The money circle of the currency circle is eyeing a short video: dozens of "fire bull" platforms have been born, claiming to be "500 per month lying"

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Editor's Note: The original title was "Funding Eyes on Short Video: Dozens of" Fire Bull "Platforms Was Launched, Known as" Lying to Make 500 Every Month ")

The short video has become the newest concept of the currency circle of the currency circle.

Recently, a fund called Miaoyin Short Video was born. Its slogan was "You can make money by brushing videos" and "500 monthly free income."

According to incomplete statistics, since 2020, at least dozens of short video funding platforms have appeared. "During the epidemic, making short videos at home to make money" has also become a propaganda slogan for many funds.

However, making short videos to make money is destined to be a scam. All players can't escape the harvest of traders.

01 Funds

"5G + Blockchain + Short Video + Celebrity Live Broadcasting + Video E-Commerce + Media Commercial Advertising + Video Online Shopping" —— Recently, a major concept has so many shocking funds that came out.

It is called Miaoyin Short Video, and it is an APP.

"Miaoyin short video is jointly created by South Korean MBC media and domestic black mirror technology company. It is a blockchain money-making short video live broadcast platform." A Miaoyin promotion player said to a blockchain, "The project just took a second. Eat meat early in the morning. "

Miaoyin short video APP promotion map

Miaoyin and Douyin are only one word away. They also feature short videos, but the core gameplay is completely different. Douyin's Slogan is "record a good life", while Miaoyin's Slogan is "to earn 500 a month."

It is not difficult to see that making money is the core gameplay of Miaoyin.

"Miaoyin's gameplay is actually similar to Funbu, except that walking to make money is to watch videos and send videos to make money." A Dong, a senior fund player, told a blockchain.

Players can register for the Miaoyin short video APP and complete the real-name authentication, they can get a "level one mission package". After the mission starts, the player needs to watch 20 seconds of video every day, and after 30 days can get 15 "Miaodou".

According to official information, Miaodou is a digital asset on the Miaoyin short video platform. It is issued on the basis of blockchain technology, with a number of 100 million pieces, which is destroyed regularly and will never be issued again.

On the Miaoyin platform, Miaodou can be bought and sold freely, as long as players sell Miaodou, they can cash out. The core of Miaoyin making money is to earn more Miaodou.

It's too slow to earn Miaodou by swiping videos. If you want to earn Miaodou quickly, you must buy Miaodou on the platform and then use Miaodou to redeem the mission package. A month later, when the mission package expires, you can harvest more magic beans.

On the Miaoyin platform, the mission package is divided into multiple levels. Taking the highest-level task package "Nine Five Supreme" as an example, users recharge 20,000 magic beans, and after 30 days, they can get 27,600 magic beans, with an annualized return rate of up to 456%.

This is exactly the standard gameplay of the capital board.

A blockchain found that at present, Miaoyin has appeared in the Miaodou black market, and the price of a Miaodou is around 7-12 yuan.

In addition to buying Miaodou directly on the black market, players can also obtain Miaodou by pulling people's heads. Every time a new user is invited to complete the real-name authentication, they can get 0.5 magic beans.

To this end, the Miaoyin APP has also launched the "Miaoyin Star List" module. Unlike most short video platforms, the ranking of the Miaoyin star list is not based on the number of plays, the number of likes or fans, but the number of direct pushers.

The leaderboard shows that as of April 7, the number one "Meng Ting Sister" had already pushed 1,359 people straight. Calculated according to the black market price of Miaodou, “Sister Mengting” has already made a profit of nearly 7,000 yuan by simply pushing it offline.

Star list on Miaoyin APP

02 Short Video Concept

"Short video is the most popular concept in the circle now. From the end of last year to the present, at least dozens of short video funds have appeared in the circle." A Dong told a blockchain, "especially after the outbreak, the short video Has become a coil outlet. "

A blockchain noted that in the near future, there have been many projects with concepts such as blockchain and short video, such as gospel short video, Ciyin short video, ant short video, etc.

Why did short video become the concept of hot speculation?

The popularity of the short video industry may be a big reason.

According to data from Ai Media Consulting, in 2020, China's short video users are expected to reach 722 million, and the market size is expected to reach 38 billion yuan.

"When the funds market projects rub against hotspots, most of them will choose hotspot concepts that have formed a certain influence. For example, at the end of 2017, the currency market rose sharply, and the capital market began to spread in the currency circle." A Dong said, "Similarly, 2019 The hottest concepts are 5G and short video. Therefore, the coil in 2020 will certainly be hyped. "

Another major reason for the popularity of short video funds is related to the epidemic.

