IOSG Weekly Report: An Analysis of Full-Stack Game Engines

IOSG Report: Analysis of Full-Stack Game Engines

Although the current playability and interaction difficulty of full-chain games still need to be optimized, and the limitations of the types and technologies of deployable games are also very obvious. However, the full-chain route is considered by IOSG to be one of the most promising tracks that can combine narrative and product. This article introduces the development of the full-chain game engine and the challenges facing the full-chain game ecology.

In a full-chain game, the game state will be stored entirely on the blockchain, which means that a series of unique challenges and the creation of new infrastructure will be faced. The first MUD engine developed for the Ethereum ecosystem was launched by Lattice, and gradually other engines emerged for different ecosystems and using different programming languages, such as DojoEngine for Starkware.

Ethereum, OP and StarkNet are the three key ecosystems for full-chain games. Full-chain games face challenges in three aspects: technology, onboarding, and economic monetization. However, with the rapid iteration of engines, we see the arrival of a composable, scalable, fully open era of full-chain games. Soon, a series of ecological games, tools, guilds, and other projects based on their underlying architecture will appear on top of the engines of full-chain games, creating a true metaverse economy and social network.


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