After the blockchain finance, the blockchain game is about to usher in the outbreak

Since the blockchain encryption market has taken the bear, the voice of rationally dealing with disruptive new technologies has dominated. Industry insiders have said that blockchain technology wants to really spread out, there must be a killer application landing, and the hope is pinned on the two seamlessly close to the blockchain of finance and games, and can be the first to land. In the field.

Now it seems that blockchain finance has clearly taken the lead, and digital financial, cross-border payment, lightning network and other potential financial applications have continued to lead the encryption market. The blockchain game field, which is also highly anticipated, has been in a slightly embarrassing situation.

However, this is obviously a good thing for investors or developers in the blockchain gaming arena. Blockchain finance is already in the Red Sea. Now it’s fierce to compete and it’s hard to get a piece of it. The blockchain game field has slowed down because of various problems and stumbling blocks. What entrepreneurs are most afraid of is that they can't find a problem, because solving problems is generating value.

Missed the blockchain finance, we can also fully warm up and wait for the next bus: blockchain game .

Blockchain game behind one step

For now, blockchain games, despite some innovative models, still remain in the protection of game assets, as well as some early games like "spinach" and "X gold plate".

In fact, these are still financial models. The various advantages that come with the game cannot be revealed because of the incompleteness of the blockchain infrastructure. It is like we are still using Nokia’s old man machine, but we want to play chicken hand games. This is impossible things.

Moreover, blockchain games have higher thresholds than traditional games. ETH's handling fee, EOS account registration and memory, CPU mortgage process, these directly blocked the entry of a large number of ordinary players.

Imagine why most players who are centralizing games should choose blockchain games that are not performing well, playing poorly, or experiencing poor performance. In the future, the model of blockchain games still needs more exploration and innovation.  

The potential of blockchain games

The traditional game industry is now very mature and the market is very large. According to statistics, the number of gamers worldwide has grown to 2.3 billion in 2018, and the game market has a total revenue of more than $140 billion.

The rise of the concept of blockchain has made people see that this technology with its own financial attributes will become an important cornerstone of the digital world of the future. At present, the scene of the perfect combination of the game field and the blockchain has virtual asset exchange, certificate economy, application distribution and so on.

In April 2018, Tencent , with a market capitalization of 3.5 trillion Hong Kong dollars and 1 billion users, launched its first blockchain + AR exploration mobile game "to catch the demon together", attracting hundreds of thousands of users to participate in the demo (deletion) . By the beginning of April 2019, "coming together to catch the demon" finally announced the official opening of a wide range of test app download appointments, the official website shows that more than 10 million users have made appointments, and the number of appointments is increasing. On April 11th, the non-delete file is on the line, which means that it is a step closer to the blockchain explosion game operated by a big factory.

In September 2018, Netease , which relied on the rise of the online game industry to achieve tens of billions of dollars in market value , launched the blockchain pass-through Fuxi Tongbao in its flagship martial arts game "Reverse Water Cold". After some trials, it began to explore other games. Access. That is to say, NetEase has opened a number of large-scale games through Fuxi Tongbao. Players can bring game assets into another game to redeem equivalent game assets, and the player's own game assets are also preserved, which makes Netease games to players. The attraction has increased greatly, entering a virtuous circle and breaking through the bottleneck of development.

In 2018, there are Baidu 's Leitz dog, oasis; Ali's fast-moving and off-line Majibao; 360 block cat, enejing tribe; Xiaomi 's encrypted rabbit; Jingdong quietly on the line of Hash Manor… …

"BATJM3" and other well-known big manufacturers have crowded in and explored, which shows that the potential of blockchain games is huge, and the number of game players is a few orders of magnitude larger than that of financial users. To solve some existing problems, the real explosion of the blockchain game is coming soon.

Although the current blockchain infrastructure conditions are not perfect, if we look ahead, we will find that the future of blockchain games must be bright.

The blockchain game field continues to advance in innovation

In the previous examples, none of the Internet giants were absent, and they all entered the field of blockchain games. Tencent and Netease have achieved good results, but we can still find many problems:

1. Tencent blockchain game "to catch the demon together", the author is also the last batch of file deletion test users, thanks to the high performance of the alliance chain, the playability is still good, as the fluency and player experience naturally did not say. However, as a blockchain industry insider, it still feels that it lacks something: the game assets and traditional game points are no different, and there is no advantage of the blockchain financial attributes, and can not be freely circulated and operated. In other words, this can only be considered as a "castrated version" of the blockchain game.

2, Netease's Fuxi Tongbao gives people a good experience, its "traditional game + pass the economy" is indeed used properly. If you regard it as a pass for the NetEase game platform, the user's game assets have a certain degree of protection, but still lack something: this pass-through economic system is relatively closed, even if the Fuxi Tongbao team welcomes the peer game makers. Join their platform and access Fuxi Tongbao, but this platform is both an athlete and a referee. Is there really a manufacturer willing to go? Its distribution mechanism and production mechanism still inevitably fall into the criticism of "over-centralized" control.

