Huang Licheng sues online detective ZachXBT for defamation

Huang Licheng sues ZachXBT for defamation.

Huang Licheng (Machi Big Brother) tweeted that he has filed a defamation lawsuit against blockchain investigator ZachXBT in the Western District Court of Texas, accusing him of falsely accusing him of misappropriating 22,000 ETH in an article published in June 2022, damaging his reputation.

In response to this, ZachXBT stated that Huang Licheng’s lawsuit against him is baseless and he will counterattack to defend freedom of speech. ZachXBT stated that Huang Licheng tried to use money to silence him and is seeking community support to preserve the truth. He has created a donation address to assist in paying legal fees related to defending this matter, and expects it to “easily generate over $1 million.”


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