Gongxinbao is about to issue a heavyweight agreement, and the sword refers to the trillion-dollar data economy market.

"As long as it doesn't affect my normal life, it doesn't matter if I collect and analyze my data."

For a long time, we got used to the free services provided by the Internet. The Internet has in turn redefined the term “free” – free on the bright surface, but actually collects, analyzes and sells user data to earn advertising fees. .

However, from the disclosure of 50 million users of Facebook information, to the leakage of 500 million personal information and opening records of China, the frequent leakage of private information also made users aware that the premise of “does not affect me” is not established. The contradiction between data privacy and data commerce is increasingly prominent.

"The contradiction between data privacy and data commerce is the contradiction between data privacy and efficiency." Huang Minqiang, founder and CEO of Gongxinbao, told Babbitt. "Data is only the highest in efficiency without any concern, but it is definitely Intrusion of privacy, users will receive a lot of harassing calls. Now countries have introduced laws to protect privacy, but excessive protection will inhibit efficiency. The best solution is to protect data while implementing data calculation, we call trusted computing ."

It is understood that on April 10 , 2019, Gongxinbao will release a technical white paper on the Trusted Computing Agreement.

The release of this white paper not only indicates that GXChain will enter the next critical stage, but also proposes an innovative trusted computing solution based on actual needs, and will be the first to commercialize in the industry.

What is Trustworthy Computing? What is the significance of the blockchain industry? Why is the public letter to publish this white paper? With these questions, Babbitt interviewed Huang Minqiang, founder and CEO of Gongxinbao, and Lan Yuxiang, director of R&D director of Gongxinbao .

Public letter chain 3.0 is about to enter the next critical stage

Since its inception in 2016, Gongxinbao has been focusing on the data economy segment, aiming to serve the global data economy and create a value network of trusted data.

The concept of “data economy” was proposed by Alibaba founder Ma Yun at the IT Expo in Hannover, Germany in 2015. He believes that the data economy is a combination of the Internet economy and the real economy, and data flow will change everything.

With the development of blockchain technology, the operation of the data economy has shifted from the centralized approach of the Internet to the decentralization of the blockchain. In order to achieve “returning data ownership to users”, Gongxinbao completed the upgrade of GXChain (public letter chain) 1.0 to 3.0 within two years and built the CBD economic model .

C (Consumer) refers to the DApp for the masses – Brock City , which encourages personal data to be chained and manages its own data ownership on the chain. While experiencing a large number of blockchain applications, users also enrich the application scenarios of data.

B (Business) refers to the GXChain (public letter chain)-based decentralized data exchange for enterprises . Data transactions can directly conduct peer-to-peer data transactions and exchanges on the platform. The platform does not cache data, and has the advantages of protecting privacy and data copyright, and preventing manufacturing fraud.

D (Developer) refers to the GXChain service for developers. Developers can use data such as portraits to develop diversified applications that better meet user needs. After a period of operation, the CBD economic model has achieved good results. At present, there are more than 1.9 million real-name users in Brock City; more than 500 customers have gone to the Centralized Data Exchange, and the top 100 companies in the domestic financial technology industry have signed 70% of them; recently, GXC launched a well-known Korean exchange. Bithumb; Gongxinbao also established a blockchain laboratory with Stony Brook University in the United States, attracting a large number of game developers in North America.

WX20190404-133534 Public letter project introduction

However, the CBD economic model is not perfect. Both the Brock City and the Decentralized Data Exchange are based on GXChain (the public letter chain). The C-side users and the B-end users are connected to the D-side developers. However, the C-side user cannot connect to the B-side user, just like a triangle that lacks an edge.

This is the problem that the Trusted Computing Protocol has to solve. In Huang Minqiang's view, the development of trusted computing protocols has its own unique meaning – to increase the value added of data , he said:

"The reason why data added value cannot be improved is that the global government is paying attention to personal privacy protection. Under the constraints of laws and regulations, the data of the current giants are not dare to cash in, they dare not use it casually, and it is even more impossible to share. .

However, many Internet companies have already created a total market value of big data such as 14 trillion US dollars through 3G or 4G networks. If data privacy is protected, these enterprises can share and cooperate with each other. It will increase a lot, and the current market value of 14 trillion US dollars is bound to increase 10 times or 100 times.

Three formulas to uncover the mystery of trusted computing

The so-called " trusted data " is a theoretically trustworthy data that has been endorsed by a third-party authority or department. As for " trusted computing ", it is a secure data computing protocol that mines the value of data while preserving data privacy and builds a bridge of trust between multi-participants in the data economy.

