The number of down-limit stocks exceeds the daily limit, from scrambling to “chain” to busy warning risk

Author: Xing Meng

Source: Securities Daily

Recently, the capital market blockchain sector was reversed. On October 28, over 100 stocks went up; on the 29th, the daily limit stocks fell to more than 20; the 30-day ups and downs were reversed, and the daily limit was less than double digits, which was not comparable to the number of downside stocks.

Recently, with the word “blockchain” frequently appearing in the capital market announcement, the camp of blockchain concept stocks has been expanding, and more and more listed companies have “chained up on the train”.

The rapid rise in the stock price driven by the blockchain has also made many listed companies that have been wearing concept stocks unable to sit still, and have issued risk warnings to proactively clarify the relationship with the blockchain, or have no contact or a large proportion of revenue. Small, in short, the blockchain has little impact on performance. The reporter combed and found that from October 28th to 30th, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges issued as many as nine listed companies.

Multiple listed companies

Proactive announcement "chain"

On October 30th, the blockchain plate encountered a cold current, ending the hot market for two consecutive days.

According to the statistics of Eastern Fortune's statistics, as of yesterday's close, there were only more than 40 blockchain stocks in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, and the daily limit was only increased to 9. The opposite is that the stocks of the down limit are As many as 10. However, on October 29th, there were more than 20 blockchain concept stocks in the daily limit. On October 28th, there were more than 100 stocks in the collective daily limit.

The industry generally believes that the blockchain in the capital market is hot and the investors are obviously more rational.

In the past few days, as the blockchain heats up, the announcements on the blockchain of listed companies in the A-share market have increased significantly. The reporter observed that at least eight listed companies, including Jinglan Technology and Fenghua Zhuoli, issued an announcement in the A-share market to disclose business information related to the blockchain.

Among them, Jinglan Technology is the most active. In the past three days, it has issued four announcements concerning the blockchain business, mainly because its “blockchain agricultural production traceability system” has been filed through the blockchain service and the subsidiary has won the bid for Xiong’an New District Project.

It is worth noting that on October 28th, the first working day after the good news, Jinglan Science and Technology "blockchain agricultural production traceability system" through the blockchain service filing announcement was disclosed on the evening of October 27, the intention is self-evident, At this time, more than a week has passed since the publication of the filing list. This incident has aroused the concern of the regulatory authorities, requiring Jinglan Technology to “self-check the reasons for failure to disclose in time, whether there is selective information disclosure”.

However, successive announcements did not seem to have won the favor of the market. Yesterday, Jinglan Technology stocks fell, and the stock closed at 5.18 yuan/share.

Concept benefit shares:

Blockchain has little impact on performance

In recent days, in addition to the "chain" announcement, the "prompt risk" announcement and inquiry letter about the blockchain has also increased.

According to statistics from the Eastern Fortune Choice data, from October 28 to 30, due to the rapid rise in stock prices, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges include 9 listed companies including Xinhu Zhongbao, Sunrise Oriental, Zhongqingbao and Sifang Jingchuang. prompt.

Among the nine companies, some directly clarify the relationship with the blockchain. For example, Sunrise East said that the company is mainly engaged in research and development, production and sales of water heaters, kitchen appliances, clean energy heating, water purification and other products. The current business and R&D of the company did not involve the relevant blockchain field, and the main business has not changed. Another example is Vico Technology,

“The company's main business is the production and sales of lithium-ion batteries, which do not involve blockchain-related businesses, and there are no investment blockchain-related industries.”

Some even believe that the impact on the main business is very limited when it comes to the blockchain business. Typical companies such as Quartet, said that “the blockchain revenue in the first three quarters of 2019 contributed very little to the company's performance, accounting for only 0.33% of the company's total revenue in the first three quarters. There is still uncertainty about the future performance of the company. There are also companies that invest in blockchain companies that have not yet made a profit. Xinhu Zhongbao, who holds 49% of the chain chain company's interesting chain technology, said

"At present, the interest rate and profit of the interest chain technology have not reached a certain scale. In 2018, the company's investment gains and losses recognized by the company is -112,400 yuan, which will not have a direct impact on the company's operating results in the short term."

In this regard, Wang Jiaping, a former researcher at Microsoft Research Institute, told the Securities Daily reporter.

"Now, the adoption of any technology, before it reaches a certain scale, is basically difficult to recover even the R&D costs, so the blockchain technology is the same. Before the scale application, it is almost impossible to have actual profit. ”

“Any new technology will undergo a series of evolutions such as theoretical breakthroughs, performance improvement, scale deployment, and experience optimization. It is possible to bring existing business solutions and even generate new services. We can look at the Internet and AI. The first deployment of TCPIP is in In the 1970s, the widely popular deep neural network model appeared in the 1960s. These revolutionary underlying technologies are all cost-effective, inefficient, small in scale, and narrow in scope. Step by step optimization is iterative to today. Forty or fifty years, and the blockchain system was first deployed in 2009, and it has only been just ten years now. It is far from the stage of mature technology and large-scale use." Wang Jiaping further analyzed the reporter.

Zuo Peng, the founder of Jinqiu Technology, analyzed the reasons why the blockchain is difficult to generate profit from the perspective of industrial technology integration. Zuo Peng told the "Securities Daily" reporter that the blockchain needs to achieve greater value application, and it needs coordination of multiple complex scenes across industries and departments. Some scenarios require the government to take the lead in efficient construction. Second, the blockchain is A "back-end technology" that requires a combination of other technologies to achieve the vision of connecting the industry's Internet. For example, in the supply chain field, the blockchain is the empowerment of information flow, and the monitoring of logistics and the collection of related information requires IoT technology. "In the final analysis, blockchain still needs to be combined with next-generation information technology such as 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, etc., in order to let the blockchain truly land in various industries and return to the essence of serving the real economy," he said.

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