Providing payment channels for virtual currency, bo color and other illegal platforms.

Providing payment channels for virtual currency, bo color and other illegal platforms. Many payment companies were reported.

This is not a case. Recently, a number of investors reported to the Economic Observer, and the multiple platforms they participated in were finally found to be online fraud platforms, and many payment agencies also provided payment settlement services for these platforms. Many investors requested payment companies to seal accounts. And freeze merchant funds. Among the payment institutions reflected by investors, there are many industry giants such as Alipay and UnionPay.

In recent years, the supervision has repeatedly introduced relevant management measures to “trick” on telecommunication network fraud, but there are always public complaints and reports that payment companies provide payment settlement channels for some illegal and illegal platforms such as virtual currency, online gambling and other illegal foreign exchange.

A person who is responsible for the Internet payment business at Beijing Payments said, "The regulations for supervision are very powerful, and it is difficult to implement them."

Disappearing cloud currency

Ms. Wang is a stock-selling enthusiast. She told the Economic Observer that in early April 2019, she introduced a stock commentary named Li Junze through a friend. Li Junze sent a private message to Ms. Wang every day, asking her to enter the dry-selling live broadcast room to listen to stock analysis, and sometimes recommend stocks. Ms. Wang bought shares according to the recommendation and found that she could make money and gradually became trusting to Li Junze.

Ms. Wang said that on April 8, Li Junze analyzed the stock market risk, allowing investors to configure cloud currency, the recommended website is COINGOUPEX.COM. Ms. Wang registered and opened an account with Jinyun Netcoin on the trading platform. On April 18, Ms. Wang received a deposit of 20,970 yuan through CCB. The following morning, she found that these trading platforms could not be opened. Li Junze and related people were unable to get in touch like human evaporation. Ms. Wang told reporters that she found through bank transaction details that more than 20,000 yuan was remitted to a third-party payment platform to collect payments. She said that she later met more investors who were deceived by Li Junze, and all of them had similar experiences. The money was also connected to the cloud currency through the convergence payment platform.

The Economic Observer reported to the gathering on the payment. The meeting said that the company will not support any violations. Before the cooperation, the merchants will be required to provide legal and compliant licenses and formal business operations. However, some merchants have stolen them during the operation. The interface engages in some illegal business, and conceals and deceives the third-party payment institution. The aggregation payment intercepts the abnormal suspicious transaction through the transaction monitoring system and goes to the responsibility of the third-party payment institution.

In terms of convergence payment, the company conducted partial fund interception in response to the abnormality of the merchant transaction, and synchronized the information to the filing authority. After the case was filed, the victim was also reported to the case and provided relevant information. clue.

According to public information, Convergent Payment was established in 2008. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Commercial Real Estate Enterprise Zhengjia Group. It obtained the Internet payment license five years ago. At the end of 2015, it was approved to start the cross-border RMB payment business. It mainly provides interconnection payment services for Zhengjia Plaza merchants, commercial retail enterprises and traditional e-commerce needs. With the development of cross-border trade payment, the convergence payment provides a cross-section for the pain points of the transaction/payment requirements in the transaction links of SMEs' cross-border commercial business. Environmental payment solution. At the beginning of this year, the administrative punishment information published by the central bank's Guangzhou branch website showed that the convergent payment was confiscated for nearly 180,000 yuan due to violation of the payment and settlement management regulations, and was fined 530,000 yuan, with a total fine of nearly 710,000 yuan.

Behind online gambling

Some investors reported to reporters that some payment companies were suspected of providing payment settlement channels for peripheral gaming.

On April 2, 2019, Mr. Cai was induced to enter a peripheral gaming platform called Hengyao on QQ. He told reporters that he later learned that the awards on the website were tampering in the background, and he still has more than 20,000 yuan to withdraw.

The video provided by Mr. Cai to the reporter shows that when he chooses to recharge on the official website of Hengyao, he will pop up a page with a variety of recharge methods, including large-value fast charge, Alipay, and UnionPay scan code. Mr. Cai chooses After a large amount of fast charge and fill in the recharge amount, the page will jump to let him select the specific bank. After the selection is completed, a page will appear for the order information, indicating that the merchant name is the aggregation payment and the product name is the water cup.

Mr. Cai told reporters that after he landed on the website at the end of April, he found that the aggregation payment was no longer connected to the gaming platform, but there are still payment methods such as Alipay and UnionPay.

The Economic Observer reported on the operation of the gaming platform that after selecting the UnionPay payment method to scan the code, the page display is being paid to Shanghai Haojia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. According to Tianyue's data, this is a computer accessories wholesale company that mainly distributes digital electronic products such as DIY assembled computers and peripherals. The founder is Cheng Weiwei.

