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Depth | Jia Nan Technology: the first share of the global mining machine, industry extension to see AI

Author: Song Jiaji Source: Ji Shi Communication Editor's Note: The original title is "Guosheng Communication Song Jiaji | Jia Nan Technology Depth: Global Mining Machine First, Industry Extension to See AI" Summary Seize the historical opportunity of Bitcoin to build a mining machine and expand to the AI ​​market in the future. Founded in 2013, […]

Comments | Jia Nan listed: a company's carnival, the fall of an industry

When Pumpkin Zhang took Jia Nan’s wisdom to ring the clock on the Nasdaq, the whole currency circle was full of joy and joy, as if everything was kept in the clouds and seeing the moon, everyone’s hunger in the currency circle would one day be like Pumpkin Zhang will be honored as well. Shao […]

The three elements and three meanings of Jianan Technology's successful IPO

On the occasion of the bleak market, Jianan Technology (hereinafter referred to as "Jia Nan") became a rare and good news. On this listing, Jia Nan confirmed the stock code as “CAN” and issued 10 million ADSs, with a price of US$9 per share and a fundraising amount of US$90 million. On the first day […]

AI, chip, blockchain, China's hardcore technology company Jianan went public in the US

Source: 36氪 On November 21, Jia Nan successfully listed. According to financial data, in the first nine months of this year, Jianan achieved a revenue of 950 million yuan. Among them, Q3 performed brilliantly, and revenue, capacity and shipments both increased exponentially. On this listing, Jianan decided to issue 10 million ADSs at a price […]

After the listing of Jianan Technology, it broke on the same day, the main business is single, the performance is less than the industry leader 10%

Author: Xi breeze Source: Finance and Economics Network on Finance The cryptocurrency mining machine manufacturer has repeatedly suffered an impact on IPO, and with the successful listing of Jianan Zhizhi, the first domestic listed company has finally got its first listed company. At 9:30 am on November 20th, US Eastern Time, Canaan Inc., the ultimate […]

Exclusive Dialogue with Zhang Nanwei: My Past and the Future of Jianan

Source: Daily Chain News On November 21st, Zhang Nanxuan, who rarely appeared, appeared on the NASDAQ exchange in the United States. The Jianan Technology (hereinafter referred to as Jianan), which was founded by him, was listed on the ring, with the stock code "CAN" and 10 million shares of ADS issued. , the price per […]

Jia Nan’s coronation moment

Text | Zhou Wenyi Editor | Bi Yi Tong Source | PANews At 22:30 on November 21st, Beijing time, Jia Nan Technology (CAN) was listed on the NASDAQ in the United States. After three sets of frustrations, Jia Nan finally dreamed of a US dollar. Jia Nan Zhi Zhi, who once invented the world's first […]

Jianan Technology Landed on NASDAQ: The First Block of the Global Blockchain was born

Author: C t Source: IPO knows early (ID: ipozaozhidao) This listing means that Jianan has become the first IPO of China's independent intellectual property artificial intelligence chip companies to the US, and is also the first block of the global blockchain. According to the prospectus, the prospectus shows that Jianan’s total revenue in 2018 was […]

The first day of the listing suffered a huge earthquake: the world's second largest bitcoin mining machine manufacturer Jia Nan Zhi Zhi opened 40%, and finally broke

Source: See the US stocks On November 21st, Jianan Zhizhi's US IPO opened up 40% on the first day of trading. The biggest increase was over 44%, but the opening price fell below the issue price in less than half an hour. It fell nearly 9% and eventually fell. 0.11%. On the first day of […]

The first strand of the blockchain: Jia Nan Zhi Zhi turned gorgeous on Nasdaq

Yesterday evening, a light show video of the entire riverside of Hangzhou Riverside screened the circle of friends. In order to celebrate the listing of the world's second-largest bitcoin miner, Kanna Nan, on Nasdaq on November 21st, Hangzhou has produced a huge light show along the coast, and BTC Bitcoin was publicly unveiled for the […]