Seize the opportunity of MEKE public beta test rewards to obtain benefits.

Maximize benefits by participating in the MEKE public beta test rewards.

The cryptocurrency industry is never short of stories of getting rich through airdrops.

In August 2021, dYdX announced the distribution of a total of 75 million tokens to over 60,000 early traders, with the DYDX token reaching a peak of over $25 per token.

In June 2022, L2-Optimism, an Ethereum Layer 2 solution, announced an airdrop for over 240,000 early user addresses, with an average distribution of 2,300 tokens per participating account. At its peak, the price of a single Op token was around $2, equivalent to approximately 32,000 RMB.

In March 2023, L2-arb, another Ethereum Layer 2 solution, launched its own token. Each participating account received a minimum of 1,025 tokens, with senior accounts receiving tens of thousands of tokens. Some accounts made profits of over a hundred thousand RMB, causing a frenzy of “airdrop FOMO” in the cryptocurrency industry.

With the continuous emergence of stories of getting rich through airdrops, more and more people have started paying attention to airdrops. Some people are asking, is it still worth paying attention to airdrops now?

The responsible answer is yes, it is still worth it. Moreover, there are plenty of airdrop opportunities this year, starting with blur, Arbitrum, and followed by sLianGuaiceID, and so on. Now, the highly anticipated MEKE is making a hot debut, and participating in the public beta test can earn project airdrop rewards.

About MEKE

MEKE is an on-chain derivatives trading platform developed by a US team starting in 2021. It uses Ethereum blockchain and smart contract technology to achieve decentralized trading. MEKE offers leveraged trading and derivative (perpetual contract) trading functionality.

On MEKE, users can engage in various trading operations, including allowing traders to use leverage in their trades. Considering the significant volatility of the entire cryptocurrency market, MEKE initially designed leverage trading of up to 25x for mainstream cryptocurrencies. As MEKE develops, it will introduce leverage contract trading for financial products such as forex, gold, oil, and US bonds, with leverage ratios possibly reaching up to 100x.

MEKE Public Beta Test

After years of development, MEKE chose to deploy on the OpBNB test network. OpBNB was launched by the BNB Chain team, with a block time of 1 second and the ability to support over 4,000 transfer transactions per second. The average gas fee for transfers is as low as $0.005, making it more efficient than existing scaling solutions.

Currently, MEKE started its first phase of public beta testing on July 31 and ended on August 10. The later you participate, the fewer benefits you will receive! Due to MEKE’s inherent market potential and strong technical foundation, it has gained widespread attention globally and has been covered in both English and Chinese media. It is evident that the trading volume on the OpBNB test network has increased due to MEKE’s public beta test.

MEKE Public Beta Test Benefits

Participating in the MEKE project’s public beta test not only allows you to understand the latest developments in blockchain technology but also offers potential benefits such as fee dividends and project airdrops. It can be said that participating in the MEKE public beta test may offer benefits comparable to early participation in the dYdX, Optimism, and Arbtirum tests. It is an opportunity not to be missed.

The MEKE public beta is currently ongoing, but it will end in a very short period of time. In addition, the issuance of MEKE tokens is limited, and a unique issuance mechanism has been designed. Therefore, the earlier you participate in the MEKE public beta, the more benefits you will receive. Conversely, the later you participate, the fewer benefits you will receive, until the public beta discounts are fully distributed.

2023 is a big year for airdrops. For ordinary people, participating in airdrops is the most cost-effective investment method. It requires less investment, has lower risks, and offers considerable returns. Moreover, the participation process is relatively convenient, as long as you have a computer or a mobile phone.

Currently, the MEKE public beta is in full swing and will end on August 10th. The later you participate, the fewer benefits you will receive. To learn more about the rewards, pay attention to or join the MEKE community below.

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