Senior game development team talks about how to build the glory of the king on the blockchain

When game developers really realize that blockchain technology can't achieve the same performance as a native server, and start looking for another path to solve this problem, then the distance is not far away.

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2018 is the eventful autumn of the game industry. From the suspension of the issue to the restart of copyright approval, after three months of cold winter, the game industry finally ushered in the dawn of dawn. The downturn in the traditional game market has led many industry practitioners to find new ways, and the blockchain seems to be a good direction.

Some people say that the first application of the blockchain will be the game. Although the killer application still does not appear, the development of blockchain games has already achieved some results.

Recently, Fengfeng Finance interviewed the founding team of the Star Planet, and they elaborated their views on the development of blockchain games.

Why does the gaming industry need a blockchain?

Just open a game post or forum, you will find that the player's figure can be seen everywhere, why are traditional games often criticized by players?

"After you buy a mobile phone, you have ownership of it, you can transfer it or sell it, but you buy a set of equipment in a traditional battle game like the King Glory, but you don't have the right to give and sell it. You will find that you have not owned this equipment at all. You just rented this equipment, so players who are investors in traditional games will not have any assets.” Guo Tao, the co-CEO of the planet, said.

The player is angry with the irresponsible care of the platform, but there is no better choice.

"The game industry has been monopolized by big companies such as Tencent and Netease. They have divided the game into a very standardized process." Guo Tao said helplessly, "For example, the platform should buy an IP that can apply a lot of gameplay, or use 40% of the profitable users buy this money, this money will undoubtedly be superimposed on the user, and the cost of acquiring the game will be correspondingly higher and higher."

In essence, the game should be an art creation category, but now it falls into the category of industrialization, and more and more close to a business. In this process, the game is less interesting, less innovative, and users complain. The sound of players and manufacturers is getting louder and louder.

“This happens to be solved by a blockchain with decentralized qualities. It can also be said that the integration of blockchain elements is an upgrade of the development stage of Internet games.”

Guo Tao believes that the blockchain itself is a technology to solve the trust mechanism and has the ability to break the monopoly. Players and manufacturers can realize the benefit sharing with the card-based economy as the carrier. Different from the current game, the 100-yuan gift of 100 yuan will be given. The blockchain game will directly contribute part of the revenue according to the user's contribution to the game construction. The division is carried out, and the user becomes a builder from the user, and the relationship between the two sides is naturally not broken. At this time, the user's choice will increase, and the game industry will become a benign competition for the user to continuously increase the interest of the game.

As we all know, there will be a set of established rules on the blockchain that no one can tamper with, so there is no need to worry about the protection of rights. In addition, the blockchain game makes the property right more clear. Because there is no central server, the game will not be related to the risk of the service, and the equipment belonging to the player will not disappear.

“If the game is given the attributes of the blockchain, the designer can create the equipment in the form of NFT (Non-Fungible Token). The player only needs the designer’s consent to purchase the equipment. After the equipment belongs to the player himself, the gift or the sale is entirely based on his own wishes, no longer need to pass the authorization of the game. The de-centered form of the blockchain has a very clear definition of the ownership and value of the equipment."

So how does the blockchain gaming platform profit?

“The blockchain is a way of subverting the operation of traditional games, instead of abandoning the profit model of traditional games. The platform outputs content and users spend money to buy content. This business model is very mature. The role of the blockchain is to make this income. The fair is divided according to the established rules. For example, the platform side divides 80% of the proceeds into mining, and the remaining 20% ​​is owned by the team. This mechanism is automatically run on the chain, ensuring that Fairness."

In addition, he said that in the blockchain game, anyone can provide game services based on property, in the process can benefit from collecting tickets, organizing activities, etc., to provide continuous operation of the game. stand by.

In summary, it can be seen that the blockchain game is not a false proposition. What is the reason for its development difficulties?

"Threshold" and "investor bias" are obstacles

From the encrypted celebrities of the drums and flowers, to the throwing dice game of TopsDice, and the type of funds of Fomo3D, the newer type of mining is the type of mining dividends at the end of 2018. There are several card games in the middle, most of the blockchain games. Behind it is based on a dividend or Ponzi scheme.

After careful study, this is also the mapping of the entire big industry. It is inevitable that the chaos is clustered in the “blockchain+game” segment.

In this regard, Li Shilei, co-founder of, said, "At present, the entire industry is still at a very early stage. There are so many kinds of games in the market, and there are frequent scams. Many of them just use the name of the blockchain to harvest the leeks. Things, after the preparation period of 2018, 2019 is the time for the regular army to enter."

Talking about the problems encountered in the development of blockchain games, Li Shilei believes that the first blockchain game to the public is that the threshold is very high. It is the most basic equipment to have wallets and digital currency. How to reduce the threshold for players to enter should be Game makers to study the problem.

Secondly, investors' views on blockchain games are also a very important issue, and they also reflect the gap in investment awareness between blockchains at home and abroad.

"In essence, because the blockchain is a brand new technology, the current domestic and foreign blockchain games are developing at the same time, but there is a huge gap in the valuation of blockchain games at home and abroad. Most foreign teams are based on The amount of millions of dollars is financing, but the domestic team is on the order of a million dollars. This situation fully reflects the gap in investment awareness at home and abroad, just like the situation when social games first appeared." Li Shilei helpless Said.