The problems of the big game makers in these two game fields may be the reason why traditional game makers are difficult to let go in the current special circumstances. It does not bring the advantages of the blockchain to the players.

So, is there a better solution for entrepreneurial projects in the blockchain field?

The answer is yes! The entrepreneurial team from the United States provides a solution to the decentralized blockchain gaming platform, GTEX . Let's take a look at its main description:

1. A coalition chain based on ProA of Authority: In a nutshell, 20 trusted alliance nodes form a trusted alliance chain network. Nodes are composed of game developers and communities within the ecosystem. Compatible with other trusted organizations within the gaming industry.

2. Store the core data of the game on the chain: Decentralized storage of game core data, including but not limited to in-game asset book data.

3, GTEX game platform will be released as the core application of GTEX alliance chain: including game distribution mall, wallet, asset auction, exchange platform, so that the platform ecology forms a closed loop of value free flow.

4, GTEX's PoA network comes with the original stable currency GTEX Point (GP): through the benchmark US dollar, let GP become the platform's stable digital currency, used for exchange and payment in the game platform.

5. An innovative revenue sharing model that allows players and game developers to write and share revenue on the platform.

▲ GTEX platform application icon

The GTEX solution, split into individual ones, is not complicated at first glance, but it is quite innovative in combination. The vernacular blockchain live broadcast room was connected to GTEX partners on April 2, and its blockchain game The platform's innovative model has been explored, but many people still say that something is not fully understood.

Below, use a common language to explain this solution:

First of all, why is the alliance chain? The above-mentioned example of the Tencent blockchain game can be seen that the alliance chain has superior performance, low node operation and maintenance cost, no mining, and no fee, the user's threshold is also reduced linearly, and the blockchain game infrastructure is high enough and smooth. Run a variety of games.

If you want to say that the alliance chain seems to be more centralized than the Ethereum public chain, more and more people are beginning to advocate "decentralization is only a means", it is difficult to balance performance and expandability completely decentralized. And thus support multi-centered. Many of the projects that claim to be public chains are essentially multi-centered "chains of alliances". The low standard application threshold of nodes makes the credibility of nodes even lower than the alliance chain composed of trusted nodes, but the project does not dare to claim The alliance chain is gone. Compared with the “painting cake” that many teams claim to be super-class big public chains and solve many big problems, it is more pragmatic to dare to admit that they are doing the alliance chain and to be a game platform focused on innovation.

Second , with the support of the high-performance alliance chain, most of the game core data can be successfully HF. This will make traditional games more credible and transparent, and also make the player's assets safer.

In addition , in order to make up for the shortcomings in which the alliance chain is difficult to circulate outside the platform, GTEX directly issues the GTEX Token through the ETF-20, which is relatively mobile and friendly, and makes it a GTEX platform Token. Participants are motivated at all stages. At the same time, game assets such as the pass issued by the games developed on this platform can be exchanged and auctioned on GTEX's own exchange platform.

Finally , the platform also introduced stable currency. After many games were released to Token, they were forced to fall into the "Prisoner's Dilemma". Because of the high fluctuations in the Token market, users were very active at high prices, and the bear market users suddenly became extremely negative, and the game was in a state of stagnation. At this point, many people in the community began to dissatisfy with the project, why not come out to the market, why "cut the leek"?

Over time, many users will be disappointed with the game and then leave the market, and the project side can not smoothly promote the game because of the depressed market. After all, any promotion in the market downturn is half the battle.

Adding stable currency as the common currency for daily exchange and payment of games in the platform, not only can the game assets be preserved, avoiding the dilemma of many current blockchain games, and developers only need to safely promote, develop and distribute their own games. As a result, the threshold of the average user of the game is also reduced, the game acceptance and experience will be higher, and the smoother transition to sustainable development.

As mentioned above, the blockchain game platform solution provided by GTEX is vertically deep-rooted. Although the direction is simple, it is easier to apply and it solves many problems. GTEX is more open and innovative than traditional game makers' conservative and unobtrusive exploration.


Regardless of whether you care about blockchain games, the next bus, the blockchain game, will come right away. More and more innovative teams, investment institutions, and ecological incubators are targeting this huge “cake” that is waiting to be divided. The blockchain game field will eventually be able to attract massive masses by leveraging the various advantages of the blockchain. Players, to create a killer-level sustainable explosion game, let the blockchain really enter the field of billions of gamers.

In the traditional game you are familiar with, which game do you most expect to be the first to launch the blockchain version? why? Welcome to leave a message in the message area.


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