Can you copy the road of hand travel from the snake to the king's glory chain tour?

According to data released from Sensor Tower, in 2018, Tencent's mobile competitive game "Glory of the King" revenue reached RMB 13 billion (excluding third-party Android app store revenue in China and other regions), setting a record high.

Although the entire Chinese game industry suffered a cold winter in 2018, the market growth scale dropped sharply. However, over the past 10 years, the mobile game has handed over a breathtaking answer:

Gamma data

As in the early days of mobile game development, blockchain+games are not accepted by most users at this stage. Poor user experience, poor playability, and many security vulnerabilities are all places where chain travel is widely criticized. The "control" and "financial attributes" inherent in the blockchain have attracted many traditional game developers to develop this virgin land. So, can chain travel replicate the success of mobile games?

One. From the snake to the glory of the king, the history of the counterattack of the mobile game

The earliest mobile game can be traced back to the 1997 Snake of the Nokia 6110. At the time, this black and white 2D pixel graphics game became popular all over the world, and eventually surpassed the transcripts of more than 350 million users.

Three years later, the Tetris successfully transplanted by the game machine broke the history of the single color of the mobile game. The game that seems so simple now has attracted the people of the world.

In 2003, due to the 2.5-3G speed limit, Chinese mobile games began a long period of development.

In 2004, the size of the domestic mobile game market has reached 80.9 million active users, and the problem of poor user experience still exists. Touch-screen mobile phones have also been born and quickly seized the market share of physical button mobile phones.

In 2008, with the birth of iOS and Android, Apple successfully pioneered the touch-screen mobile phone, after the shackles of mobile games, such as Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, Fruit Ninja. A series of new mobile games such as "The Temple Run" quickly occupied the market share at a rate of one year. For the first time, the introduction of Angry Birds made the outside world aware that the spring of mobile games is about to come.

Since 2013, after experiencing games such as "Everyday Love Elimination" and "Everyday Cool Run", casual games have officially entered the public's field of vision.

In 2014, the birth of "Knife Tower" for the first time made the Tencent game that occupied the monopoly position feel the crisis.

In 2015, Tencent, who felt the crisis, launched the "Glory of the King", which quickly became the benchmark for MOBA mobile games. It is still a gold monster.

Using a data graph to display may be more intuitive:

China Industry Information Network

The proportion of mobile games from 11 years is far less than 70% of the end-to-end travels. The road to counter-attacks is very exciting. Is there any comparability with chain travel? The Blockchainer believes that although the attributes of the two are not the same (one is mobile, one is full client), there is a certain similarity in the market – blockchain games are in the mobile game industry in 2008 With the improvement of the underlying facilities and the influx of traditional developers, the chain tour will surely shine in the next few years.

two. The current status of blockchain games

Unlike the chaos of the early days of mobile games, blockchain games are on the shoulders of giants – there are already many game industry experiences that can be used by chain travel developers. In essence, the blockchain + game description is not accurate, because blockchain technology is just a medium, he changes the productivity and production relationship, and the game must be fun to continue to attract players, therefore, the game + The description of the blockchain seems to be more accurate.

The current blockchain game, from the perspective of the player user, the purpose is speculative, speculative as the main, the proportion of users for the purpose of game entertainment is not high; from the perspective of game quality, the current category of chain travel is relatively simple, mostly betting The fund disk game, the playability is not strong, the user experience is poor, the UI is poor, the game life cycle is relatively short; from the security point of view, the blockchain game also has overflow attacks, unauthorized call attacks, pseudo-random number vulnerabilities, competition State security vulnerability attacks and other security risks;

Despite all the shortcomings, the total transaction volume of blockchain games in 2018 still reached 33.6 billion yuan, with an average of more than 100 new blockchain games added every month. Among them, EOS and Wavefield two major public chain communities occupy most of the blockchain game market share with their advantages of no fee, high TPS and rich developer rewards.

DAppReview, TLAB Research

The LBG Chain Tour Alliance has compiled the most well-known blockchain game related projects on the market into the most comprehensive blockchain game eco-map, which is divided into eight parts, involving more than ten vertical industry applications, and listed. A hundred typical projects:

However, even though there are so many types of blockchain games on the market, there are a lot of problems, even with the similarities encountered in the early days of mobile games:

DAppReview, TLAB Research

In addition, when users experience blockchain games, they need to create a digital currency wallet, manage their own wallet private keys, etc., and the threshold for obtaining users is very high. These problems constrain the rapid development of chain travel, what changes need to be made in blockchain games?

three. The development direction of blockchain games

From the 2017 collection of encrypted cats, Ethereal otters and other collection games, to the 2018 FOMO3D and other fund-based games to the current EOS, wave field and other public chain spinach games, the blockchain game is short. There have been earth-shaking changes in the time. For the possibility of the next stage blockchain game, founder Niu Fengxuan made two trend predictions: the first is the emergence of new gameplay; the second is the chain-playing game of casual entertainment games.

When it comes to blockchain games, the general view of the general public is: "Playing games and playing games, why do you have to do with the blockchain?" So what changes can the blockchain bring to the game?

First of all, the perception that blockchain games are more powerful than non-blockchain games is completely wrong. There is no blockchain, and there is no necessary relationship with the success of this game.

