ARB faces a period of confusion and accumulation: Can the upgrade in Cancun bring new opportunities?

Can Cancun's upgrade create opportunities for ARB during its confusing and tumultuous period?

As the narrative in Cancun may be forthcoming, it is necessary to understand the risks of investing in ARB. Crypto researcher 1 AM.lens authored an article analyzing the causes of ARB’s current state of confusion, stating that the impact of the Cancun upgrade on ARB is unknown.

ARB has always been designed as a DAO governance token, but its early operations have caused doubts about long-term governance of the DAO. So, before high-quality ARB proposals were approved, there was a period of confusion about what to do with ARB, and consensus and trust issues were also present. The current selling pressure comes from the remaining positions of the airdrop and the operating costs of the ARB team. The hidden problem is the trust issue with the DAO and the trust issue with the ARB token. The impact of the Cancun upgrade on ARB is unknown, but once the bull market comes, ARB’s liquidity attraction to BSC and ETH will certainly not give another chance to get onboard.


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