Speculation about the development of NFTs in the next two years: 99.999% of old NFTs will tend towards zero value, and Grail NFTs have the opportunity to outperform ETH.

In the next two years, most old NFTs will lose value while Grail NFTs may surpass ETH.

Researcher AB in encryption wrote an article speculating on the development of the NFT market in the next two years, to make users aware of their thoughts on the remaining time of the bear market and the next bull market, including the average price of NFTs, Grail NFTs, 99.999% of old NFTs, and new NFTs.

1) Average price of NFTs: tends to be in the single digits of US dollars, and once games and collectibles take off, most NFTs will be priced between 1 and 100 US dollars;

2) A few NFTs will recover in the next bull market, but they will not perform as well as ETH, new NFTs, and Grail NFTs;

3) Grail NFTs: these NFTs may have a chance to outperform ETH, but you need to buy them at a low point or snipe the bid to have a chance;

4) 99.999% of old NFTs will continue to trend towards zero after experiencing a bubble;

5) New NFTs: they may have been minted this year or have not yet been minted. Most of these will form a new bubble and the next cycle peak. I think there may be some artists, on-chain generated NFTs, and games that may become the next cycle of the above categories, but I am not sure if there will be FOMO like the last bull market. In addition, the average price of NFTs will also decline. We will also see a new generation of traders, who may have less capital, and influencers will also launch practical NFTs.

Reference: https://twitter.com/ABBBBBB_NFT/status/1675381061566758912

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