In the five directions of the Central Political Bureau's application of blockchain chain, which companies are doing?

On October 24, Xi Jinping emphasized in the 18th collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee that the blockchain should be regarded as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies, clarify the main direction, increase investment, and focus on a number of key core technologies. Accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation.

Xi Jinping used five “must” to point out the direction of how the blockchain serves the society. The five "wish" summaries are: to promote "blockchain + real economy", to explore the use of "blockchain +" in the field of people's livelihood, to promote "blockchain + smart city", to explore " Blockchain + government services, to promote "blockchain + interconnection."

At present, in addition to "blockchain + interconnection", in the other four directions, there are many mature cases in the industry, and Babbitt has compiled it for reference.

Direction 1: "Blockchain + Entity Economy"

It is necessary to promote the deep integration of the blockchain and the real economy, and solve the problems of difficulty in financing loans for SMEs, difficulties in controlling the risks of banks, and difficulties in departmental supervision.

The companies that currently have application cases in this direction are as follows:


Some case results are introduced:

China Construction Bank Blockchain Trade Finance Platform : The blockchain solves the business pain points that have been difficult to solve in the trade finance field: numerous participants, complicated business information, inconsistent document circulation channels, trust issues between trading participants, etc. . The platform was launched in April 2018, and more than 20 domestic banking institutions participated in the commercialization of the three functions of domestic letters of credit, Forfeiting and international factoring. As of now, the cumulative trading volume has exceeded 660 billion yuan .

Full-featured blockchain Forfaiting trading platform : Forfeiting financial asset trading market based on blockchain technology adopts a unified technology platform and data standards, and business rules are managed by smart contracts to achieve decentralized management, which can promote market rivals. Party discovery and price discovery, improve transaction efficiency and market transparency, effectively regulate the existing Forfeiting business transaction market, provide effective regulatory channels for asset management and establish an effective credit market. The platform was launched on September 30, 2018. In less than one year after the launch, the cumulative transaction volume reached 20 billion yuan . At present, there are more than 30 companies including Bank of China, Minsheng Bank, China CITIC Bank, China Everbright Bank and Ping An Bank. Banking institutions join or explicitly join the intention.

Feiluo supply chain platform based on blockchain : Through the standardization of digital asset certificate “golden ticket”, online circulation, financing and splitting of accounts receivable are realized in the platform. On August 16, 2017, Zheshang Bank launched the industry's first “receivable chain platform” based on blockchain technology based on the underlying blockchain technology platform of Fun Chain Technology. By the end of 2018, the platform had issued more than 2,600 accounts receivable, and the issued amount exceeded 100 billion yuan.

Micro-enterprise chain : The micro-enterprise chain platform is a supply chain financial service platform jointly developed by Lianyirong and Tencent, using Tencent blockchain technology. In the field of supply chain finance, on May 17, 2019, the “micro-enterprise chain” ABS project received a letter of no objection from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and the approved storage shelf size was 10 billion yuan .

Wanxiang blockchain supply chain financial service platform : In June 2019, it reached a cooperation with Jiangxi Bank and Jiangxi Zhengbang Technology. At present, it has helped many enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to obtain multiple financings. The total financing amount on the platform has exceeded 100 million yuan .

Transport Chain Alliance : The Transport Chain Alliance is based on blockchain technology and is built with actual vehicle logistics as the actual business scenario. The participants include Wanxiang Blockchain, Zhongdu Logistics, and DBS Bank. The whole process of automobile vehicle logistics business is on the whole chain and realizes electronic management. Each business party can manage electronic ordering orders on the platform, and upstream and downstream enterprises can reconcile online. Carriers can also initiate financing applications to financial institutions based on electronic data. At present, there are 53 companies on the platform, and the amount of financing on the platform amounts to tens of millions .

Direction 2: "Blockchain + People's Livelihood"

It is necessary to explore the application of “blockchain+” in the field of people's livelihood, and actively promote the application of blockchain technology in the fields of education, employment, pension, precision poverty alleviation, medical health, commodity anti-counterfeiting, food safety, public welfare, social assistance, etc. The masses provide more intelligent, more convenient and better public services.

The companies that currently have application cases in this direction are as follows:

Picture 2

Some case results are introduced:

Tianshui Chain : The “Tianshui Chain” of Paper Guizhou Technology and the Tianshui Forestry Bureau of Gansu Province, using many advanced blockchain technologies such as one yard, one yard, distributed identification (DID), etc., provides fruit traceability products, all participating The nodes record the collected data on the blockchain to realize the traceability system of the upstream and downstream of fruit production. In order to build the source, we can find a basis for the traceability system that can be traced and the responsibility can be traced. This case was one of the success stories in the White Paper on the Trusted Blockchain Traceability on October 10, 2018.

Blockchain Notarization Shake System : The platform was jointly developed by Hangzhou Internet Notary Office and Fun Chain Technology. It was tested on April 28, 2019. It was applied to the 618 sweepstakes of Tmall Elf and the “Checking Network Age” organized by China Mobile. Send traffic quadruple ceremony" activity.

