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Black-producing gang exploits Apache Struts 2 vulnerability and SQL blast control server mining

Source: Tencent Mimi Threat Intelligence Center I. Overview The Tencent Security Miami Threat Intelligence Center detected that the group used the Apache Struts 2 remote command execution vulnerability (CVE-2017-5638) to attack the windows server. From the list of files used by the group, the attack was mainly carried out through blasting or exploit, and targeted […]

How to start a blockchain fairly or unfairly?

Written by: Nic Carter, Founder of Coin Metrics, a cryptocurrency data provider Compile: Zhan Juan School Translator: Huang Peijian Source: Chain News Disclaimer: Whether personally or professionally, I am currently or in the future not interested in launching a new cryptocurrency. This article is primarily intended to be a thought experiment, not an endorsement of […]

Jianan will be listed, and these 20 A-share “mining concept stocks” will know in advance?

Source | Odaily Planet Daily (ID: o-daily) 文 | 黄雪姣 Edit | Lu Xiaoming In the past two weeks, the mining industry has two good news. First, Jia Nanzhi, one of the three major mining machine manufacturers in the world, went public in the US; second, the Development and Reform Commission removed “mining” from “eliminating […]

LAVA for your interpretation: Xiaobai can also understand the PoC capacity proof entry

The essence of PoC, as can be understood by an ordinary person, is to use hard disk mining. Yes, PoW uses CPU (or graphics card, ASIC mining machine, their essence is a stronger computing chip, and the CPU is essentially the same) mining, PoS is based on the currency ratio mining, DPoS is based on […]

Getting started with blockchain | Explosion is “mining”? 6 kinds of common mining types, which are not reliable?

Recently, the mining of a platform is a mine, that is, the Token is obtained after the contract is opened. When I saw this message, I was shocked. Mining, for the small partners entering the industry, how much is known. Today, I will give you a brief introduction of the types of mining that are […]

Babbitt Column | Blockchain + Digging Mining: Collision between New and Old Mining

I. Industry Overview For the mining industry, the practitioners in the blockchain industry are no strangers – as a medium for introducing the term “blockchain” into the real world, the production process of bitcoin is commonly referred to as “mining” in the industry, so much that People have almost forgotten the meaning of the word. […]

The rise of the PoS mechanism can bring "new mining market" to the fire?

No mining machine can mine? In 2019, the new business of “no mining machine mining” is gradually gaining attention. This mining profit method is called “ S taking economy (equity economy) ”. It was born out of the PoS consensus mechanism, and the money holders earned money by stake tokens. Unlike PoW (Proof of Work), […]