3.0 is a pseudo-proposition, it should be called 2.0 transformation method

"I can't agree that many public chains now say that they are the concept of blockchain 3.0." Guo Tao frowned. "From a program perspective, the lightweight script from 1.0 to 2.0 is based on Turing's completeness. The smart contract has been completed in the theoretical form, and the rest is the actual optimization work."

As we all know, the biggest problem with the underlying public chain such as Ethereum is that the scalability is too poor. Once the number of transactions is too large, the transaction confirmation speed is seriously degraded. In response to this problem, different 2.0 transformation methods have appeared in the industry.

“The first thing that emerged was the EOS-led sacrifice to decentralize the way to increase TPS (traffic per second), but the core value of the blockchain is the decentralized nature. Obviously this is not a mainstream path. In terms of applications, in this way, no matter how high the TPS can reach, there is always a paradox – if there is a game of the magnitude of the king's glory, the number of users will increase significantly, and TPS will still have the possibility of collapse. ”

Another solution is to use the fragmentation technology represented by the public chain such as Zilliqa. The fragmentation will ensure that the user scale will increase without affecting the transaction speed, which provides a guarantee for commerciality.

However, the disadvantage of fragmentation is that the response speed is still a long way from the normal user experience. Therefore, it is necessary to use layer2 technology to build a cache tape on the public chain. In fact, it is the idea of ​​'Lightning Network' – frequent transactions by two people. In exchange for the signature information of each other's state, the transaction does not actually occur on the chain, but will eventually be recorded on the chain.

"For example, if the player transfers the equipment, there is a confirmation time. If the action is a high-frequency operation, the player will have to wait for a long time for each device to be transferred, and the quality of the experience will be greatly reduced. Imagine that the player can use the private first. The key is signed and confirmed. The signature is instantaneous. From the user's point of view, the equipment has been transferred, but in fact the equipment is delayed in the blockchain. In this way, even the blockchain response The speed is not so fast, and the user experience will not be affected as much."

When talking about the current emergence of blockchain landing applications, Guo Tao said that the previous blockchain game developers have always wanted to have a chain that can carry all the logic of the game, but in fact the blockchain itself is not for the game. Services.

When game developers really realize that blockchain technology can't achieve the same performance as a native server, and start looking for another path to solve this problem, then the distance is not far away. "For the planet, the existing blockchain technology has been able to achieve asset custody, this level of technology is sufficient, and then the design problem."

"The game industry itself is unconstrained. You can't be trapped by technology. For Super Mario, compared to the current, the technology at that time is extremely restrictive, but you have to admit that it is still a very fun game. For developers, the technical bottleneck is not a problem. How to use existing technology to express products is the quality that a game developer should have,” Guo Tao said.

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"We are going to be the king of the block glory." When it comes to this, Guo Tao's tone is not consciously excited.

"The frame synchronization technology used by King Glory has strong interoperability with blockchain technology. They are essentially state replication between multiple instances. For example, several people are playing the glory of the king at the same time, no matter how they operate, every The perspectives and results seen on a personal mobile phone are the same, and on the blockchain, no matter what transaction is logged, the results presented to several miners are expressed in the same block. Kind of communication, the use of blockchain technology to make the king's glory class game is completely achievable."

Guo Tao mentioned that before the industry rumored that all the performance of the public chain could not run a king glory game, he thought that this statement is too one-sided.

"The process of playing the game does not need to be established on the public chain, but the game results should be returned to the chain. This requires the application of sidechain technology, which is equivalent to using the Ethereum basic public chain as a relatively inefficient and very slow storage. The mechanism, on which to build a faster way with blockchain technology. Some properties that do not use high-frequency trading and important data such as equipment, skin on the bottom of the public chain, the entire game runs on the side chain. To be honest, the threshold of this game will be relatively high. The game like the King Glory is a kind of difficult game in the traditional game. Secondly, it has to build the side chain. There is no team to do on the market. We hope Can be a pioneer in the industry."

In addition to solving the problem of insufficient performance of the public chain, Guo Tao said that the establishment of the side chain is also to lower the threshold of the blockchain game. It is no longer necessary to insert the plug-in, hold the coin and the wallet as before, and can realize the digging on the side chain. The operation of mining, playing games and transferring money can enter the world of blockchain at zero cost for players.

"In addition, this game will not only be on the planet, but also on other public chains. In my opinion, the application layer is to achieve product interaction between users on different public chains, put the game The impact of the threshold and the underlying public chain technology is reduced, so that games can be played across links and assets can be exchanged across the chain. This time, we can really call it a blockchain game."

When talking about the difference between other blockchain games on the market, Guo Tao said that the main expression of assets is different. “In the world of 氪 球 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , There is no value. But the creation of equipment and the realization of technology are relatively easy, and the expression of equipment is a very difficult thing."


“Before I started doing blockchain games, I did a public chain for a while. There was a general saying that 'because the blockchain industry is not mature, so there are no good application-level products,' but in During this period of public chain work, I found this statement to be problematic. The capital and talents poured into the public chain far beyond the application layer. Many teams are eager to do the public chain, and the team that is engaged in the application layer is gone. So the problem now is not the problem of the performance of the public chain, but the right person. Once there is a successful example, capital and talent will be brought into the industry of blockchain application, and the blockchain application can only be triggered after it fires. The continuous development of blockchain technology is an opportunity for me to join the blockchain game industry." Guo Tao said.

"The fire of the stars can be used to pour out the original. I hope that we can pave the way for the later people with a passionate blood."

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