Long push: 9 promising projects that have received VC investment recommendations

9 VC-backed projects to watch

Original title: Here are 9 promising projects in which VCs have invested.

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There are so many projects in the field of cryptocurrency. It is difficult to find those that will increase in value by hundreds of times in advance. Here are 9 promising projects that venture capital firms have invested in.

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3/ @webbprotocol

Webb is a multi-chain privacy protocol and product ecosystem. The project uses technologies such as ZK proof and distributed key generation to maintain user information privacy.

Funding amount: $7 million.

Investors: @polychaincap and others.

4/ @GammaStrategies

Gamma is a protocol designed to non-custodial, automate, and actively manage centralized liquidity on AMMs such as Uniswap v3.

Raised amount: $3,500,000.

Investors: @blockchaincap, @TheSBlockingrtanGroup, and others.

5/ @RenderToken

The Render Network aims to connect users who want rendering work with people who have idle GPUs to process rendering.

Funding amount: $30,000,000.

Investors: @multicoincap, @SolanaVentures, and others.

6/ @eigenlayer

EigenLayer introduces re-staking, a new primitive way of securing the cryptoeconomy. Users can choose to join EigenLayer, buy back their ETH or LST, and receive additional rewards.

Raised amount: $64,500,000.

Investors: @polychaincap, @blockchaincap, and others.

7/ @Evertas

Evertas provides insurance products, authentication, risk management, and mitigation solutions to exchanges, funds, tradFi institutions, and other entities.

Amount raised: $22,600,000.

Investors: @polychaincap, @balajis, and others.

8/ @traderjoe_xyz

Trader Joe is a decentralized exchange based on a novel AMM model that provides users with an automated liquidity provision system and zero-slippage trading.

Amount raised: $5,000,000.

Investors: @Delphi_Digital, @DeFianceCapital, and others.

9/ @azuroprotocol

Azuro is an infrastructure/liquidity layer for on-chain gambling. It leverages a new liquidity pool design, the liquidity tree, to create and maintain liquidity for markets.

Amount raised: $7,500,000.

Investors: @Delphi_Digital, @alliancedao, and others.

10/ @QuasarFi

Quasar is an application chain built for interchain asset management. The management includes savings, co-management, crowdfunding, and deploying liquid capital, among other activities.

Amount raised: $7,500,000.

Investors: @polychaincap, @blockchaincap, and others.

11/ @TipLinkOfficial

TipLink is an non-custodial lightweight wallet that lets you transfer digital assets with links, allowing anyone to receive and control these assets anywhere.

Amount raised: $8,000,000.

Investors: @multicoincap, @sequoia, and others.

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