Countdown to 10 days, grab the ticket Raiders! World Blockchain Conference · Wuzhen is worse for you

The blockchain is completely raging.

2017 big data! 2018 artificial intelligence! Blockchain in 2019! For the first time, the country has raised the blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies. In the future, it will increase investment and promote technology and industrial development.

It took only 2 days, and the blockchain industry “disordered anyway” and immediately turned from spring to spring.

The policy to support the development of the industry is coming, and the industry giants who are gearing up are coming, and the funds that are ready to move are coming. This is the era of blockchain and an opportunity for China to lead the world in a new round of technological innovation.

At this special moment, the second World Blockchain Conference hosted by Babbitt, Wuzhen, will be held on November 8-9, 2019, and will enter the 10-day countdown from now on.

The theme of the conference is “Application Unbounded”, with six sub-forums. BATJ and other Internet giants, Cornell University and other top universities, such as Jianan Zhizhi, Chainlink and other world-renowned blockchain projects… It is expected that nearly 100 well-known guests will be on stage to participate, and the attendees will reach an unprecedented 4000 people! They will gather in Wuzhen to discuss the development of the industry.

Time, place, and people. This will be the top event in the blockchain industry in China after the policy of the 25th, and it will be a collective carnival for the global blockchain practitioners and enthusiasts at the end of 2019.

Do you want to know what the future blockchain policy looks like? Which giants will enter the blockchain? Can the domestic public chain accelerate the landing? Come to Wuzhen, and listen to the analysis and judgment of industry leaders.

Do you want to know what is the use of the blockchain? The conference has a theme exhibition area of ​​about 4,000 square meters blockchain, alliance chain, public chain, mining, games, finance, traceability, etc. This exhibition area will be a microcosm of global blockchain entrepreneurship . Who is the industry segment NO.1, you will understand after a round trip.

In addition, the blockchain industry's strongest meal – Babbitt BKEX night, into the mysterious mining – Jia Nan Zhizhi night, how to exchange cross-chain value – how to set sail than the original chain, blockchain games – Cocos-BCX Special eventsdozens of unique surrounding activities were unveiled in Wuzhen. Good-looking, delicious, fun, Wuzhen has it.

Wuzhen has been a major town in the south of the Yangtze River for thousands of years. Today, after six sessions of the World Internet Conference, it has become a stage for the exchange of Chinese and foreign Internet industries. In the future, there will be another label, the first town in the world blockchain.

Beginning on the 25th, the demand for tickets for the blockchain summit to be held in Wuzhen has soared. It is hard to find a ticket. On the official website ( ), the number of ticket purchasers is too large. There has been an "accident" that cannot be purchased normally in a short period of time. Some partners have missed the surrounding activities because they cannot find a suitable venue. Even the hotel near the main venue in Wuzhen Scenic Area has been quite nervous.

Looking at China in the world trend, the blockchain is watching Wuzhen. Imagine that in two days and 48 hours, Wuzhen, a white wall and black tile, will flood into thousands of blockchain practitioners. People you have heard or never heard will fly, take the high-speed rail, or drive, and travel long distances to gather in Wuzhen from the world. What is it like?

I missed another year, and at the moment when the blockchain surges, about the blockchain, you will know about Wuzhen.


Grab the ticket as soon as possible, and the current six kinds of tickets offered by the conference are relatively tight.

Business and group tickets: both tickets for the two-day conference and Wuzhen Scenic Area.

Group tickets can be purchased with a ticket discount. The ticket fee for a group of 3 and 5 people is only 988 yuan.

VIP ticket: You can have an extra VIP seat, a Babbitt night banquet, etc., only 50 seats .

SVIP ticket: You can further have boutique hotel accommodation, special reception, one-on-one resource docking, investment consulting, data consultation and other services, only 12 seats .

Special reminder : group purchase tickets can scan code plus Miss Sister WeChat.

Purchase tickets

Direct ticketing link:

For business cooperation, please contact: [email protected]

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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