Filecoin launches testnet today, mainnet will be online from March to April 2020

In the early morning of December 12, Beijing time, the highly-concerned blockchain project Filecoin launched the testnet. According to the Q4 roadmap published on the official website, after going through two phases of the testnet, the Filecoin mainnet is expected to be in 2020. March-April officially launched.

Filecoin testnet is a real-time test network for the interoperable implementation of the Filecoin protocol. Its purpose is to perform a meaningful evaluation of Filecoin before the mainnet is launched, and to fix any issues that may arise. This network is permanently open, anyone can access and join it without restriction, and its project code base is completely open source.


Miner hardware standard: sector size 32 GB, storage size at least 512 GB

For Filecoin miners, the launch of this test network is of great significance.

It is reported that the sector size and hard disk storage size are two very important Filecoin parameters that affect hardware decisions. During the testnet, the official standards were:

  1. Sector size: 32 GB (recommended), 1 GB will be supported temporarily;
  2. Storage size: at least 512 GB (below this value you can't get rewards);

In the mainnet phase, a sector size of 1 GB will be meaningless.

Important note: Filecoin protocol is not 100% complete or stable

It should be noted that this testnet is not stable. The purpose of the testnet is to allow the community to discover and repair vulnerabilities. From now until the start of the Filecoin mainnet, the network will be restarted at least once or multiple times.

To participate in the Filecoin testnet, you can visit or read the lotus documentation .

Q4 Roadmap Update: Mainnet is planned to go live in March-April 2020

In addition to launching the testnet, Filecoin officially updated the Q4 roadmap, which is roughly as follows:

The first phase of the test network: December 12, 2019-January 17, 2020 ;

The second phase of the test network: January 20, 2020-March 20, 2020 ;

Main online time: March 23-April 24, 2020 ;

As usual, these time points are the result of optimistic estimates and are subject to change.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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