate the mining cost and expected income, which is likely to cause the investment cloud computing power to be less than the direct purchase of coins.

Need to prepare in the early stage:

Cloud computing market situation research, cloud computing platform static income calculation

Cloud computing product purchase funds

POS mining

Pos mining can participate in mining as long as it holds pos currency, and there is almost no difficulty in entering the mine.

Need to prepare in the early stage:

Need to hold a certain amount of mining currency

Mining profit and risk

Computational mining

Due to the difficulty in adjusting the difficulty of mining digital currency and the difficulty in predicting the change of currency price, it is very difficult to accurately predict the profit of mining.

Pick Sir's difficulty in mining a bitcoin according to the fixed difficulty. Calculate the mining cost of a bitcoin at about 42,000 yen, and the input yield is about 70%.

Cloud computing power

The mining revenue of cloud computing power is consistent with the calculation of mining power, but the contract cost is more difficult to calculate.

In the previous periods, the results of the evaluation of the static calculation of cloud computing power, due to the large differences in different cloud computing contracts, the annualized rate of return is between 1% and 42%.

Pay attention to the " science mining" public number, the dialog box responds to " cloud computing power " to check the cloud computing power rate!

Cloud computing risk:

No physical mining machine support, funds running

Investment cloud computing power, ultimately digital currency income is not as good as direct purchase of currency

Mining admission investment priority

Prioritization takes into account the difficulty of input, the benefits and the risk of mining.

Small funds admission:

Cloud Computing Mining > GPU Mining > ASIC Mining > Hard Disk Mining > POS Mining

Large funds admission:

ASIC Mining > Graphics Mining > Cloud Computing Mining > Hard Disk Mining > POS Mining


Pay attention to the "Scientific Mining" public number and get the latest mining assessment information!

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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