LD Capital: Zksync Mainnet Goes Live for Two Months, Ecological Development Report

LD Capital: Zksync Mainnet Live for 2 Months, Ecological Development Report

zkSync is an Ethereum layer-2 network expansion solution based on the ZK Rollups architecture. It launched its zkSync Era mainnet on March 24, 2023, and has been open to everyone for two months now. LD Capital has written an article summarizing the development of its network ecosystem, including key data indicators and the current state of ecological projects.

TVL: Zksync era TVL maintained steady growth in the three weeks before launch, but growth stagnated after mid-April and has since recovered since mid-May. The current TVL is $283 million, with a growth of 9.5% in the past week, accounting for 3.29% of the overall layer2 TVL and ranking fourth.

On-chain activity: According to browser data, zksync era has processed about 21 million on-chain transactions and has 1.7 million unique addresses since its launch. Due to the arbitrum airdrop, Zksync had high on-chain activity from the start, with daily active addresses fluctuating between 60-80k in the early stages of launch and then dropping to around 30k in early May before rising significantly due to events and airdrops.

Cross-chain funds: Official bridge data also shows similar activity. Stimulated by the arbitrum airdrop, there was significant growth in active addresses in the three weeks before the mainnet launch, and there were fewer active addresses in mid to late April. After mid-May, growth resumed, and activity increased.

Ecological projects: According to defillama statistics, the top five TVL projects in the zksync era ecosystem are all decentralized exchanges. 1) SyncSwap has trading, liquidity mining, and launchBlockingd (not yet started) functions, with 85% of TVL concentrated in the USDC/ETH Pool and an APR of 25%. 2) iZUMi Finance is a multi-chain one-stop Liquidity as a Service (LaaS) protocol that currently supports ETH, Arbitrum, Polygon, and zksync era. 3) Mute is one of the first DEXs, in addition to trading and providing liquidity, it also launched a yield amplifier, bonds, and DAO governance functions. 4) Velocore is the first ve(3,3)DEX built on Solidly and Velodrome. 5) SBlockingceFi is a cross-chain platform that connects the Cosmos and Ethereum Layer2 ecosystems, currently integrating Evmos and ZkSync, with products including DEX+NFT+LaunchBlockingd+SBlockingcebase. 6) Zigzag is a decentralized order book exchange that currently supports zksync lite and arbitrum. 7) Nexon is one of the first lending protocols, now renamed Eralend. 8) Reactor Fusion is the largest lending protocol in zkSync Era TVL and one of the few coin issuance projects. 9) UniDex is a derivative DEX protocol that supports other public chains and Layer2s such as Fantom, Optimism, and zksync era. 10) Onchain Trade is a spot and derivative DEX protocol with a current TVL of $670K. 11) Cheems is a meme project on zksync era.

Reference: https://ld-capital.medium.com/zksync主网上线两月-生态发展情况报告-e3f063f4df63

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