LD Weekly Report: ETH Staking Rate Rises to 19.43%, Layer2 TVL Total Locked Amount Reaches $9.68 Billion USD

LD Weekly Report: ETH Staking Rate Reaches 19.43%, Layer2 TVL Locked Amount at $9.68B USD

LD Capital has released its June 26th report on various tracks, including stablecoins, LSD, Ethereum L2, DEX, and Derivatives DEX.

1) Stablecoins: The overall market value of the stablecoin sector remained stable this week, but BUSD and TUSD were significantly affected by Binance, with a large fluctuation in market value. 2) ETH staking: Last week, the ETH staking rate rose to 19.43%, an increase of 1.46% compared to the previous period. The ETH staking situation has gradually recovered to its normal growth trend, free from regulatory pressures from the US SEC. There are currently 632,200 active validation nodes, up 1.39% from the previous period, and 92,400 nodes waiting in the queue, up 2.30% from the previous period.

3) Ethereum L2: The total locked value (TVL) of Layer2 is $9.68 billion, with Zksync era still leading the way with a TVL exceeding $600 million, a growth rate of over 20%. At the same time, Zksync’s on-chain activity has surpassed Arbitrum. With Offchain Labs releasing the Arbitrum Orbit development tool and Matter Labs releasing the ZK Stack for the development of Hyperchain, the battle for Layer2 has spread from the ecosystem itself to a broader L3 network and RaaS field.

4) DEX: The combined TVL of DEX is $15.15 billion, a decrease of $0.66 billion from last week. The 24-hour trading volume of DEX is $2.05 billion, and the 7-day trading volume is $17.99 billion, a decrease of $0.64 billion from last week. Uniswap V4, combined with the inflow of BTC funds, has become the leading target in the sinking track, and UNI led the way this week.

5) Derivative DEX: Last week, the overall trading volume of Derivative DEX increased compared to the previous week and has been rising for three consecutive weeks. The weekly trading volume of the six major Derivative DEX protocols is about $15 billion, with a growth rate of about 25%.

Reference: https://ld-capital.medium.com/ld%E8%B5%9B%E9%81%93%E5%91%A8%E6%8A%A5-2023-06-26-73ca0829cf8d

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