EOS status: 72% of applications involving gambling are listed as high-risk poems and distant places

Recently, Bloomberg issued a statement saying that Ethereum is losing its former glory: on the one hand, as more and more public-chain platforms emerge, developers and investors have more choices; on the other hand, Ethereum is in the Dapp field. The market share has gradually been eroded by rising stars such as EOS and TRON.

Bloomberg issued a statement saying that Ethereum is losing its radiance and market

However, between the blockchain platforms, there is always a “war without smoke”, and there is no end to it. Shortly after Bloomberg saw the decline of Ethereum and the advantages of EOS and TRON, there were investigations showing that the applications on EOS and TRON had been overwhelmed by the gaming force .

In the past few months, the gambling gamblers have quit from Ethereum's betting Dapp, and they have turned their bets into Ethereum's competitors, including EOS and TRON.

It is reported that the DappRadar data website tracks the usage of Dapps on these three blockchains, and accurately analyzes the types and specific usage of Dapps on each network.

The game accounts for half of the Ethereum

In late January of this year, data showed that only 2% of the US dollar trading volume in Ethereum was attributed to gambling Dapps . In contrast, EOS and TRON are much more: 70% of traffic on EOS comes from cryptocurrency gambling; 95% of online activity on TRON is related to gambling .

The default ordering of related transactions in the past 24 hours on the DappRadar website is sorted by default. As shown in the figure below, of the top 25 Dapps on the Ethereum platform, only 2 are related to gambling , and more than half are based on blockchain games, such as “Ethercat”.

According to the survey, the top types of applications on the Ethereum platform are: games, exchanges, other and markets.

About one-fourth of Dapp, the most popular Dapp on the Ethereum platform, is a platform for trading and converting certificates and cryptocurrencies, such as the transaction service provider IDEX. Among them, there are two Dapps marked as "marketplaces", which are exchanges based on the Ethereum Pass.

EOS and TRON occupied by betting and high risk

Compared to Ethereum, the most popular Dapps on EOS and TRON are either labeled as "gambling" or labeled as "high risk" . In contrast, on the Ethereum platform, only 8% of Dapps carry such tags.

On the TRON platform, 18 of the 25 most popular Dapps are labeled as such. In fact, only 2 of the “most commonly used” Dapps in TRON are real “games” , while 20% of the other most popular Dapps are used for trading and converting various passes.

Therefore, Dappradar warns investors: Before investing in Dapp (or even Dapp) in the high-risk category, please investigate it yourself. If this Dapp sounds particularly good, but it is not true, I suggest you stay away from it. Don't invest in it!

Although the application of TRON is "high risk", it is a small one compared with EOS. According to DappRadar , 17 of the top 25 Dapps are gambling platforms (68%), 2 are games, 2 are trading/conversion services, and 1 is “high risk” .

What does this mean? This means that 72% of EOS Dapps are either used for gambling or there are clear online security user warnings .

Three of Dapps are labeled "Other," and these platforms are designed to reward users for using their native passports in a number of different ways, such as interacting with other users who use the Dapp.

Gaming is not far away

To some extent, the blockchain industry really needs to explore the issue of "transaction quality." Ethereum uses PoW to reach a network consensus, attaching fees to transactions, and paying users to network participants.

This way, you can protect your network from some useless "spam" transactions, because once you submit a transaction, you have to pay a transaction fee.

In a "Delegated PoS" network like EOS, there is no such transaction cost because the "activities" on these blockchains are free (or "nearly free"). This is probably what Dapp developers think is the most attractive place to develop fast-moving and repetitive games such as dice and roulette gambling games.

Earlier this week, financial industry rating agency Weiss Ratings released its list of the best cryptocurrency of the year. In terms of trading volume, the top spot is EOS – its trading volume is 14 times that of Bitcoin and 8 times that of Ethereum .

After evaluating the cryptocurrency using the relevant indicators on technology and adoption, Weiss finally listed EOS as the first largest cryptocurrency.

But if there are no gambling and “high-risk” applications as blessings, where are the futures of the disruptors who are seen as Ethereum?

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