"Moving brick arbitrage" scam reappears, a user is deceived 885 ETH

Recently, CoinHunter, a digital asset security response platform, reported to Babbitt that several Telegram users have encountered the "Fire Money HT Brick arbitrage" scam.

The scammers lied in the Telegram group that they could exchange ETH for HT in a "1:**" ratio, tricking users into transferring their digital assets into the scammer's account and turning the user into a false HT. As shown below,

TIM screenshot 20190623183407_ see the picture king TIM screenshot 20190623183518

According to CoinHunter's incomplete statistics, as of now, there have been many users who have been fooled, the total amount of fraud has exceeded 15,000 ETHs, and the single user has been defrauded to 885 ETHs .

Moving bricks and scams

The so-called brick arbitrage is the use of the same currency in the existence of price differences between different exchanges, low buy high sell to earn the difference .

In the "bringing arbitrage" scam, scammers first establish fake official Telegram groups, such as [Huobi official arbitrage Chinese discussion group], and pull in a large number of robots, these robots send an information on average one minute, claiming to move bricks and arbitrage Kind of benefits.

The group administrator will first issue a group announcement to teach the user how to move the brick, then guide the user to download the imToken wallet and purchase the ETH, and guide the user to hit the ETH address mentioned in the announcement. Finally, the scammer will return the user to the user through the contract address. The number of false HTs. As shown below,

WeChat picture_20190623185022 WeChat picture_20190623185052

Babbitt tried to contact the 885 ETH users, but the other party said they would not disclose the relevant information. The following is the report information of some of the victim users provided by CoinHunter:

[ Fire coin HT moved brick arbitrage was cheated, lost 281 Ethereum ]

Report time: May 23, 2019 User ID: Jinser event details: I was deceived during the Ching Ming Festival, when I entered a fire currency HT to move bricks and arbitrage, the liar asked me to re-download the imtoken wallet, said to be an upgrade Version, the downloaded address I have not found. The following is the information I was cheated, the total loss of 281 Ethereum:

Picture 1_See the picture king

[ Fire HT brick arbitrage was cheated by 200 ETH, worth about 295,000 RMB ]

Report time: May 14th, 2019 User ID: Buying not rising event Details: On May 14th, 2019, I was scammed in the fire currency telegraph group, and I was cheated by 200 ETHs before and after. I borrowed money everywhere, and 7 credit cards were blown up. The last 6,000 yuan was borrowed from the above. I have already called the police yesterday and it feels useless. Transaction Record:



[ Fighting arbitrage by fire coins and importing of imtoken transactions, losing 117 ETHs ]

Report time: May 14, 2019 User ID: Sherry Event details: On May 12, 2019, I was cheated 2 times. One time, the fire currency was moved to the bricks and the telegraph group was defrauded by 36 Ethereum, and the other was Going to the group management private chat of the fake imtoken official group, the group management private chat I claimed that the transaction rollback result was deceived 81 Ethereum, the total loss amount was about 150,000 yuan, and the police received the case receipt.

Picture 2_See the picture king

Picture 3_See the picture king


Exchanges and wallets have issued announcements

Many of the victims have a mentality of trying, and a operation is fierce . If it is true, you can exchange a small amount of ETH for a stable extra income. So a operation is as fierce as a tiger; if it is a fake, the loss is within its own tolerance.

In addition, when the user finds that he is cheated, the person who pretends to be the official customer service of imToken will actively lie to the deceived user , provide a fake transaction cancellation tool, and introduce the user to enter the wallet mnemonic or private key on the fake website for secondary fraud. .

The liar's embarrassment made the exchange miserable, and imToken even announced the withdrawal of the official telegraph group.

On May 6, the official website of the Firecoin Global Station announced that it

Recently, it has been found that criminals in the name of fire coins have set up a group of Telegrams called "Fire coins Global official brick arbitrage Chinese group" for fraud. The criminals use the phrase "moving bricks and arbitrage" to induce the user to transfer the personal ETH into a wallet, and then transfer the wallet into the malicious address of the scammer, and then the user will be converted to "HT" according to the proportion (non-fire currency official issuance). Huobi Token) thus defrauding user assets.

Firecoin Global Station solemnly promises that Firecoin will not ask users for account passwords, text messages and Google verification codes in any form, and has never initiated any activities such as “moving bricks and arbitrage”. Prevail. The Firecoin Global Station reminds you to do fraud detection and beware of other forms of fraud. On June 10, imToken officially announced that

The Telegram telegraph group has always been the main channel for users of the “coin circle” to communicate with each other and obtain project information. However, Telegram is too "open", causing scammers to run rampant. Common tricks include: "moving bricks and arbitrage" scams, "fake imToken official technical support" scams, and fake "imToken airdrop information" scams.

After careful consideration by the imToken team, it was decided that imToken canceled the official telegram group, and the original official telegraph group was changed to "imToken Fans User Communication Group" (the English telegraph group did the same); the imToken official website and products will remove the links of the Telegram community channel; The imToken official in the telegraph group no longer provides customer service; the telegraph group owner will hand over to the robot management, and the robot does not have the user support capability.

The bull market is coming, beware of scams

As early as November 2018, there was a scam in the name of the fake currency . In the Telegram group, the scammer induces the user to enter Ethereum into a smart contract address and obtain the corresponding PAX (a stable currency linked to the US dollar) at a conversion ratio of 1:200. By charging PAX to the Dollar Exchange and then buying it back to Ethereum, you can get an intermediate profit.

In fact, the scammers used Ethereum's smart contract function to develop a high-fake fake PAX, so the victim's wallet received a fake PAX, or air currency. Since the air currency cannot be transferred to the Dollar Exchange for trading, the scammer will make up a lie and finally kick the victim out of the Telegram group.

Such scams are not uncommon, and there have been cases of fraud in the name of USDT or TUSD.

On June 22, Bitcoin stood at the $10,000 mark, the highest level since March 8, 2018, the highest price in nearly 13 months.

A new round of bull markets seems to be opening, and it is followed by various scams . Babbitt reminds investors not to lose property because of the small profits, remember not to reveal the wallet private key or mnemonic.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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