The epidemic prevented many players from going out, and short videos became a major pastime for them. The promotion copy of the Miaoyin short video has this description: "Brushing the short video can not only spend boring time, but also make money."

Some funds are eyeing the gimmick of short video brushing, and they start packing themselves in this mode.

For example, a platform called Tomorrow Star, under the banner of scoring and liking for short videos, started a capital trading business.

For example, players can spend 1888 yuan to buy a "diamond card" with a "validity period of one year" on this platform. After doing tasks every day, they can get a profit of 65-100 yuan. There are additional rewards for pulling offline.

"Publicity materials for this kind of projects mostly claim that players can get their money back within 15-30 days, and the annualized return is 1000% -3000%. But in fact, most of them will run in about a month." A Dong said, "This is not a typical capital set, but a direct fraud."

Despite the new concept of short video being funded, some circle players are not optimistic about this model.

A Dong pointed out that compared with traditional funds, the operating cost of short video funds is higher. For example, the development cost of short video apps is higher. In order to play short videos, traders have to continue to pay for servers and bandwidth. "The higher the cost of the trader, the faster the run."

In fact, there are already short-term video funds suspected of running away.

Recently, a player broke the news to a blockchain that a fund-raising project called Myle Short Video has already "soft run."

Its mode is almost exactly the same as Miaoyin short video.

The Miaodou on the Miaoyin platform is called "Midou" on Miyue. Players broke the news that the secret music trader tossed the secret beans worth 200,000 on the platform every day.

"The money is all made by the trader, and our money is all locked up, which is no different from running." The player said.

03 Pseudo mode

In fact, the capital shortfall with "short video + blockchain" as a gimmick already exists. In July 2018, Huoxiu Video harvested many users.

Huoxiu Video claims to have the "YouTube + Douyin + Blockchain" mode, and proposes a "reward is mining" mode. Players can receive dividends by sending videos, rewards, likes, comments, and forwarding. In addition, players can also directly pay dividends through recharge.

In the craziest days, Huoxiu players' investment can be paid back in three days and doubled in six days. In the face of profits, players have started to gamble, and some people even borrowed money to enter the market, investing millions for Huoxiu.

However, after the dividend reached its peak, Huoxiu announced to reduce the dividend ratio to one-thousandth, and the investor's payback period also changed from 3 days to 27 years.

Fire Bull has been running softly since then, and player assets have been reset to zero overnight. To this day, there are still people defending rights for this purpose.

In the eyes of many practitioners, "short video + blockchain" is a pseudo-proposition. The most important thing about short video platforms is content and traffic, but blockchain does not help them.

In fund projects such as Miaoyin, players are not monetized by the flow of high-quality content, but by so-called "doing tasks", such as watching videos and forwarding friends.

Therefore, many players do not pay attention to the video itself, but just blindly swipe the video, like, and pull the head. "I added a group of more than 300 people, which discusses how to quickly pull people's heads. No one cares about what is posted on Miaoyin." A Miaoyin player told a blockchain.

Many players directly use these short video platforms as MLM platforms.

"If a platform's user profit source does not depend on the value created by the project itself, but on the contribution of people who join later, it can basically be judged as a MLM." Zhang Feng, a partner of Wanshang Tianqin Law Firm, told one This blockchain.

Based on this standard, a large number of short-video projects that have recently emerged are doing MLM. The business model is difficult to sustain and the risk of running is extremely high.

A blockchain also noted that platforms such as Miaoyin have almost no original videos, and many videos even carry watermarks from TV stations.

"There are basically only two types of videos on the short video funds disk. One type is the pirated video that is carried, and the other type is the video that the player randomly records in order to complete the task, such as a black screen." A Dong said.

It is clearly illegal to profit by moving other people's videos. "If such behavior violates intellectual property rights, the original author will have the right to pursue the legal liability of the infringer." Zhang Feng said.

Interestingly, recently, many online players and wool parties have also entered the short video fund platform.

Most of them have installed dozens of short video apps on their mobile phones, but they never recharge. After finishing one platform, they will go to the next platform and start again and again. The influx of these online players has also exacerbated the collapse of the capital market.

"At the time of the avalanche, half of the snowflakes didn't feel guilty, and the other half were bravely breaking the horizon." One player ridiculed speculators and wool parties in the short video fund.

During the epidemic, short video has become a way for many people to spend their boring time.

With the sharp sense of smell, the traders of the capital board swing the sickle into this field.

Why can you lie down to make a short video? Players will eventually find that this is just another cruel game of reaping the principal.

* Some interviewees in this article are pseudonyms.

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