Wuzhen·Yuandao: “5G*blockchain” will create more than tens of billions of encrypted digital assets

On the afternoon of November 8, the “2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen” hosted by Babbitt continued. In the sub-forum “Technology changes the world: the underlying infrastructure of the blockchain”, the director of the Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance Dao published the keynote speech "Chain to the Future: 5G* Blockchain".

5G and blockchain are the most cutting-edge technologies at the moment, and the “5G+ blockchain” is also a topic that everyone talks about. However, the focus of Yuandao is “5G* blockchain”. This way of looking at 5G, it can provide a new perspective.

Based on the “5G* blockchain”, the chain network is the first in the world to propose a new network information space architecture with blockchain as the underlying protocol. In the future, the chain network encourages users to participate in network relay nodes, accounting consensus nodes, edge computing, and sharing, and promotes the next-generation Internet platform economy based on point-to-point value exchange.

In the past 10 years, Bitcoin has created and created hundreds of millions of dollars of encrypted digital assets. This is a great miracle in the history of human digital civilization. In the next decade, for the future of the chain, Yuandao believes that it may create trillions of dollars, even 10 trillion US dollars, real chain, and truly contribute to the progress of human civilization, and truly belong to the blockchain new world aboriginal encrypted digital assets. . And this wonderful blueprint is waiting for more people with lofty ideals to explore.


The following is the full text of the Yuandao speech, Babbitt finishing:

In the past year, I have barely attended any blockchain evangelism . When everyone is not particularly aware, I spent a lot of time talking about the blockchain and the pass-through economy. There is almost no pass in the speech today. One of the previous guests talked about the next generation of exchange infrastructure. From an infrastructure point of view, my speech today is almost an infrastructure infrastructure and a lower-level infrastructure. If today's blockchain world is recognized by the mainstream, and all the forces are starting to invest, then the infrastructure becomes very important.

My topic is "5G × Blockchain", why not call 5G+ blockchain? I think if you use +, most of it means that it is two separate things , you add it together. The reason why it is called 5G×blockchain is to say that this is a complete matter. The 5G I talked about here today is not the current operator. It is not the 5G that the equipment manufacturer is deploying the trial network. It is a new 5G that uses blockchain thinking and re-deconstruction and reconstruction with blockchain technology. The subtitle, saying that this is a new Cyberspace beyond interent, the Tencent, Baidu, Ali, and today's headlines that we enjoyed here today have benefited from the Internet highway that was first proposed in the 1990s. When I talked about the blockchain today, when the Internet giant entered the market at this moment, when the DCEP national team came in, I felt that the blockchain would start to be divided into two worlds, one is built on the Internet block today. Chain, the second one will have a real bottom layer, using blockchain thinking to recreate a complete parallel blockchain with the Internet parallel world.

Still talking about 5G. There are two types of 5G, one is 5G of 4G+1G, and the other is 5G of 6-1. This is similar to 3G. When the earliest 3G appeared, when there was no Jobs smartphone, the frequency was the same frequency. 3G technology was the same technology, but 3G was already in a very difficult stage. Smartphones have emerged, new digital identities have emerged, iCloud has emerged, and a recalculated computing framework has injected a new dimension into communications technology to change its track. If there is no force outside the communications community to join this battlefield and change its trajectory, we will not enjoy 5G today.

Just like the 3G that everyone saw before the smartphone, it is the same as the 5G we saw today. Today we are still the framework of the mobile Internet. The main interaction used today is for smartphones. So Kevin Carey’s speech in August this year mentioned the next digital civilization of human beings beyond smartphones. This digital civilization is the same thing as the 6-1 5G I talked about. Here are some typical typical ones. The biggest difference of 4+1:

1. Its user terminal is no longer limited to smartphones, more for an image world, an optical world, a ubiquitous, screen is not a new mirror world you have exclusive;

2. It is the entire IT structure, the entire computing framework, and the basic structure of computing, storage, and communication. It is like a smart phone made by Jobs. Before the emergence of this kind of smart phone, no one can imagine today. The end of the super public cloud platform to download an APP, put it in your mobile phone, the program is running in the mobile phone, the data is sent to the cloud and there is no such thing as a computing framework in the smartphone.

Picture 6

What I want to show today is the infrastructure that people use throughout the evolution of humanity. Its evolution today is a matrix-like evolutionary structure. It is not only the development of information technology, but also the evolution of digital civilization. This horizontal axis and vertical axis are equally important. 1G and 2G represent the era of global communication network for circuit switching. 3G and 4G are an Internet world represented by point-to-point information exchange. The 6-1 5G, 5G and 6G we talked about today form a New species.

