Interpreting Entangle Protocol: Convert any asset into LSD to solve the liquidity problem across the chain

Interpreting Entangle Protocol: Convert any asset into LSD to solve liquidity problems on the chain.

Currently, DeFi is facing the problem of liquidity dispersion, and Entangle Protocol connects the ecosystem with its full-chain liquidity layer by converting any asset into LSD. Cryptocurrency KOL slappjakke.eth recommends the protocol, covering principles and mechanisms, oracle solutions, liquidity pools, and LSD use cases. Its testnet V2 will be launched soon.

Entangle is solving the liquidity problem across multiple ecosystems’ sublayers through their own oracle and blockchain solution, allowing any asset to be wrapped and converted into LSD. This opens up new possibilities and use cases for liquidity and helps unify liquidity in the entire chain of the DeFi environment, even between EVM and non-EVM blockchains. The oracle solution works differently from most blockchains you’re used to, storing information and validating oracle messages specifically in Entangle Oracle (EOS), which you won’t even know you’re using.

Entangle will acquire user profit tokens and deposit them into Liquid Vault, where liquidity remains on the source chain but a synthetic LSD is minted that can be bridged to other blockchains as collateral. Entangle aims to enhance liquidity optimization and fund efficiency, sticky liquidity of DeFi protocols (secondary utility of LP assets), profit accessibility, and secure information aggregation (Entangle oracle solution). Entangle EOS can execute smart contract automation events across multiple blockchains simultaneously at low cost. The Entangle blockchain allows the Entangle protocol to store data, process data, and execute verifiable events as needed, opening the door to many new use cases. No waiting for oracle updates at fixed intervals.

LSD use cases: Users will be able to wrap LP tokens from multiple DEXs across multiple blockchains, such as Trader Joe’s auto pool, Kyber Network’s KyberSwap, SBlockingrrowswap LP tokens, Chronos LP tokens, and use them as collateral for borrowing in protocols such as Curvance. Liquid Vaults will be integrated into Chainge Finance, providing a solution for its users and using EDOS for its entire chain service.


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