Aptos proposal “Gradual Upgrade of Mainnet Framework to v1.5.0” has opened for voting, which will introduce a new standard for creating replaceable assets.

Aptos proposal for "Gradual Upgrade of Mainnet Framework to v1.5.0" is now open for voting and will introduce a new asset replacement standard.

The Aptos community has initiated a proposal vote to gradually upgrade the mainnet framework to v1.5.0, which will end after July 18th. v1.5.0 includes a series of new features and updates, including the introduction of a new standard for creating replaceable assets, reducing the maximum staking reward rate by 1.5% per year, tracking node behavior, recovering nodes from cloud backups, and filtering duplicate transactions in blocks.

Reference: https://www.coindesk.com/business/2023/07/11/aptos-voting-to-enable-fungible-assets-with-network-upgrade/

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