Ant Financial Service Platform : Since 2016, Ant Financial Service has access to the ant blockchain. All public welfare projects and user donation information on the platform have been written into the blockchain. According to the "Ant Jinfu Public Welfare Platform 2018 Operation Report", the Ant Financial Service Platform has raised 670 million yuan in 2018 and 550 million donations. The platform has nearly 140 publicly-accepted charities through big data and large flow. Nearly 1,300 outstanding projects provide public fundraising services.

Real Estate : In response to a series of pain points such as disguised price increases in the commodity housing market, reluctance to sell, lost letters, false advertisements, and mediation chaos, Yifangda launched the first blockchain-based commercial housing market pain point based on blockchain technology. Program. In the "Chain Chuang·Future" Ant Blockchain Innovation Competition sponsored by Ant Financial, Real Estate won the third place.

Direction 3: "Blockchain + Smart City"

It is necessary to promote the combination of the underlying technical services of blockchain and the construction of new smart cities, explore the promotion and application in the fields of information infrastructure, smart transportation, energy and power, and improve the level of intelligence and precision of urban management.

The companies that currently have application cases in this direction are as follows:

Picture 4

Some case results are introduced:

Xi'an New District blockchain rental application platform : In February 2018, Xiong'an built a blockchain rental application platform, through the blockchain rental application platform listing information, the landlord's identity information and housing lease contract information will be Multi-party verification with features that cannot be tampered with. China Construction Bank, Chain Home, Ant Financial Service and other institutions participated in the construction of this rental model. Among them, Ant Financial is the core blockchain technology provider, and Chain Home and CCB provide housing rental information and other services.

Zhixin Chancheng : On June 22, 2017, Foshan Chancheng United Century Century Group built the “Zhixin Chancheng” platform, which is based on blockchain technology distributed, traceable, non-tamperable, asymmetric encryption, self-maintenance The characteristics are to provide a new way to build a credit city.

"1+7+C" intelligent transportation integrated management platform : Ping An Smart Transportation puts forward the "1+7+C" intelligent transportation integrated management platform, and builds new wisdom around the four aspects of urban smoothness, accident safety, transportation management and travel services. In the city of traffic benchmarking, as of June 2019, more than 10 smart transportation core products such as reservations, intelligent accidents, vehicle illegal supervision, brushing law enforcement, traffic public opinion monitoring, and traffic law enforcement supervision have been released. Among them, the “Advance Passage Platform” has been implemented in the Dapeng Meisha Scenic Spot in the east of Shenzhen, the Yingchunhua Market in the Convention and Exhibition Center, and the Xianhu Botanical Garden since the launch of the “May 1st” in 2018. The average speed has increased by 12% , and the comprehensive alert has been greatly increased. Declining, making urban traffic management more efficient.

Direction 4, "Blockchain + Government Services"

It is necessary to explore the use of the blockchain data sharing model to achieve the joint maintenance and utilization of government data across departments and regions, promote business synergy, deepen the “run-up once” reform, and bring better government service experience to the people.

Picture 3

Some case results are introduced:

Real estate blockchain information sharing platform : In November 2018, the shared platform was first applied in Loudi City, Hunan Province. The government blockchain network with independent intellectual property areas has been operating stably for one year. It is a real estate, real estate, provident fund center, and court. The multi-sector data sharing of industry and commerce provides the underlying blockchain service. The real estate blockchain information sharing platform has completed the registration of 190,000 households and 300,000 sets of real estate information data in Loudi City , and the newly added real estate registration record data is all in real time. More than 1,145 business transactions per day.

Blockchain industrial and commercial tax registration platform : The platform provides convenient and fast remote industrial and commercial tax registration services for individual businesses such as net red and anchor through blockchain technology. At present, 162 self-employed industrial and commercial registrations have been completed , and the city has added tax revenue of 25 million yuan . It is estimated that 300 new registered enterprises will be established in 2019, and local taxes will be increased by 50 million yuan.

The platform for the exchange of state-owned funds : The platform uses the blockchain to build a fund depository system that is completely fair, notarized, open, and actively supervised by the whole process, allowing banks to devote quotations, allowing enterprises to make efficient decisions and improve their own efficiency; Real-time regulatory channels. The platform was officially launched on June 22, with 17 registered financial institutions and 170 million yuan in depository funds . The first price comparison realized 6 special fund accounts, and the one-month structural deposit interest rate was 4%. The social and economic benefits were extremely obvious. On June 28, the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission convened a meeting to promote the state-owned enterprises in the city.

"i Shenzhen" APP: A unified mobile government service platform built by the Shenzhen Municipal Government to help the Shenzhen Municipal Government. It has gathered more than 2,000 services , including more than 1,800 government services, nearly 500 public services and convenience services for the public. Provide a unified portal for "one screen, one card, one account" online service. As of June 2019, the number of downloads has exceeded 12 million and the number of active users has exceeded one million. By

Blockchain electronic invoice : In August 2018, the State Administration of Taxation authorized the Shenzhen Taxation Bureau to test the blockchain electronic invoice, the Shenzhen Taxation Bureau defined the administrative issuance standards and the taxpayer invoice use specifications, and Tencent provided the underlying technical support of the blockchain. As of August 5, 2019, there were 6 million invoices issued using the blockchain of Tencent , with a billing amount of 3.9 billion yuan.

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