On November 7th, the most mysterious dinner in Wuzhen came | Guide to the blockchain conference

On November 8-9, the second blockchain conference·Wuzhen is coming!

At present, we have announced two batches of 11 events, which are:

1. Wuzhen Super Dinner – Babbitt BKEX Night;

2. Decrypt the Bystack platform and the cross-chain value exchange protocol MOV – than the original "Keep MOVing" special session;

3, the key to open the password world – Jia Nan Zhi Zhi X Babbitt night;

4. Became the Wuzhen Conference Koi, and the ChainNode Garden Club will hit heavily;

5, blockchain game set sail – Cocos-BCX game special;

6, 80 million new users struck – TOP Network main network startup;

7, purple whirlwind, Wuzhen never sleeps – BigONE & Mixin high-end mysterious cocktail party;

8, Wuzhen crab does not you can not – ostrich block chain Wuzhen crab feast;

9. Let change and innovation happen – ZBT blockchain game forum;

10, Wuzhen does not sleep, High turns the whole field, the coin hits the creation night;

11, the new mining forces, 哔哔 News mine POW POWER – China line · Wuzhen station. Today, we will continue to announce a few heavyweight events around the finale!

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Wuzhen Night Talk: The most mysterious industry leader behind closed doors

If you talk about the most important surrounding activities of this year's Wuzhen Summit, non-Wuzhen night talks and industry leaders are behind closed doors.

According to Wang Lei, the initiator of Wuzhen Nights, and the CEO of Babbitt, the giants are eager to have a chance to touch the soul and deep exchanges. This is the origin of Wuzhen’s night talks. Therefore, it is not only a meal, but the real purpose is to let the ideas collide, explore the future, greet and promote the blockchain technology wave, and make suggestions for the industry's innovation and compliance development.

Wuzhen night talks gathered more than ten industry big coffee, there are Babbitt, the founder of the original chain, the head of the ant blockchain BaaS platform Jieli, the general manager of the block chain business of Tencent Block Cai Yige, the general economic expert Meng Yan, Kong Jian, the chairman of Jia Nan, and the founder of PlatON, Sun Lilin… In addition, there are several mysterious guests who do not want to be named!

Wuzhen night talks will be the first gathering of industry giants such as Tencent and Ant, but the activities are mysterious and low-key, and their core content is not announced. Wang Lei said that Wuzhen night talk will be the brand activity of Wuzhen Conference. This year is a closed-door gathering. With the popularization of blockchain, the essence of night talks may be open to the media, so that valuable thinking can be better. Spread.

GeekHub x BTCU: Global elites in Wuzhen

On the afternoon of the 8th, GeekHub will conduct a campaign with BTCU on the second floor of the main hall of the Wuzhen Conference, 218, entitled “New Industry Power, Blockchain Sound from Colleges and Universities”. The former is the technical community brand of the Babbitt Accelerator, and the latter is the blockchain technology learning and communication platform initiated by nearly 30 Chinese college students.

The event was shared by Ben Fisch, a student at Stanford University's cryptography professor Dan Boneh, and Yuyi, a student at Roger Wattenhofer, a computer professor at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. There are about 200 participants, such as members of the blockchain association from more than 20 universities in China, including Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University and Tongji, as well as students from Stanford, Cornell and University College London. Therefore, this will become a high-level exchange event for Chinese university blockchains, and also a window for Sino-foreign exchanges and international cooperation.

Talk about the heart, chain love, speak freely – Babbitt and his friends

On the afternoon of the 8th and the morning of the 9th, Babbitt and his friends will bring two forums in the Exhibition Center Hall 3 (blockchain exhibition hall). This is the blockchain chain that combines high-end, deep and professional qualities. In one of the large netizens face-based activities.

Who are there? Jia Xiaobe, Hu Mengdi, Meng Da, Lou Haoyue, Chen Xia, Butterfly, Xiaoyan, block cousin, Cai Wei, Cang Gongzi, Xiong Yue…The goddess with super and material, super KOL, traffic rookie Big coffee, "brick" home, Rap Show… Who do you most want to be with?

Don't sleep, don't leave tonight – Bigcoin Dcoin & Branch Silver Capital

On the evening of the 8th, Dacoin Dcoin and Ke Yin Capital will be friends in Wuzhen. Bigcoin Dcoin CEO Nico Buechel, angel investor Guo Haibin and many mysterious guests will come to the scene. Push the cup for a change and embrace the future of finance. 觥 交错 , , , , , , , , , , ,

Let us go! BiKi & ChainUP Wuzhen BlockChain After Party

On the evening of the 8th, at the Zhaoming Bookstore in Wuzhen, BiKi and ChainUP system technical service provider ChainUP will hold a relaxed and lively After Party. In the most Chinese-style quaint academy, you can meet the most cutting-edge blockchain technology, feel the charm of ancient style, and lead the urban blockchain trend. Are you ready?

Big coffee strikes – Chainlink “Connected Smart Contract Meetup” Wuzhen Station

On the evening of the 8th, in the Wujin Wangjinli Boutique Hotel·Canal Hall, the world-famous predictive machine project Chainlink came, they will bring an original meeting about the oracle and the smart contract. In the ancient town of Shuixiang, you may encounter Sergey Nazarov (Sergey Nazarov), who is the CEO of Chainlink. As early as 2011, he entered the circle and began to encrypt the currency revolution. It can be said that it is an old gun in the industry. Meet him, what do you want to say?

Babbitt Wuzhen Summit Head Map

Written at the end

In 2019, the blockchain year-end feast, most of the people in the blockchain world have come, you can't come?

World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen official website (with registration link): https://www.8btc.com/wbc-2019 For business cooperation, please contact: [email protected]

Special reminder: The above is listed as the World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen activities, only for the participation guidelines, not recommended as an official, nor does it constitute investment advice, please be cautious.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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