This framework will be the 5G that we have seen today or the trials that many friends have already started. It can be said that these 5Gs are still 4+1, or 3D before the smartphone appeared. The first point I just said is that the user terminal is no longer a smart phone, it is beyond the smart phone. The second is that the overall IT architecture is no longer the correct structure of today's cloud management. The most important thing is the third point. In fact, it is a change of people. People are further evolved, and today's evolution is based on the evolution of the environment created by technology. You can imagine that after 3G and 4G, smartphones have become a component of our organs. We use it more often than many parts and organs of the body every day. It is already a life of ours, a carbon-based and silicon-based one in each. When the individual is embodied, it is already one of the organs of the fusion. Then, 5G, 6G will have a bigger change, people will change, not the next network, but the next generation.

If it is a mirror world, your mobile phone today, dealing with cyberspace and dealing with the most basic information technology time at the bottom of the society, can't be simply a way of using traffic. It must be related to Token, but related to the pass economy, but It is certainly not a simple monthly flow.

If we say that the blockchain world is parallel to the Internet world, the infrastructure must have at least three characteristics:

First, this infrastructure is a blockchain native, a blotchingnative, the emergence of this facility, its construction is a blockchain, it is a cloud ecosystem for the original foundation of the blockchain facility;

Second, it must be independent of the physical layer. It will set off another round of investment in new infrastructure. It is not a simple place to put a router here. Put a Wi-Fi hotspot there, and add a hot switch there, far from it. It will definitely allow cryptography technology facilities to allow point-to-point calculations, allowing mathematical functions to exist in every cell and every edge of the infrastructure. This is the emergence of a new generation of technologies that are independent of the physical layer;

Third, if there is a new 6-1 5G today, it is no longer a binary world composed of base stations plus optical fibers. It will move away from this space to more distant space, and there will be air, space and land integration. Even reaching an interstellar. So if the journey to Mars is mature in 2023, then Mars is 5 minutes short of the speed of light on the Earth, and the long distance is half an hour. It is unrealistic to have a blockchain on Mars and Earth today. Even the time is sorry. Just talked about the integration of space and space, why is 5G 6-1? When we talk about 6G today, it is based on low-altitude low-orbit satellites and ground-mixed main networks. So when we talk about 5G is a 6-network architecture, it is a 5G × blockchain, its first feature is the integration of space and space.

At the same time, in 5G, 6G, including 3G and 4G, the same is true. To build such an infrastructure, the most basic starting point and starting point is frequency. In the 6G report released by the FCC in the United States, it has been clearly stated that by 6G, it will not simply auction the frequency to the designated operator, and will adopt a complete flat rate sharing. The first half of the network will be embedded in its lowest level on the first day of the frequency building network.

Well, the 5G×blockchain we talked about is a hard guy, not just by what we are talking about today’s project. We have a consensus algorithm today, we have all kinds of community building, there are exchanges, With the currency, these are not enough. Today, I went to some harder guys. I want to auction the frequency today. I want to launch high-rail, medium-rail, and low-orbit satellites. These satellites are based on each constellation system and a global constellation system. Satellites are the basic unit. Like the mobile group, the first group of 60 has been put into operation, and now it is ready to accept signals. It has begun to integrate air and space, using low-altitude air base station load to connect the ground facilities, and the ground base station constitutes a hybrid main network. it has started.

Both hands are hard, one side is the power of ubiquitous software, and the other side is a large, ultra-large-scale, heavy-asset investment in information infrastructure that spreads across every corner of the globe. At the same time as these things, we see the blockchain thinking behind it. It is said that Ethereum wants to build a new world computer. In fact, if you want to find a source in Silicon Valley, it was actually written in the slogan of Mike’s Sun Computer System Company in 1984. “The network is the computer” However, after more than 35 years of hard work, at this moment the network is still a network, a computer or a computer. Everyone today can easily buy a Wi-Fi hotspot connected to the Internet, but you can't buy a hard drive at home and buy it. A computing device is placed in a world computer in the world, adding a computing power to the world's computers. This thing has no glimpse, and it is far from beginning. The beginning of this is not just the beginning of the computer. Just like Bitcoin, if today Nakamoto is completely thinking about computer science logic, I believe that when we talk about a new world computer and ubiquitous world computer today, it is definitely not a computer science, not just cryptography. Communication, computer, it contains a lot of research on human nature, system, social governance, and joint development, which together constitute a new world computer.

