What do you think about the upcoming MEME token launch by Memeland? Are you excited or worried?

What are your thoughts on the upcoming MEME token launch by Memeland? Excited or worried?

Despite facing numerous challenges, Memeland has still broken the myth of bear market and paved a path to success. With the upcoming launch of MEME token, some are concerned that this trend may reverse. Origins NFT data analyst Kermit analyzed the current situation of tokens from various NFT projects in history and, combined with Memeland’s performance, holds an optimistic view of its prospects.

Historically, all NFT tokens tend to zero. Tokens such as ApeCoin, CyberKongz’ BANANA, NFTWorlds’ WRLD, Wolf Game’s WOOL, and ArtGobblers’ token are all trending downwards. Token issuance has been a disaster for projects that were once considered blue-chip NFTs. Cool Cats, for example, saw a significant drop in its floor price after launching its token. Most project founders I spoke with share the same view. For many, launching a token is the end of their project. Why does this happen? The reason is that most tokens lack real demand. When supply increases while demand decreases, prices inevitably follow a downward trajectory.

So, will MEME face a similar fate? I don’t think so. The token economic model plays a crucial role in determining token success or failure. A sound token economic model delegates tasks to stakeholders, caters to different participants (different user types), and provides multiple operations (utility). MEME’s token economic model has yet to be revealed, but in the challenging bear market and amid many projects’ declining value, Memeland continues to thrive, further fueling my bullish stance on Memeland.

From the very beginning, Memeland has carefully crafted an ecosystem, leaving no detail overlooked. Memeland has the most gamified display and excellent staking systems in the industry. Memeland’s leadership is exceptional, with its founder Ray demonstrating extraordinary engagement on Twitter and Discord, adept at cultivating positive relationships with other communities, and capable of igniting passion within his own community.

Reference: https://twitter.com/crypto__kermit/status/1668574955309608962

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