Secondly, the use of blockchain technology can bring great value to the game. The most common are several aspects:

First, the player can really own the game assets and be able to handle the game data autonomously, without being bound by the developer. All you have in the past is just the account information of the login company server. Your game assets are only stored on the server and can be A set of data arbitrarily tampered with by the developer, even when the game company decides to close the door or shut down the server, your game equipment and props can't be accessed, even if the dragon sword may only have the memory value, this is the same year. It’s hard to break the blame.

Second, the creative things in the game are open to the players and communities. The communities can do some more interesting expansions of the game according to their preferences. You used to be dissatisfied with the settings of a game and felt that the brain was sick. For example, why is it constantly weakening Miyamoto Musashi? Why is Li Bai’s skin always so much? However, if you are dissatisfied, you can only make comments. If you don't adopt the developer, you have the final say, but in the blockchain world, the decision is controlled by the community. As long as the community feels unreasonable, it can be changed by voting. Contract rules.

Third, the props and assets in the game can be derived from some interesting ways of playing – for example, a game's props can be used for other games. KittyRace has already done this, you can use your crypto cat (non-homogeneous token) to compete with other crypto cats to win ETH and use it in Gods Unchained. Another project called Enjin is building a so-called Gaming Multiverse based on Ethereum. You can use your props in multiple games, so that you can buy all kinds of props in the turret legend and every day. Can be reused in the glory of the king, is it saved a lot of money?

In general, if you push these blockchain games to mainstream gamers, I believe no one will accept them. Everyone even thinks how someone will play this kind of thing – this is not a game in their eyes. In essence, chain travel requires developers to think of a reasonable way to better integrate blockchain technology with games. Rather than just adding a token to some games, you can say that you are a DApp. This is very nonsense.

So, not what the blockchain can bring to the game, but what the blockchain can do for the game – both mobile games and end games are games, basically all aspects of the end tour can be crushed by hand games. However, the convenience of the mobile game relies on the convenience of the market share.

Ubisoft, which has created masterpieces such as Assassin's Creed, Cell Division, Prince of Persia, Lehman Series, Rainbow Six, Watchdog, etc., established a strategic innovation experiment in early 2018. Room, one of the secret projects that started research and development is a blockchain product. This game was officially released in September 2018 – "HashCraft", which was influenced by "My World" and also joined "Nobody." Part of the gameplay in Deep Space and Fortress Night.

According to the published picture, its gameplay is more like a big escape game with UGC content. The combination with the blockchain is that all the content in the game is stored in the chain, and the data belongs to the community, not Ubisoft. Server.

As the first major game maker to eat crabs, Ubisoft's pit and understanding of blockchain + games have extraordinary significance for the entire industry. Coincidentally, on November 19, 2018, blockchain gaming company Mythical Games received investment from Galaxy Digital EOS VC and OKCoin, a blockchain gaming company formed by former Blizzard, Activision and Yahoo executives and employees. To a certain extent, it has released the signals that capital and traditional game giants are optimistic about blockchain games, and even the media has called "the foreign blizzard regular army has quietly entered."

Most of the team's members are composed of Ubisoft and in-fusio's former employees. Mixmarvel has also received tens of millions of dollars in financing with The Blockchainer. It is committed to becoming a game publishing platform, in addition to self-developed games, it will also be connected. Entering an external game becomes a traffic entry.

The entry of top game developers, game engines, and game platforms is a good signal for blockchain games, but it is still in the test stage, and it is really a large-scale push for the market, allowing users of chain travel to achieve There is still a certain distance from the surge. So, where can you get in touch with the professionals who are at the front end of the blockchain game?

four. Chain Plus 2019 Blockchain Entertainment Industry Forum

Chain Plus is a blockchain brand summit led by The Blockchainer, a global multi-node super incubator. It has been successfully held in New York, Silicon Valley, Berlin, Switzerland, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo and other cities, focusing on blockchain finance and infrastructure. And a number of sub-division basins, such as large entertainment, based on the resources of multiple nodes around the world to bring the latest and most cutting-edge information services and resources integration to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the blockchain industry. The Asian Blockchain Entertainment Industry Forum, held in Tokyo, Japan, has also attracted many large-scale businesses from the traditional game industry and the blockchain industry, including:

Produced the most famous head game makers in Japan such as Super Mario, Elf Pokémon, and Nintendo in the Legend of Zelda, Sony in the PS platform, Bandai Nanmeng, Kapukong and so on;

SBI (one of the world's largest integrated online financial groups and one of Asia's largest venture capital and private equity asset management institutions) in the winter, focusing on the investment game direction of GUMI, one of the largest independent venture capital firms GB Global Brain, backed by EOS's EOS VC, backed by Trx's Tron Foundation, Quantum Leaps Ventures, OPT Ventures and other capitalists;

Ethereum Japan, NEO,, Enjin, Good Luck3, Axel Mark, Acrodea, Neukind, Aerial Partners, Egretia, Double Jump.Tokyo, SmileMaker Inc., Mindol Holdings, The Abyss, Lucid Sight Inc. WAX and other globally renowned projects ;

Japanese local regulators such as Japan Exchange Association JVCEA;

Hashhub, Longhash and other globally renowned incubators;

World-renowned media such as Coindesk Japan;

Local technology communities such as Layerx;

The overall composition of the participants can be shown in the following figure:

The proportion of participating institutions:

I believe that at this Chain Plus Summit, the collision of thoughts of the guests will bring different ideas to the blockchain game. We also look forward to more regular military admissions in the next stage, and let the blockchain game from a few The speculative market in which thousands of people participated has finally become a new commercial civilization with hundreds of millions or even billions of people participating.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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