Top 10 Best Data Dashboards in June

Top 10 Data Dashboards in June

Recently, the market has been fluctuating, and a batch of interesting projects have emerged. To understand how these projects are performing, data dashboards are a very useful tool. This article will use Dune to show you several data dashboards that are worth paying attention to in June.

1. Bitcoin Ordinal

Author: @thb0301

This dashboard focuses on NFT data in the Bitcoin ecosystem, including the ranking of NFT markets, daily data, weekly data, and more.

2. Arbitrum One

Author: @sal_carrizo

This is a data dashboard for the Arbitrum ecosystem. Although Arbitrum has already distributed airdrops, as a leading L2 solution, it is still highly anticipated, and its ecosystem data naturally becomes an important part.

3. Raft

Author: @OnchainDataNerd

Raft is both a lending protocol and a stablecoin project. It mints the stablecoin $R, which is pegged to the US dollar, by staking stETH.

4. LSDfi

Author: @defi_mochi

LSDfi is a liquidity staking track. With the launch of ETH 2.0 staking, this track is gradually heating up. This data dashboard collects data on several popular LSDfi projects, including Lybra Finance, Unsheth, Origin DeFi, Alchemix, Gravita, Asymetrix, Pendle, Curve, and Raft.

5. Ethereum User Metrics

Author: @web3_joshua

This dashboard includes metrics such as active addresses and user stickiness, and the data from the Ethereum mainnet accurately reflects the current market situation, making it a valuable area for research.

0 6 Blue-chip NFT Data

Author: @russwestwizzard

Recently, the Azuki project caused a stir, which has once again reduced people’s desire to buy NFTs, and the entire NFT market has also fallen quite a bit.

This dashboard collects relevant data on blue-chip NFTs, such as CryptoPunks, BAYC, and Doodles, including the overall blue-chip NFT floor price ranking and price changes, as well as individual chart analysis for each NFT project.

0 7 ERC-6551

Author: @SeaLaunch_

ERC-6551 is a relatively new NFT protocol that advocates creating smart contracts for each NFT, making them more composable, dynamic, and interactive.

Biteye also published an article on this protocol a long time ago, so if you want to learn more, you can read the article below.

ERC-6551: The next NFT trend

Cryptokitties co-founder: ERC 6551 brings a new paradigm for NFTs and DIDs

0 8 Optimism Bedrock Migration-Related Data

Authors: @optimismFND & @MSilb7

Recently, Binance’s second-layer solution opBNB has attracted market attention, which is based on the Bedrock version implemented by the OP Stack.

Bedrock, as a new generation of decentralized rollup infrastructure developed by OP Labs, aims to provide modularity, simplicity, and Ethereum equivalence for Layer2 networks.

In this dashboard, the author is also trying to highlight the decrease in fees and the increase in efficiency after Bedrock migration, which is very clear before and after comparison.

0 9 Worldcoin

Author: @subinium

Worldcoin may be relatively obscure among these projects, and many people can’t immediately react to its name. But the man behind it, you must know, is Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI.

Thanks to the blessing of OpenAI, the project has also been popular for a while, but due to its need for iris verification, the difficulty is too great, and it gradually forgotten by people.

This dashboard provides statistics on the total number of users, weekly growth of users, transaction volume, and other data for Worldcoin accounts, helping users to better understand this somewhat unfamiliar project.

10 EigenLayer

Author: @sankin_eth

EigenLayer is an Ethereum re-staking protocol that has raised over $60 million in funding. It belongs to the category of LSDfi above, but because many people are very optimistic about the project and believe it has potential, it is necessary to use a separate data dashboard to study it.

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