On October 10, 2018, the GXChain (public letter chain) 3.0 version of the white paper was released. Unlike 2.0, version 3.0 separates the data protocols from GXChain into a modular, modular, trusted data chain, trusted data storage, trusted computing, and trusted data exchange protocol. .

The various protocols in the Trusted Data component are provided to developers for use like building blocks.

WX20190403-095522 GXChain (public letter chain) technical structure

Trusted data chaining, trusted data storage, and trusted data exchange protocols have been developed and are now at the most critical stage , the development of trusted computing protocols .

Lan Yuxiang, director of R&D director of Gongxinbao Block, told Babbitt:

"The Trusted Computing Protocol (TCP) positioning is a Layer 2 solution that provides computing capacity expansion and privacy computing capabilities for the public chain, and can serve as a decentralized privacy computing platform. We will first implement large enterprises. The scale of commercial landing."

In the history of science, the most succinct formula often embodies the most profound philosophical significance. In 1905, Einstein discovered the relativistic mass equation: E = mc2, which laid the foundation stone of modern physics buildings.

In 2019, Gongxinbao found three key formulas for trusted computing , which are the magical fulcrums that incite the trillion-dollar data economy. They are:

∁=ε(d,f,k) (1) v=(r,π)=f(d,∂) (2) σ t+1 =γ(σ t ,T) (3)

Lan Yuxiang explained:

Equation (1) defines the process of trusted computing, where ∁ denotes trusted computing, ε denotes Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), d denotes encrypted data, f denotes a model, and k denotes a private key (private key k is only trusted Hold in the execution environment, will not leak out).

In formula (2) , v represents a verifiable calculation result, r represents an encrypted calculation execution result, π represents a proof of the verifiable calculation returned, and ∂ represents a decryption function. The hash(r) and π in the verifiable calculation result v are sent to the consensus network as part of the transaction, reaching a consensus, and then sending r to the contract caller or deployer.

In equation (3) , σ represents the world state, γ represents the transaction level state transition function, and T represents the transaction.

The above formula describes the whole process of trusted computing : the data enters the trusted execution environment through encryption, decrypts and executes in the trusted execution environment, and the verifiable result obtained by the trusted calculation is sent to the blockchain through the transaction. Above, the blockchain world state is changed from σ t to σ t+1 .

The trusted execution environment is like a safe. It is an isolated environment. If it is not authorized, the outside world cannot enter. In addition, the program running in the TEE is encrypted. If it is not authorized, the outside world cannot view it. Finally, in the premise of confidentiality. Underneath, the code running inside the TEE can receive external verification.

What is it, let the public letter treasure go further?

Developing a complete protocol goes through demand research, needs review, design review, R&D, internal testing, feedback, optimization, and finally to mass production applications.

It is currently in the design review stage .” Lan Yuxiang told Babbitt, “ After the release of the white paper, it will immediately enter R&D .”

Agreement development is a process of hope and disappointment. Even during the design review stage, the Public Trust team experienced confusion, entanglement and anxiety. Lan Yuxiang recalled:

"The development of trusted computing is very embarrassing at first. It is like opening a ship to the sea, the sea is full of fog, I don't know where it is. At this time, we need to judge and analyze according to our own experience: It doesn't make sense, the destination is not what I want, how to go, and what experience the predecessors have.

For example, research on secure multiparty computing (MPC), homomorphic encryption (HE), and trusted execution environment (TEE) is our experience. Finally we chose the direction of TEE. Trusted computing is not a new technology, Baidu, Tencent, and Ali have long studied. However, on April 10th, the white paper of Trustworthy Computing Agreement to be released by Gongxinbao is that Gongxinbao has made a lot of optimization on the basis of its predecessors and can be commercialized in the near future. Other big companies are still in the laboratory stage .


What makes the public letter treasure go ahead of others? Huang Minqiang told Babbitt:

“We have ready-made commercial application scenarios . Gongxinbao has signed more than 500 financial technology customers across the country, and trusted computing will also be cut from the financial technology field. In addition, many people in the team are coming out of the financial technology industry. , All in blockchain. Everyone is a business expert in this field , knowing what the customer's needs are."

From the establishment of Gongxinbao in 2016 to the present, Huang Minqiang and team members have been sticking to the data economy track. They always believe that data has great value and data ownership should return to users . Today, with the growing awareness of privacy protection, in a market where bubbles are squeezed, this spirit of adherence to principles and practical work is particularly valuable.

On April 10th, let us wait and see.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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