Star project MEKE’s public beta test starts with a bang, driving an increase in BNB L2 trading volume.

MEKE's public beta test drives BNB L2 trading volume surge.

In the first-tier network, both ETH and BNB belong to the top candidates, and BNB Chain is definitely a candidate that can compete with ETH for the first place. Recently, BNB Chain launched its own L2-OpBNB, a on-chain derivative trading protocol called MEKE, which has been under development for many years and has chosen to be deployed on the OpBNB test network. MEKE has passed the security audit by the globally renowned auditing company Certik and started the first phase of public testing on July 31st. The public testing will end in a short period of time. After the public testing started, it significantly boosted the transaction volume and activity on the OpBNB chain. Participating in the MEKE public testing may have benefits comparable to early participation in DYDX, Optimism, and Arbtirum testing.

MEKE is a on-chain derivative trading platform developed by a US team in 2021. It can be used to trade perpetual contracts of mainstream cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH, and in the future, it also considers trading futures of physical assets such as gold, oil, and US bonds. The highlights of MEKE are as follows: First, the trading system is developed through smart contracts, and the entire trading process is executed through smart contracts, making the trading transparent, traceable, and tamper-proof. Second, it is user-friendly and provides a trading experience similar to centralized perpetual contracts. As long as you have a basic understanding of wallet operations, you can use MEKE for contract trading smoothly. Third, it adopts the classic order book model, making the trading more visualized and in line with the trading habits of financial professionals, enabling more accurate data analysis. Fourth, it has a self-developed powerful trading engine, making the trading more smooth and with stronger concurrency.

In addition to the above, the deployment of MEKE on OpBNB is also a major highlight. There are already quite a few products in the L2 market of ETH, while OpBNB was launched just a month ago. OpBNB was launched by the original team of BNB Chain. The block time of OpBNB is 1 second, the gas fee for transfers is as low as $0.005, and the transaction processing capacity (TPS) exceeds 4000 transactions per second, surpassing existing scalability solutions. It is worth mentioning that OpBNB has not yet issued its own platform token.

The daily trading volume of cryptocurrency perpetual contract trading is nearly trillions of US dollars, more than twice that of spot trading. The profit generated by the entire market of perpetual contracts is a significant number. However, decentralized derivative trading accounts for only about 2% of the entire market, indicating that decentralized derivative trading has great potential.

MEKE started the first phase of public testing on July 31st and will end in a short period of time. Due to its huge market potential and strong technical core, MEKE has gained widespread attention globally and has been reported by English and Chinese media. It is evident that the public testing of MEKE has also led to an increase in transaction volume on the OpBNB test chain.

Like all star projects, participating in MEKE not only allows you to understand the latest development direction of blockchain technology but also offers many potential benefits, such as fee dividends and other rewards. Participating in the MEKE public testing may have benefits comparable to early participation in DYDX, Optimism, and Arbtirum testing.

Due to the limited issuance of tokens on the MEKE platform, the platform has designed a unique issuance mechanism, where the earlier participants receive more benefits. If you join the public beta test late, you will receive fewer benefits until the beta test promotions are fully distributed. The MEKE public beta test is currently in full swing. For the latest updates, please join the official MEKE community:

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