I have concluded that I spent a lot of time researching this topic in the past five years. I am a crazy paranoid infrastructure enthusiast and I am full of love for all black technology and hard technology that have changed infrastructure. In the past when DC/EP came out, I felt that more time was not simply about the pass and blockchain. We should talk about supporting the new blockchain experience that is ubiquitous and ready to go at any time, then we How should the underlying technology change? This underlying technology must be everyone's participation. Everyone can participate in the network. Everyone can participate in the accounting consensus, and everyone can participate in the edge calculation. This sentence is absolutely like a bitcoin system. It must not be a simple edge computing science. It is full of game theory, full of economic incentives, and full of many institutional designs. I am not talking about the restrictions of today's time.

In short, the new one we are building today is really the infrastructure of 5G, 6G multiplied by the blockchain. It is hard to say that it is a decentralized one. It is a person involved, but it is a more important thing or it One of the most basic things to set up: it is not the decentralization of the technical framework, but today you have a parallel world, there is a reason for young people to participate in the world today, let him become a component of the digital life, He is involved, and the part of his involvement is a basic application. Later, there will be these industry applications or some standard applications. If there is no basic application, everything is empty talk.

Using the structure to express what I have just said, I use this picture to say the three systems of today. In the past two years, when I talked about the blockchain, I never said that the blockchain subverts the Internet. I feel that at this moment, at the moment, when the Internet appears, it is not a subversion of the communication network. It is the inheritance of the communication network. Because of the emergence of the Internet, the transformation of the telecommunication network has greatly emerged. Just like 25 years ago, in 1994, when the main body of the communication network was the telephone network, but today we used the dial-up service, and after 14.4K, 28.8K and then went to the 56K dial-up to experience, the experience is too bad, then Transformed into a generous home, has been transformed to today's fiber to the home. By the same token, the next cyberspace of the original blockchain we created on the Internet comes. I define this space as Cyberspace 3.0, which is the information network space. The information at this time does not belong to a platform. The calculations do not belong to a platform and belong to each of them.

What we are talking about today is not appearing outside, so we cannot rely on simple reasoning, but also on imagination. The emergence of a new species is more important than logic. Regardless of how to do it, what must be done is to take away the TCP/IP that supports the Internet. Obviously this is a disruptive innovation.

After we opened the conference in Nanjing in September this year, we have begun to set up the first test area. This test area not only has software-defined network, but more importantly, when the network is used today, it is not scored according to the bios system. It is the perspective of generalization. That is to say, everyone here can use unmanned cars, and every artificial intelligence and even the future robot Sofia can use this Token. If a local network, a local node grows like this, the city will be like a data center, and each person's desktop is like a server in the data center, there is no three-layer network inside the data center. The data uses a Layer 2 network internally, but the internal Layer 2 network of data does not use generalized scheduling.

In the past, I have been talking about the emergence of Libra and DCEP may be an inflection point. This inflection point represents the arrival of two blockchain eras, and the two blockchain battlefields will arrive at the same time. While standing on the Internet, today's super Internet companies, today's national sovereignty, today's various innovations under the existing financial regulatory system will begin. This does not mean that young people do not have opportunities. It does not mean that young people who do not have licenses and do not have a lot of computing resources have no chance. Another battlefield, today with digital life, re-creates a new space battlefield with no sovereignty. It may be an aboriginal person who belongs to the blockchain. This battlefield is connected with the digital twins. When the body is alive, it is called a digital twin. If the flesh is gone, your mind is still running, and your soul can talk. It is the number of eternal life. This set of things, DNA programs appear today, so why do I say that computing, storage and communication are integrated, if you want to support digital twinning, digital eternal life, every cell, every smallest unit is trusted computing.

Why is the chain network a parallel world with the Internet? Because in this new information network space, each of its data has a time stamp, its connection is not for service, every visit is a quoted transaction, all transactions are booked. In this cyberspace, not only is the network a public infrastructure, but its computing and storage are all infrastructure. If in the past ten years, bitcoin was born out of nothing, relying on mathematics, on the surface of today's seemingly silicon-based platform, it introduced the carbon base with signs of life, until now Bitcoin has only a hundred billion dollars. Assets, if today's 5G, 6G× blockchain, which we have just portrayed, is really clean and truly belongs to the digital assets of the future aborigines, it may be the size of trillions of dollars.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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