Which BRC20 projects can I actively participate in?

Which BRC20 projects can I join?

Which BRC20 projects should you actively participate in? Cryptocurrency KOL serp1337.eth lists 4 projects he thinks are worth participating in.

1) METABRC – Level 1 BRC20 item. MXRC is a project created by GOD with no specific goals and offered for free. The project supports influential people and initiatives and is now the last chance to get WL. 2) Bitcoin Bears – ordinals pixel bears. The Bitcoin Bears project has been around for a while, with origins including 100 NFTs, with a floor price of 0.5 USD BTC. They will soon launch a new series of 10,000 NFTs, which has huge potential. 3) BTC Pilots is a very interesting item. BTC Mechanics is the latest launch and has over 30,000 users with support from influential people and projects. The exciting part is that they will launch a studio after June 12, which is an important milestone for the BTC project. 4) Whales – the most expensive BTC NFT. Bitcoin Whales is a renowned ordinals project with strong support from Bitcoin holders and influencers. Currently, it is possible to get on the whitelist by being active on Twitter.

Reference: https://twitter.com/serpnofomo/status/1663994520361631744

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