Beginner’s Guide to Sudoswap: Tutorial and Related Skills

Sudoswap Beginner's Guide: Tutorial and Relevant Skills

NFT trading protocol sudoswap has announced the launch of its V2 version, with upgrades including on-chain royalties, customizable creator settings, ERC-1155 support, conditional orders, fee streams, and gas optimizations. Crypto researcher cygaar has written a step-by-step guide to the use of sudoswap.

sudoswap is a fully decentralized automated market maker for NFTs. Using Remilios as an example, first select the NFT you want to buy. As you add more NFTs to your shopping cart, you will notice the price going up because Remilios trades against an index curve. Creating a liquidity pool on sudoswap V2 is very simple. First, click the “create pool” button in the upper right corner, then select the collection and pool type you want to buy or sell.

For a buy-only pool, you deposit the amount of ETH you want to spend on the NFT collection. The way to configure this pool is a constant curve. Creating a sell pool is very similar, you need to select the NFT you want to sell, set the starting price, and configure the curve. Setting up a trading pool is basically a combination of a buy pool and a sell pool. Users need to choose the initial NFTs to deposit into the pool, set the initial amount of ETH to purchase, and configure the curve.

Finally, for trading pools, users can set a fee for the pool, which will be deducted from each buy and sell and paid to the creator of the trading pool. After configuring the liquidity pool, click “create pool”.


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