Long Push 7 Cryptocurrency Gaming Projects That Could Generate Hundredfold Returns in the Next Bull Market

7 Crypto Gaming Projects with Hundredfold Return Potential in Next Bull Market

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As an application layer in the blockchain industry, the crypto gaming sector has risen with the concept of #P2E and has become a permanent sector in the crypto community. According to recent data updates, the crypto gaming industry has attracted nearly $24 billion in investment, and many gaming projects are steadily growing.

Here are 7 crypto gaming projects that could generate hundredfold returns in the next bull market, for reference only.

1. @galaxy_sidus

SIDUS is a cross-platform WEB3 metaverse game set in a space metaverse where players can play and earn income in a unified universe with shared knowledge and value systems.

The project has won the 2023 Golden Excellence Award in the United Arab Emirates.

Total funding: $21 million

Investors: @HashKey_Capital, @animocabrands, etc.

Tokens: $SIDUS

Circulating market cap: $9.73 million

2. @Fitburn_ai

Fitburn is the world’s first AI-driven Burn-to-Earn fitness application that gamifies fitness and rewards users for improving their health. Users can participate in challenges, track progress, and earn $CAL tokens.

Tokens: $CAL

Total circulating market cap: $21 million

3. @MyNeighborAlice

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer blockchain builder game designed for non-crypto native players. Anyone can collectively build, create, and participate in the game, and the native token $ALICE can be earned through in-game participation.

Funding: $2.1 million

Investors: @NGC_Ventures, @BinanceLabs, etc.

Tokens: $ALICE

Circulating market cap: $53 million

3. @MedievalEmpires

Medieval Empires is a multiplayer online strategy game set in late 13th century modern Turkey. The story initially focuses on Ertuğrul Gazi, a tribal warrior and famous leader of the Kayi tribe, and will later add factions such as the Mongols or the Byzantines.

Total funding: $9.1 million

Investors: @DWFLabs, etc.

Tokens: $MEE

Circulating market cap: $1.4 million

4. @GoGalaGames

Gala Games is a P2E gaming platform that has built a powerful gaming ecosystem, harnessing the power of blockchain technology to empower users. The project is based on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain but plans to migrate to its own native blockchain in the future. Players can truly own in-game items in the form of NFTs, which can be traded on the secondary market.

Tokens: $GALA

Circulating market cap: $590 million

5. @NakamotoGames

Nakamoto Games is a Web 3 gaming platform offering various fun and addictive crypto games. The project has also invested in the P2E game analysis and prediction platform @UpOnlyOfficial.

Tokens: $NAKA

Circulating Market Cap: $30 million

6. @AxieInfinity

Axie Infinity is a turn-based card game based on blockchain that allows players to breed, raise, battle, and trade Axie creatures. The game gained rapid popularity in mid-2021 and sparked the GameFi trend.

Funding: $152 million Series B

Investors: @animocabrands, @BinanceLabs, @a16z, etc.

Tokens: $AXS

Circulating Market Cap: $760 million

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