Interpretation of the 2023 DeFi Status Survey Report

Analysis of 2023 DeFi Report

Encryption researcher Thanh Le tweeted to summarize his several key insights after reading the “State of Defi 2023” report.

– The primary channel for marketing is Twitter, and the community channel is Discord. These are the main channels for DeFi users to learn about the latest developments in the ecosystem;

– Mature use cases in DeFi: Exchange and lending (led by Uniswap, Curve, and AAVE);

– DeFi demands: liquidity mining, exchange, avoiding CEX, and just trying it out;

– dAPP needs: user experience, risk exposure, efficient investment portfolio manager;

– AHA moment: When they make a profit or know where the income comes from;

– Main goal: Earn cryptocurrency, maximize passive income, and exit as soon as possible during market crashes and surges.

Read the full report:


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