Inventory of 5 Ethereum ecosystem NFT projects that will “make waves” in June

5 NFT projects in the Ethereum ecosystem to watch for in June.

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When the market’s attention is low, opportunities often arise. Currently, the market’s attention is focused on bitcoin Ordinals, but there are many NFT projects in the Ethereum ecosystem worth paying attention to in June. This article takes you through five projects that have new developments in June.

1. y00ts/DeGods

This is perhaps the most obvious one, as both DeGods Season 3 and y00ts Season 2 are coming in June.

It is reported that y00ts is an NFT series issued on Solana (currently migrated to Polygon), whose founder is also the founder of DeGods. The original Solana ecosystem NFT project DeGods migrated to the Ethereum network in April of this year.

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2. Memeland

The Memecoin token MEME is about to be launched, which is the most anticipated event in Memeland so far. In addition to The Captainz minting (The Captainz is the third project in the Memeland ecosystem and goes on sale on January 5, 2023, as a collection of 9999 utility-supporting NFTs), the launch of MEME is significant not only for Memeland holders, but also for the entire ecosystem.

It is reported that MEME is a token that supports creators and will be used in multiple SocialFi products being built for Memeland. MEME tokens will be distributed to DAOs, investors, communities, and key members.

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3. Sappy Seals

“Empowerment is a brand and IP that is embedded in the gaming ecosystem and is constantly growing.” Their gaming ecosystem is Pixlverse, which will expand beyond Twitter and develop games, build IP, and reshape brands.

Reportedly, Sappy Seals is a collection of 10,000 seal NFTs running on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a community-driven project focused on expanding the virtual world. Sappy Seals developed the Pixlverse metaverse platform and has formed strategic partnerships with many other NFT projects to become part of Pixlverse.

4. Cyber Kongz

Cyber Kongz recently released “GENKAI” and “NIAKEA.” Niakea is a brand new world, while Genkai appears to be focused on anime. Cyber Kongz will have a new minting event.

Reportedly, Cyber Kongz is a collection of 1,000 unique pixelated PFP NFTs, released on March 3rd, 2021. Each Cyber Kongz avatar is 34×34 pixels, and like all avatar series NFTs, the overall silhouette of Cyber Kongz is the same, with the differences between each NFT reflected in attributes such as expression, eyes, color, accessories, background, etc.

5. Opepen

Opepen founder Jack Butcher has been hard at work, and users can choose to join the undisclosed Opepen Edition while selecting different artist suites. It combines art, PFPs, and gamification while supporting artists. That’s innovation.

In addition, what other events are worth noting in June?

1) Azuki event;

2) ETHER goes live;

3) YogaPetz release (possibly).

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