The reporter interviewed UnionPay on the above situation, and UnionPay responded that China UnionPay, as a liquidation organization, has always strictly complied with various regulatory requirements. At the same time, it is strictly forbidden for member institutions to provide payment services for any illegal transactions. If there is any violation, it will be disposed of in strict accordance with relevant business rules. China UnionPay will also continue to urge member institutions within the network to maintain business compliance and strictly implement the requirements of merchant management, transaction monitoring and risk investigation. .

The reporter chooses Alipay recharge in the above-mentioned gaming platform, and will pop up a payment QR code. After scanning the code, the person who transfers the account to the personal account is “Strong 240 Libo”.

Alipay told the Economic Observer that it is zero-tolerant to online gambling, refuses to cooperate with any gambling merchants, and constantly introduces new technologies to strengthen the crackdown. At present, Alipay’s black-ash industry team has stepped in to follow up on Hengyao Entertainment. Investigation. At the beginning of 2018, Alipay launched the “Tianlang Plan” to link the police, enterprises and other parties to the source of black ash industry, of which combat gambling is one of the key points. Once it is verified that a merchant violates the rules and gambling, Alipay will be able to take severe penalties: immediately limit the merchant's collection function and clear it; promptly report the police, and cooperate with the police to take restrictions and crack down on the gambling funds; Blacklist, no longer provide any Alipay services.

Why are you repeatedly prohibited?

It is not uncommon for payment companies to support the gaming platform and illegal foreign exchange platforms to provide settlement. The reporter has also seen many investors complaining in the complaints platform.

The phenomenon that gambling organizations use third-party payment platforms to clear and clean gambling funds has always been the focus of centralized supervision of public security departments and supervision by relevant departments. On June 21, 2010, according to the official website of the Ministry of Public Security, the third-party payment platform “Quick Money” Company provided payment services for gambling websites, and gained more than 17 million from it. Its senior manager Mei Mou collaborated with overseas gambling groups to assist overseas gambling groups to transfer more than 3 billion yuan of funds.

Many people in the payment industry told the Economic Observer that some of the payment companies have access to the above-mentioned illegal and illegal platforms because the profits given by these platforms are several times higher than the average formal platform, and the C-side battlefield of Internet payment is almost divided by the giants. Exhaustion, regular merchants will access large companies, and the access volume of other platforms is small.

In March of this year, the central bank issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Payment and Settlement Management to Prevent the New Emerging Crimes of the Telecommunications Network" (No. 185), which can be described as a variety of network telecom fraud phenomenon. Circular 185 emphasizes that the acquiring institution may not directly or disguised as Internet gambling, pornographic platforms, Internet sales lottery platforms, illegal foreign exchange, precious metals investment trading platforms, illegal securities and futures trading platforms, token issuing financing and virtual currency trading platforms, Payment and settlement services are provided through illegal Internet transactions such as asset management business through the Internet and bulk commodity trading sites that have not obtained provincial government approvals. Prior to this, the central bank also formulated the “Administrative Measures for Network Payment Services of Non-bank Payment Institutions” and the “Administrative Measures for Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing of Payment Agencies”, requiring payment institutions to follow up the verification of merchant information in a timely manner.

In addition, the supervision has repeatedly issued large tickets. In 2018, Guo Fubao provided online payment services for illegal transactions, and provided services for or dealing with unidentified clients, and failed to report suspicious transaction reports in accordance with regulations. “Eat” the central bank’s huge fine of 46.46 million yuan. . Zhifu and Yinsheng paid the second largest ticket and the fifth largest ticket last year for the illegal channel to provide payment channels, respectively, amounting to 42 million yuan, 22.47 million yuan.

But why is there always a report that payment companies provide payment and settlement channels for illegal and illegal platforms, and even payment giants such as Alipay and UnionPay are involved? Alipay is not the first time it has been reported due to the settlement of gambling websites. In 2016, there were media reports that Alipay supported most online gambling platform transactions.

A payment risk control person close to Alipay revealed to the Economic Observer that this is because the illegal technology of fraudulent merchants has been continuously upgraded. The payment enterprise inspection merchant port is a very normal business name and business registration, but it is in the middle layer. Subcontracted multiple vests and then transferred to the network's gaming platform or other offending platforms.

The above-mentioned person in charge of the Internet payment business of Beijing Payments Co., Ltd. said that the main content of Circular 85 has actually been published in 2016. This time, it is only more detailed than that of the year, but the problem of violations of laws and regulations by payment agencies has been repeatedly banned for so many years. . The regulations for supervision are very powerful, and it is difficult to implement them. (Economic Observer)

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