Hangzhou released the first "government service chain" of the underlying system of government affairs blockchain

Source: Public Information Hangzhou Data Resources Bureau

Following the first implementation of blockchain-based judicial forensics and blockchain-based car fairing system, the city has taken a step forward in the application of the blockchain construction in the government.

Recently, the Hangzhou Municipal Data Resources Administration completed the construction and trial operation of the first government-based blockchain system in Hangzhou, the “government service chain”.


The blockchain system is operated by the Hangzhou Municipal Data Resources Administration. It is supported by Babbitt and basically meets the security and efficiency requirements of the government for the system. It adopts the technical framework of “one main and multiple sides” and initially lays out four blocks. Chain nodes, starting trial operation in May this year, totaled more than 3 million in 6 months, and actually supported the trusted application scenario.

The construction of the system marks that the Municipal Data Resources Administration has initially built the blockchain capacity, which means that in the future, multiple government + blockchain scenarios will be supported by the underlying blockchain.


At present, the blockchain system has been initially applied to the "maximum run once" trusted identity authentication scenario in Hangzhou.


When citizens go through the business in the public hall, they usually need to carry out identity verification. These identity authentication information comes from the higher authorities and meets the specific needs of citizens. At present, the identity information will be synchronized to the “government service chain”, so that the citizen's identity information can have more validity period and wider application scope. After a chain, the citizens can download data from the higher-level department. Thereby improving the efficiency of work. In the future, as more departments become chain nodes, cross-departmental, cross-city, and inter-provincial collaborative government offices will be more convenient.

The trusted identity authentication service is only the first proof-of-concept scenario for the application of the government blockchain. The purpose is to test the stability and availability of the blockchain system.

As a blockchain “operating system” of government affairs, “government service chain” will carry more government blockchain application (DAPP) based on development, meet the needs of citizens in more dimensions and enhance the service level of government. . Moreover, in the future, there will be more government departments to become the "nodes" of the government service chain, and to open up information and trust on a larger scale, so that "run at most once" will spread the leaves to more scenes.

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