Interpreting the Latest Feature of Mirror – Collectable Embeds: Display, Spread, and Interact

Interpreting Mirror's Latest Feature - Collectable Embeds: Display, Spread, and Interact

On June 22, Mirror announced the launch of “Collectable Embeds,” an external NFT Drop link embedding feature. Creators can now embed NFTs from Ethereum into their Mirror articles, allowing readers to collect them inline without leaving the article.

This article will analyze its principles, characteristics, and impact on users and content creators, with the aim of providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of this innovative feature.

Principles and Characteristics of Collectable Embeds

1. Principles:

  • Paste the drop-down links of popular NFT platforms such as Zora, Manifold, and OpenSea directly into the editor, or add contract addresses through the NFT menu;

  • View NFTs appear in the user’s entry;

  • Casting or purchasing directly from the embedding.

2. Characteristics:

a. Blockchain network support: Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon;

b. Custom settings: The supported network, NFT contract address, Token ID, and NFT URL (Zora, Manifold, Opensea) need to be filled in;

c. Management and sharing: Collectable Embeds provides convenient management and sharing functions, and users can view, update, and share their collections at any time;

d. Enhanced interactivity: Project and community information updates can be placed together with NFTs.

Impact on Creators:

  • Increased visibility: Through Collectable Embeds, content creators’ works can be more widely disseminated and displayed, increasing their visibility and influence;

  • Resource integration: Collectable Embeds can integrate multiple forms of content, helping content creators better present their works and attract more readers or viewers;

  • User interaction: Users can subscribe, increasing the opportunity for interaction between users and content creators.

For creators, with Collectable Embeds, they can share project stories, technical and community updates, add Mirror to their creative suite, provide background and meaning for their Drops, and build a subscriber collector base that participates.

For users, they can easily collect and access relevant information about the NFTs they are interested in.


Collectable Embeds is an important feature launched by the Mirror platform, which will change the way information is collected and disseminated, and improve the efficiency and customization capabilities of users. At the same time, it also brings more display and interaction opportunities for content creators.

In addition to “Collectable Embeds”, Mirror recently launched Writing NFT 2.0. In the new NFT function, it supports many new features such as custom cover, open casting, reading in the wallet, and secondary purchase.

Mirror once stated its ambition: to empower creators with encryption technology and redefine the online publishing industry.

Since the writing contest was launched in March 2021, Mirror has launched new features such as “writing”, “crowdfunding”, “NFT”, and “forking”. It is not difficult to see that Mirror does not just want to be a content creation platform, but as a platform that provides basic tools for various activities in the Web3 world. Its vision is to create an open and free environment where users can create, connect, and interact.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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