DAPP trend list: DAPP funds on the line three days to run

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Since the beginning of April, the entire cryptocurrency market has clearly improved due to the impact of the mainstream currency. At the same time as the price of the currency rose, some of the funds and mining games were unexpectedly cold.

Because in the bear market or sideways, some investors are willing to risk their own money to invest in the funds or mining games to make more coins. However, when the market rebounds, some of the coins have risen more than the one-day yield of the funds. At this time, the speculative coins are definitely more profitable and less risky than playing the funds and mining games.

Earlier, we reported that the wavefield fund game "33.3% ROI" went bankrupt on April 4, and the project rolled away about 30 million TRX, worth about 5 million yuan. We contacted some wavefield DAPP developers and learned that 33.3% of ROIs went bankrupt in three days, which has an impact on the ROI DAPP ecology of the wave field. Many developers of funds and mining games are very nervous. Projects that develop or plan to develop fund games have had to reorient their development.

In fact, 33.3% ROI compared with other wave field funds games, the transaction volume is not large, the total volume of online trading for 3 days is about 100 million TRX. However, it just chose to go online on March 31. At the opening, it hit the recovery of the cryptocurrency market, so it only lasted for three days and went bankrupt.

According to DAPP Review data, wavefield and EOS DAPP transactions have declined since late March. The trading volume of TronBank, TRONbet, 888Tron and other large wavefield funds games has been declining in the past 30 days.

Another robbing of funds and mining game stock funds is the rise of POS coins. More and more blockchain projects provide system-level token collateral to “produce” new tokens, and many blockchain projects can even increase the SGD by 20%. Regarding the coin-operated coin model of POS, we can secure 155% of the proceeds when we hand over the money to the POS coin. Can the PoS node business work? There is a detailed introduction in the article.

Compared to the mining and funding DAPP in months or even days, the POS currency has a profit cycle of years or months, but is more stable and suitable for long-term investment. The main thing is that the POS currency project principal is safe, while the mining and funding DAPP principal is not safe. Therefore, in the case of limited stock funds, POS coins will also absorb some of the funds for mining and funding DAPP.

This issue of EOS ushered in a second community project, Lore Free , which is known as the first decentralized knowledge-sharing community based on EOS and IPFS, with a maximum DAU of 21,605 on the 7th.

Similar to the Hashbaby of the decentralized erotic content sharing community, Lore Free is a decentralized knowledge sharing community. Currently, it is mainly e-book content sharing. Data is distributed using IPFS protocol. In theory, the download address never fails. Resources are never lost.

At present, Lore Free has only about 200 e-book download resources, all uploaded by a project party account, and there is no e-book resource that users can freely upload. In the economic model design, Lore Free is able to get the corresponding token rewards when uploading e-books, reading online, and writing.

But from a regulatory point of view, it seems more difficult to achieve Lore Free's desire to protect people's freedom of access to knowledge and freedom to read freely than Hashbaby claims to protect people's vulgar rights.

In any case, the emergence of Lore Free has added a community DAPP to EOS. After long-term gambling and funding, the EOS began to appear more community DAPP with landing attributes, and we also expect EOS to have more diversified and landing applications.

In this issue we added the IOST leaderboard . IOST's DAPP ecosystem has developed very rapidly. Since the first DAPP was launched on March 20th, there are currently 9 DAPPs, 6 of which are betting or funds, 2 are games, and 1 is a voting tool. According to the DAPP Review data, the 7-day maximum DAU of the Endless Game IOST, the number one on the IOST leaderboard, already has 2465.

EOS leaderboard

The top 3 EOS charts in this issue are Hashbaby, Lore Free, and EOSABC. EOS last week was 96,315 active users.

TRON leaderboard

The top 3 TRON rankings in this issue are TronVegas, Bankroll, and TDDEX. TRON last week was 34,010 active users.

ETH leaderboard

The top 3 of this ETH list are called My Crypto Heroes, IDEX and CDP Portal. ETH last week was 11,663 active users.

IOST leaderboard

The top 3 IOST charts in this issue are called My Crypto Heroes, IOSTJoy and IOSTROI.

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