Why is the industry most concerned about these five things? The next bull market in the blockchain relies on them.

In the past two days, the market for encrypted digital money has risen sharply. Under the market, the “blockchain has long been cool”, which still dominates the voice before April Fool’s Day, has been replaced by the new horn of “Spring has come, the bull market can be expected”.

After 10 years of development, the blockchain has long been confined to Bitcoin. Especially with the layout of Internet giants and the admission of traditional institutions, the industry landscape has quietly changed. What is the real appearance of the blockchain field? What do you really need to care about? The author believes that the following five aspects are included.

1. The market side with the most "money"

It is a mountain, a must-have. Since the birth of Bitcoin in 2008, it has created one record after another. In February 2011, Bitcoin and the US dollar were the same price. Bitcoin prices surpassed gold for the first time in December 2013. In December 2017, Bitcoin hit a record high of $19,875. At the same time, mature securities products and financial instruments have also been introduced into the digital currency market, such as futures contracts, ETFs, quantitative transactions, over-the-counter transactions, and so on.

Many people have listed investment in digital currency as one of the ways to fight inflation. Others want to achieve a leap in class. How to effectively configure digital assets? Do you need a strategy to quantify your investment? How to do a good job of investment risk control? This is the first thing you need to care about.

2. The industry side of the largest voice

The exchange's biggest climax this year, created by the exchange, IEO, the leading BNB, rose more than 190% in three months, and the IEO project VSYS rose by 1172%. The power is power, the mining machine is the grain, so the mining circle can not be ignored. The mining power is the capital of the mining ring. Wallets have also become a must-have for military strategists. In addition to the safe storage of digital assets, the functions of wallets are also expanding. Although the native industries in these blockchain fields have been questioned a lot, it is undeniable that they still enjoy the greatest say. So this is the second thing you need to care about.

3. The first industry to land

Since 2018, the chain, that is, the pace of the traditional industry, has become more and more block. The blockchain has been used in many applications in the fields of supply chain finance, depository verification, traceability, justice, digital identity, government affairs, and medical care. For example, the Internet Court's blockchain-based electronic evidence platform, the government system of Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, is used throughout the country for electronic invoices for travel, banking, catering and other scenarios.

The Internet Information Office recently released the first batch of domestic blockchain information service registration number. Among the 197 filings, Baidu, Ali, Tencent, Jingdong and their subsidiaries have as many as 22, which can be seen by Internet giants and traditional industries. The importance of chain technology. How does BATJ lay out the blockchain? How do traditional industries transform and transform blockchains? What are the application scenarios that have already landed and are about to land? This is the third thing you need to care about.

4. The most future technology side

Although the blockchain has been applied in many fields, its underlying technology still needs to be developed. There are two dimensions, one is vertical, deep rooted in the underlying technology of the blockchain, including consensus algorithms, encryption algorithms, and underlying architecture. Many domestic and international hotspot projects claim to create a truly usable public chain, replacing Ethereum, can their ambitions be realized? The second is horizontal, that is, the combination of blockchain and artificial intelligence, big data, more and more people realize that only by combining these technologies can they maximize their value to each other.

In particular, the arrival of the 5G network commercial era has given the motive force of the edge computing outbreak, and the edge computing has a natural combination with the blockchain. Only technological evolution and breakthroughs can bring about truly large-scale commercial applications. So this is the fourth thing you need to care about.

5. The most needed supervisory side

The development of technology may be ahead of schedule, but regulation is bound to follow. On the one hand, global regulation and compliance are an eternal topic. Prior to this, Deng Jianpeng, a professor at the School of Law of the Central University of Finance and Economics, went to Beijing, China, Tokyo, Singapore, California, and South Korea to conduct research and study the legal supervision and practice of 14 countries and regions. On the other hand, the development of any industry requires standards to promote. As a new technology, the standards of blockchain technology still need to be continuously explored and improved.

Friendly policies encourage technological innovation, and bans can stifle an industry at any time, and the benefits don't have to be stated. Therefore, global regulation and compliance, industry standards and norms are the fifth things you need to care about.

Your concern is our concern. The 2019 Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Summit Forum will be held in Hangzhou on May 17. The summit will be hosted by the Hangzhou Financial Office and hosted by Babbitt. This forum has set a rich topic to satisfy all your concerns.

On the market side, we have lectures on "blockchain and economic cycle", "institutional admission-blockchain investment risk control", "investment in the future – how we should allocate digital assets" and "quantitative investment in digital assets" Round table

At the industry side, we have "exchange compliance routes and global layout", "preemption of entrance-blockchain wallet innovation and upgrade", "breaking-bearing mines breakout", "enclosure is king-DAPP survival and Speeches and round tables on related topics of growth;

At the industrial end, we have the "blockchain practice of embracing the commercial era – Ant Financial", "Tencent blockchain application scenarios and technological breakthroughs", "Deep analysis – blockchain layout of giants", "Case display – Blocks Speeches and roundtables on issues related to the application of the chain in the financial sector, "The power of cross-border – how traditional e-commerce is to transform the blockchain";

On the technical side, we have "Decoding Silicon Valley – Blockchain Technology Evolution and Breakthrough", "Application of the First Year – Public Chain 2019, Who is Fighting?", "The Combination of Edge Computing and Blockchain", and "5G+ Blocks" Speeches and roundtables on topics related to the chain, what new imaginations can be made, and the masters of their own data – blockchains and big data;

On the supervision side, we have the topic of "Dialogue on China – Global Blockchain Development Status and Future (China-US Europe, Japan, and Korea Roundtable)", "Global Regulation and Compliance Response", and "Seize the Opportunity – Hong Kong Sandbox Regulatory Analysis" Speech and round table;

This summit not only has more than a dozen big coffee guest speeches, multiple round tables, and Hangzhou blockchain week series activities, including blockchain innovation corridors, technology open days, symposiums, well-known project roadshows, incubator exchanges, and well-known Enterprise visits and other activities.

At present, the summit early bird ticket is officially on sale. Tickets for the summit, VIP ticket and SVIP ticket will give you a different experience.

The detailed agenda is as follows, please register quickly, please click the link.



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