LianGuai Daily | Twitter may change its logo to X-related; Terraform will release 9 projects but will not launch new tokens.

LianGuai Daily | Twitter may change logo to X-related; Terraform to release 9 projects, no new tokens.

Today’s News Highlights

1. Federal Reserve Rate Decision Preview: Inflation is Slowing, but the Fed Won’t Take Risks

2. Bollywood Actress Taapsee Pannu Launches Personal NFT Platform TaapseeClub

3. Arkham: Airdrop Application Has Ended, There Will Be No Second Airdrop

4. Twitter May Change Logo, Replace Current Blue Bird Image with “X”

5. Terraform Labs CEO: 9 Projects Could be Released in the Next Few Months, No New Tokens, Project Progress Hindered by Frequent Accusations

6. Alphapo Hot Wallet Hacked, $23 Million Lost

7. Data: Approximately 10 Days Left Until LTC Halving

8. Data: Multichain CEO’s Sister Controls EOA Address and Transfers Large Amounts of Assets


Federal Reserve Rate Decision Preview: Inflation is Slowing, but the Fed Won’t Take Risks

According to Jinse data, Federal Reserve policy makers are prepared to raise rates to the highest level in 22 years on Wednesday, while maintaining a tightening bias, indicating that further actions may be taken later this year. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is expected to raise rates by a quarter percentage point to a range of 5.25%-5.5%, marking the 11th rate hike in the past 16 months. The July hike comes after a pause in June, with the aim of slowing the pace of rate hikes as rates approach a level considered sufficient to bring inflation back to the 2% target over time. Nonetheless, Powell and other policy makers still want to demonstrate a firm stance and retain the option to raise rates again if necessary to prevent prices from surging again. James Knightley, Chief International Economist at ING, said, “Inflation is slowing, but not fast enough for the Fed; officials won’t take risks as the job market remains strong.”


Indian Bollywood Actress Taapsee Pannu Launches Personal NFT Platform TaapseeClub

Indian Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu has launched an NFT platform called for her fans, aiming to create a positive space for her followers. According to the website, “TaapseeClub consists of exclusive NFT contests and giveaways, where members can win merchandise from her films and actively support causes she advocates for.” Additionally, it states, “We intend to create a positive forum for Taapsee fans from around the world, enabling people to get insights into her life and take their fandom to a new level.”

After the release, the initial price of NFT issuance is approximately 3,000 rupees. It provides members with the opportunity to win carefully selected gifts from LianGuainnu. NFT membership includes four video greetings from LianGuainnu.

NFT project Moonbirds launches animated short film containing new NFT series

NFT project Moonbirds announced on Twitter that it is partnering with the creative team Golden Wolf to release the second animated short film “Rise of the Mythics”, which includes the upcoming new NFT series Mythics Chronicles by Moonbird.

Project Updates

World’s first visualized blockchain satellite successfully launched

According to Red Star News, at 13:07 on July 22nd, the “Tai’an” (XingShiDai-16) satellite was launched into orbit successfully from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in China, carried by the Kuaishenxing-1A carrier rocket. This is the world’s first visualized blockchain satellite, marking the successful completion of the 12th space mission of GuoXingYuHang and the steady progress of the Star Era AI satellite constellation network in 2023.

It is understood that the “Tai’an” (XingShiDai-16) satellite uses the self-developed ADASAT-30 lightweight intelligent satellite platform by GuoXingYuHang, equipped with high-performance hyperspectral remote sensing payloads. It also carries the on-board blockchain ADAChain payload and star screen system independently developed by GuoXingYuHang for the first time. It will execute the world’s first visualized blockchain in-orbit certification and related commercial services, and launch the world’s first space digital life social platform (SiliconMe) and other series of space computing content applications.

Twitter may change its logo, replacing the current blue bird image with an X

Elon Musk stated on the Twitter platform that the Twitter brand will gradually bid farewell to the blue bird image and replace it with an X logo. He also said that if there is a good enough X logo tonight, it will be launched globally tomorrow. Subsequently, netizens posted various X-shaped logo designs under his tweet.

LianGuairaSLianGuaice: Compensated users who liquidated assets below the floor price

LianGuairaSLianGuaice tweeted that during July 3rd to July 4th, a few users’ assets were liquidated at prices below the floor price. We have contacted all affected users and compensated them for the difference. This situation occurred because the Dutch auction was running on the backend without displaying the assets being auctioned on the frontend. When liquidation is triggered, the auction for successfully purchased NFTs will be terminated.

Terraform Labs CEO: May release 9 projects in the next few months, will not launch new tokens, project progress hindered by frequent accusations

Chris Amani, interim CEO of Terraform Labs, stated that Terraform Labs may release 9 projects in different stages of development in the next few months, and these projects will not launch any new tokens. However, due to the constant hinderance of project progress by frequent accusations, the company is facing a “huge mountain”. He also admitted that Terra is currently facing difficulties in competing with other L1 blockchain projects because it “doesn’t even have the support of Luna’s treasury”. However, despite the company’s difficulties, most employees choose to stay with the company.

ZachXBT: Alphapo hot wallet hacked, loses $23 million

According to ZachXBT’s monitoring, the Alphapo hot wallet was hacked, resulting in a loss of $23 million. Alphapo customer HypeDrop has disabled withdrawal functionality. The stolen funds were first exchanged for ETH on the Ethereum network, then bridged to Avalanche and BTC networks. Alphapo handles payments for many gambling services, such as HypeDrop, Bovada, and Ignition. It is currently unclear how much Bitcoin has been stolen from Alphapo.

Arkham: Airdrop application has ended, there will be no second airdrop

Cryptocurrency data platform Arkham tweeted that after the announcement this week, there have been spam email accounts impersonating Arkham, claiming to offer a second airdrop. The airdrop application has already ended, and there will be no second airdrop. We are contacting Twitter to shut down these spam accounts. The official team reminds users to be vigilant and only follow verified account announcements.

Important Data

Data: Approximately 10 days until LTC halving

Data shows that there are approximately 10 days (5,868 blocks) until the Litecoin (LTC) block reward halving, which is expected to take place on August 2. At that time, the block reward will decrease from 12.5 LTC to 6.25 LTC.

Data: DAI market cap surpasses BUSD to become the current third-largest stablecoin

According to CoinMarketCap data, the market cap of the stablecoin DAI has surpassed BUSD to become the current third-largest stablecoin. At the time of writing, the market cap of DAI is $4.598 billion, second only to Tether ($83.8 billion) and USDC ($26.8 billion), while the market cap of BUSD is $3.85 billion, ranking fourth in the current stablecoin market cap rankings.

Data: EOA address controlled by Multichain CEO’s sister transfers a large amount of assets

On-chain data shows that an EOA address controlled by Multichain CEO Zhao Jun’s sister transferred 52 bitcoins, 11.91 million DAI, 13,100 ETH, and 64.06 million fUSDT on the Fantom network at 4:00 AM on July 23. The gas fee for this transaction was extracted from Huobi.

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