Recruitment of blockchain talents returns to rationality: both the number of miners and the salary of mining-type companies have fallen

Source: Securities Daily

Reporter Li Bing

As the development of the blockchain industry becomes more rational, the market's demand for blockchain professionals is also becoming clearer.

According to incomplete statistics of the Zero One Think Tank, from the middle of the year to October, the number of recruiters and salary of blockchain mining machine companies continued to decline. In addition, in October alone, 28 listed companies extended "olive branches" to blockchain talents.

One Xin think tank researcher Li Xin told the Securities Daily reporter that “based on the standardized operation of the blockchain industry, legal, financial and brand management talents are highly sought after.”

Cross-border talents are still scarce

Some people in the industry believe that this time the "hot" blockchain is different from the past. At present, the market is paying more attention to the technology itself and the applicable application scenarios. The blockchain returns to rationality in terms of capital, supervision, and cognition, and many players who rely on concepts start to withdraw from the market.

According to the incomplete statistics of Zero One Think Tank through third-party recruitment data, only from the whole month of October 1st to October 31st, when the blockchain is "hot", about 1,400 companies have released more than 5,000 blocks. Chain talent recruitment information, the company's business scope includes information software, business consulting, finance, game media, biomedicine, transportation logistics, real estate, energy, etc.

Zheng Jiaoli, a partner of Ruizhan Human Resources Co., Ltd., has been engaged in headhunting in the financial technology field for a long time. She told the reporter of the Securities Daily that the current demand for talent in the blockchain field is indeed very large, and there is also a lot of talents flowing in for applications. , But the degree of matching between the two sides is not high, there are some cases of false prosperity.

The relevant person in charge of an Internet financial technology company also confirmed this in an interview with the Securities Daily reporter. He said, "One of the difficulties encountered by blockchain today is that there are too few relevant personnel. The lack of both technical and industrial knowledge Cross-border talent. "

The "Securities Daily" reporter's in-depth investigation found that the difficulty of matching blockchain talents has caused some headhunters to abandon the field. Wang Cheng (pseudonym), who has been engaged in fintech headhunting for a long time, told the Securities Daily reporter that at present the work of talents in the blockchain field is no longer available. "We have given up this (blockchain) business. The talent in the blockchain field is really scarce and the demand is huge, but it is difficult for both sides to match."

In addition, at present, the talents in the blockchain field are also showing the characteristics of hiring and remuneration of mining machine companies.

According to the statistics of the Zero One Think Tank, a reporter from the Securities Daily noted that compared with the data from June 2019 to October 2019, the number of recruiters and salaries of blockchain mining machine companies are showing a downward trend. Among them, the number of recruits from June to October was 317, 304, 254, 245, and 199; the average salary was 19,000 yuan, 14,000 yuan, 16,000 yuan, 153,000 yuan, and 14400 yuan, respectively. . Based on this calculation, the average annual salary for recruitment has dropped from 228 thousand yuan in June to 172,800 yuan.

The director of the Zero One Research Institute Yu Baicheng told the Securities Daily that the demand for talents is closely related to the development of the industry. According to the data observed by Zero One Think Tank, the application of blockchain needs to be based on various scenarios, so the talents who combine technical and scenario experience will be more in line with market demand. "

Listed companies tend to be rational

It is worth mentioning that "Securities Daily" reporter noticed that there are many listed companies in the recruitment of blockchain-related fields.

According to the incomplete statistics of the Zero One Think Tank, in October alone, there were 28 listed companies affiliated with blockchain recruitment companies, with a total of 133 employees. Recruiting positions are mostly development talents. Among them, Alibaba, Tencent, and Guangguang Software require the most blockchain talents among listed companies, 32, 32, and 20 respectively, and more than half of the three companies need development posts. In BATJ, and Baidu's recruitment of the blockchain is not as good as the other two. Although recruits only one developer, it pays 42,200 yuan / month, which is higher than the industry. Baidu talents are transferred internally. There was no increase in the demand for new recruits in October.

Fang Ling, vice president of Shanghai Dezhu Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., has been engaged in headhunting in the financial technology field for a long time. In an interview with the reporter of the Securities Daily, she admitted that "the concept of blockchain was very popular when it first came out, and now it has cooled down and became rational . Not all companies have embraced the concept, in fact, most listed companies are relatively rational about the introduction of blockchain talent. "

Zheng Jiaoli also told the "Securities Daily" reporter, "The listed companies we serve are more rational in recruiting talents in the blockchain field."

Yu Baicheng said that the market prospect of the blockchain is recognized, the application of technology is accelerating, and there is a demand for blockchain talents in listed companies. There are three main methods for the layout of the blockchain field. The first is the acquisition of existing blockchain companies, the second is a self-built blockchain company, and the third is business cooperation with blockchain companies.

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