ZK and AI-driven new project: Noya, how to maximize liquidity mining profits?

New project: Noya uses ZK and AI to maximize liquidity mining profits.

Noya will help everyone easily and profitably implement cross-chain strategies using AI and ZKML.

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Early participation in the project can yield huge profits, and you are an early participant in this project. In this article, crypto researcher Salazar will introduce you to an innovation – liquidity mining 2.0. This project will use ZK and AI (ZKML) technology to provide you with the best mining opportunities.

Problems with current liquidity mining:

  • Low returns : Over-saturated mining pools produce low returns.

  • Too complicated : The scope of liquidity providers is too technical for users.

  • Expensive : Gas fees and cross-chain bridge fees are expensive.

  • Limited mining ability : Can only use one protocol.

  • Basic algorithm : Automatic compounding.

How does Noya solve these problems?

  • Full chain : Noya exists on multiple chains simultaneously, extracting value on all chains at the same time.

  • Composable : Noya’s deposits can be used and utilized in DeFi Lego.

  • Predictive : Using artificial intelligence, Noya is proactive, predicting returns, rewards, slippage, and more, ensuring users always mine in the best way possible, 24/7.

  • Trustless : Using ZKML, Noya’s strategies are executed without the need for trust.

What is ZKML?

Zero-knowledge (ZK) is a computational method in which one party proves to another the accuracy of given data without leaking more information.

Machine learning (ML) is a subfield of artificial intelligence that involves developing algorithms for computers to learn and adapt from data, improving performance through an iterative process.

Noya is the first DeFi application to allow AI models to exist completely on-chain. Noya only transfers liquidity once the model’s results have been sent to the chain for verification. This gives Noya multiple innovative features, such as:

But how is it implemented?

ZKML, implemented in zkSnark circuits, achieves on-chain verification of model outputs. It can resist fraudulent transactions and enhance system security and reliability. Noya chose Halo2 to provide security and ezkl library for seamless operation.

The reason Halo2 was chosen is because it is a proof scheme for very large circuits. Unlike circom, Halo2 provides a Rust API for defining circuits with polynomial constraints. EZKL solves the capacity limit problem in Halo2 data tables and provides more parameters for AI models.

Now, let’s take a look at Noya’s building module – Omnivaults automates yield generation strategies.

They leverage assets from different chains and are managed by AI models. They leverage assets from different chains and are managed by AI models.

Noya will first launch ETH and stablecoin insurance vaults, each offering three risk configurations. Many pioneering insurance vaults will be announced soon. Retail investors are not Noya’s only users; DAOs and protocols can use Noya in various ways.

Their AI algorithm has an unprecedented high yield compared to other protocols:

Noya’s smart contract architecture: Enables strategy providers to interact securely with the protocol.

NOYA’s base chain handles user shares, deposits, and withdrawals. Operations in the base chain are gas-free for users using relays and user signatures. Deposits made on other chains are updated on the base chain for consistent and secure viewing of investments.

Noya will help everyone easily and profitably implement cross-chain strategies by using AI and ZKML.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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