No avatar! Parity announces abandonment of Ethereum client and focus on Polkadot

Parity Technologies will no longer operate the Parity Ethereum client, which is the second largest Ethereum client after Geth. Instead, the company announced today that it will transfer ownership of the code base and maintenance of the project to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), OpenEthereum DAO.


The move represents a further alienation of Parity from Ethereum, and the company has been developing its own blockchain protocol, Polkadot, which has been going on for more than a year.

The company said it would discuss this DAO with "Ethereum Foundation, ETC Labs, Gnosis, POA Network, and other contributors." It is likely that some of these organizations will become members of this DAO. Parity Technologies said it would also become a member, but also revealed that it would not interfere too much. Other details have not been finalized, but the company said that OpenEthereum DAO will use the “stake token weighting system” as a mechanism for member admission and management.

Parity said that although the Parity Ethereum client code base is very important, it is more willing to invest more in Polkadot and other projects.

"Even for simple project maintenance, Parity is getting more and more difficult to provide the resources needed. As we move towards a multi-chain future-this technology is more modular, maintainable and interoperable, we find that It's difficult to explain to stakeholders, why do we use our expertise to maintain legacy technology? "

The company also suspended work on the Serenity development team, devoting more time to Polkadot and no longer accepting funding from the Ethereum Foundation, although it said it was excited about ETH 2.0.

Two weeks ago, during the Ethereum Istanbul upgrade, the Parity team forgot one of its EIPs (Ethereum Improvement Protocol) when updating its Ethereum client, which also proves that the team is lacking in skills when considering the development of both protocols at the same time .

Those who follow Ethereum closely may not be surprised. Parity, created by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood, has sparked controversy in the community due to the development of Polkadot, an open source platform for blockchain interoperability. Polkadot is a product of the Web3 Foundation, which was also founded by Wood and is considered by many to be an Ethereum competitor.

Core developer Afri Schoedon, while developing Polkadot, also participated in the coordination of the Ethereum hard fork. He published a message on Twitter earlier this year:

"Polkadot's presence heralds the future of 'Quietness.'

Ethereum community members' dissatisfaction with this conflict of interest eventually led to Schoedon's public withdrawal from the Ethereum community. Now, it seems that Parity is almost out of the network.

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