Why is "My Encryption Hero" ranked first on ETH?

When gambling games dominated the public chain DAPP rankings such as EOS and TRX for a long time, "My Encryption Hero" based on ETH developed as a placement-type RPG game using blockchain technology for smartphones and PCs. It seems to be a clear stream, surrendering the score of 1678 people (real number) of 24H daily, firmly occupying the top position of the ETH DAPP rankings.


Why is "My Encryption Hero" stand out when the game class DAPP is firmly suppressed?

One. Self-playable

As the previous article " From Snake to King Glory, can chain travel replicate the path of mobile travel ?", the description of blockchain + game is not accurate, because blockchain technology is just a medium, he changed The relationship between productivity and production, and the game must be fun to continue to attract players. For "My Encryption Hero", it did it (the following part of the material reference [DApp101] my encryption hero: 578 ETH DApp circles FGO?).

My Crypto Heroes (MCH) is a blockchain game made by the Japanese game company double jump. "Street Fighter" is the chief consultant of Okamoto, who is also a consultant in the game industry. experience. As a very typical Japanese game, its heroes are all pixelated, and the overall UI design, BGM in battle, these elements are easy to remind the player of the Japanese horror that was developed by independent game makers. game. His battle only requires you to have a lineup to automatically fight the results, it should be regarded as a common workerplacement (worker placement class) RPG game.

In the first stage of the pre-sale, MCH sold the heroes Oda Nobunaga, Napoleon, Cao Cao, Nightingale and other heroes with excellent results of 691 ETH. The second phase of sales and official launch is on November 30th. As DApp101 launched in the "Dap Today" video, the second phase of sales sold 578 ETHs on the first day, which is enough to see The popularity of this game.

Returning to the game itself, although the game has a FGO called dapp, but compared with the story-rich FGO, it is clear that MCH is not this category, the properties of the workplacement determine the core of MCH is how to properly match the team to fight. The only similarity with FGO is that the characters are all based on historical or legendary heroes.

Another interesting thing about this game is that you can edit the heroes according to your own ideas, and these art editors will bring new skills to the hero. For example, Mo Yan put his hero into the avatar of DApp101. The first art editor is free, and subsequent editors need to spend 40GUM at a time.

GUM is the universal currency in this game, you can use it to help heroes restore endurance or exchange encryption energy to help heroes upgrade. After that, the game will open ETH to purchase GUM channels, and now GUM can only rely on equipment and daily rewards. The daily rewards cost a gas fee and can be collected again after 24 hours.

The basic design of the entire game is like this. Among them, the core part of the workerplacement RPG is the design of the hero. Now MCH has 42 heroes for the time being, which is basically a famous figure in history.

Overall, the game's playability is relatively high, not only PVE but also PVP mode. The characteristics of heroes are also different. In the collocation, a certain strategy analysis is needed, not just a simple brainless upgrade. There is a trade-off in equipment selection. It is not just the DApp that is the most popular drumming flower on the market, but it is a playable, complete numerical design RPG game, and also plays the advantage of the blockchain game in conjunction with the etheric elf. Realize asset interoperability between multiple games. In pursuit of the fluency of game battles, the game developer uses a three-layer design, which divides the operation of the game into three types, one on the Ethereum main chain and one on the Loom side chain, and data other than assets such as tasks. Team battles, etc. are placed under the chain.

two. The team actively seeks cooperation

As the saying goes, "Cooperation can be a win-win situation." After creating its game playability, the MCH team further expands its influence by deep cooperation with the industry's head resources.

Recently, this Japanese blockchain game has visited China's multi-node super incubator The Blockchainer, the blockchain game platform Mixmarvel that has just completed large-scale financing, and the domestic top public chain Ontology and NEO, and hope to connect with these Chinese blockchains. Head resources reach deep cooperation.

MCH team and founding partner of The Blockchainer, Zhu Gaofeng

MCH Team at Ontology

MCH team and NEO core members

MCH team and CEO of Mixmarvel Zhang Wei

With the help of the multi-node super incubator The Blockchainer, the MCH team successfully received these top domestic resources and reached in-depth cooperation.

From the "My Encrypted Heroes" game we can see that all successes are not accidental, in addition to their own efforts, external boost is also very important. There is no "noble" in the industry to carry one, it is not accessible to these head resources, and the lack of access to the head resources means that your way forward will be difficult, so you now understand why "my encryption Can the hero be ranked first on ETH?

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