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Popular Science | How is the Ethereum block size determined

Author: NEST lovers _CryptoV12 With the development of the blockchain industry, the ecosystem built on the Ethereum network is getting larger and larger. In addition to satisfying the transaction packaging of various assets issued based on the Ethereum network, it also needs to meet the packaging of various smart contracts Transactions, such as DeFi protocol […]

Analysis of 3 smart contract architectures: Bank of England March Digital Fiat Report

1 Introduction The Bank of England released a 57-page report in March 2020, studying how to introduce CBDC into existing markets [1], both as a store of value and for daily transactions, and analyzed its possible impact on maintaining monetary and financial stability Major challenges posed. This report entitled "Central Bank Digital Currency March 2020: […]

Smart contract backdoor unveiled: It's not just hackers who steal money, the "one-click coin" platform has hidden backdoors

I believe that my friends are no strangers to the concept of "additional issuance" in the token field. For example, TEDA has frequently issued ERC20 USDT on Ethereum recently. Since this is an act that increases the circulation of tokens, it has been full of controversy . Of course, under normal circumstances, the additional issue […]

Smart contracts eliminate information asymmetry, build trust, and upend traditional insurance models

The global insurance industry is worth trillions of dollars, and the need for companies and individuals to manage their own risks is driving its continuous development. Insurance customers do not need to bear the risks themselves, but pass on the risks to the insurance company through insurance products. Insurance costs account for nearly 10% of […]

Technical Guide | How Do Digital Contracts Decentralize Ownership?

Author: Giacomo Zucco Translator: Tiandao Reward Source of this article: blockchain_camp In this article, we will explore the concept of currency based on the idea of ​​using digital puzzles as a way to reproduce scarcity, and based on supply control mechanisms to give digital currencies a certain degree of hardness. Proof of ownership through signatures […]

In-depth understanding of the blockchain's second-tier expansion plan, Rollup: Why did Vitalik praise the plan?

Editor's Note: The original title was "In-depth Understanding of the Blockchain Two-Level Extension Rollup" The author Zhu Guangyu is a blockchain enthusiast and a former Alibaba JVM expert. Now working at Westar Labs, he is engaged in the research and development of smart contract programming language and its execution engine. background Recently, Ethereum founder Vitalik […]

Is DeFi a moth again? Ethereum smart wallet application Authenticeum exposed to fatal vulnerability

Recently, the Ethereum smart wallet application Authenticeum, which has been invested by institutions such as Coinbase Ventures, received a vulnerability disclosure from samczsun, which exploited the sequence of operations of the account contract meta-transaction function and allowed the attacker to control the wallet account. After receiving the feedback, the Authenticeum team quickly resolved the vulnerability […]

Free and Easy Weekly Review | Fcoin Thunderstorm Apocalypse: DEX and CEX finally have a battle, solving these problems will be the key

Write in front: "The only lesson that humans have learned from history is that they have not learned anything from history." ——Hegel, German philosopher MtGox in early 2014, Bitfinex in August 2016, and Fcoin on February 17, 2020 … These once-centralized exchanges have broken records of losses of more than 10,000 BTC. Some of them […]

DAO, rises in 2020

Production / CoinVoice Text / Linghe "Even if the loan is paid, I don't think the company will last for three months." Northwest chairman Jia Guolong first issued a distress signal. Immediately after that, Haidilao lost 80 million yuan a day, and Jiu Maojiu continued to close the store … In the past, every day, […]

"Remember" is the best farewell. How to use blockchain to store information on the chain?

Source: Chained Dr. Li Wenliang was unfortunately killed by new crown pneumonia in the early morning of the 7th. His premature death has made us very sad. In December last year, people's understanding of new coronary pneumonia was still very limited. Li Wenliang was able to spread the news and take the lead in sounding […]