AI+Web3 Race Research Report: Following the Trend and Narrative Dominance

AI+Web3 Research Report: Analyzing Trends and Narrative Dominance

At the end of 2022, the explosion of ChatGPT ignited the enthusiasm for AI+Web3 projects in the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrency researcher NingNing analyzed this field and believed that the existing AI+Web3 projects have not yet matured, and the market logic still relies heavily on hype and storytelling. NingNing introduced five star projects in this field:, SingularityNET, Cortex, Ocean Protocol, and Numerai.

AI+Web3 projects can be divided into three categories: centralized big data platforms, decentralized algorithm platforms, and decentralized computing power platforms. However, existing AI+Web3 projects lack the ability to achieve products at the level of ChatGPT, and the market logic is mainly based on following the trend and hype. In terms of narrative direction, there are two main directions: the science fiction direction, which emphasizes general artificial intelligence (AGI), human consciousness uploading, and digital backups; and the token economics direction, which emphasizes that Crypto will be a necessary condition for AI to participate in large-scale human production cooperation. However, in reality, existing AI+Web3 projects mainly focus on decentralized trading markets for algorithms, computing power, and data, and AI Dapp development kits, with poor data, activity, and developer ecosystems.

Star projects in the field:

1) (FET): defined as Autonomous Agent technology, the technical architecture mainly consists of distributed ledgers, middleware, and user interfaces. The product matrix includes CoLearn, a data and AI model trading platform, DabbaFlow, a data encryption and sharing platform, and Axim, a commercial privacy AI collaboration platform.

2) SingularityNET (AGIX): aims to create a decentralized, democratic, inclusive, and beneficial AGI that is open to anyone, regardless of individual companies or countries, without relying on any centralized entity.

3) Cortex (CTXC): aims to create an independent public chain that puts AI inference model operations on the blockchain and makes the AI execution process transparent using the immutable and publicly transparent features of the blockchain. Developers can provide machine learning models on the Cortex chain, and users can use on-chain smart contracts for AI inference.

4) Ocean Protocol (OCEAN): a privacy-protecting data sharing protocol that serves AI and the new digital economy. The goal is to unlock data through technology and governance, return power to data owners, and enable people to derive value from data, bringing more fair results to data users.

5) Numerai (NMR): self-proclaimed as the world’s most hardcore data science competition, it is also a hedge fund built by a decentralized network of data scientists. It allows data scientists from around the world to use the platform’s clean financial data to build machine learning models to predict the stock market.


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